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With all of the bantering back and forth and media's ever present doom, gloom and talk of the pending depression, I wanted to write something that wasn't negative but rather uplifting.  I was looking on the internet for some motivational or uplifting thoughts when I came across this one from Gale...
Well the weekend is nearly over and congratulations to the Milwaukee Brewers, 26 years since Harvey's Wall Bangers squared off against Whitey Herzog's Cardinals!  The White Sox still have some unfinished business, and the Twins await if they win.  More to the point 4 Top 10 College Football teams...
Sitting here at the office doing floor or opportunity time can be slow in the first part of the morning.  I took the time to put together some numbers for our area over the past 3 years.  I went from September to September for each year and some things are obviously proven by the math.  Between S...
Last night our 17 year old got invited to the Homecoming Dance at her high school.  It was an excitng evening for her to say the least. She still hasn't stopped bouncing off of the walls.  Homecoming at her high school is a formal dance.  I didn't remember homecoming being a formal dance, but her...
Just had a Broker's Council Meeting today with all of the ERA Brokerages from within the State of Utah.  We had Everet and Anna King, from King Real Estate in Alabama come and give us some training.  They were incredible, they had some great insights and advice.  One of the biggest things that th...
I am sure that I am not  the first nor probably the last to comment on the end of an era in Baseball, goodbye to Yankee Stadium!  Whether you're a Yankee fan or not, it is a bittersweet moment for baseball fans.  The house that Ruth built will house no more baseball games, nor concerts, nor footb...
Well the Utah Association of Realtors Convention is winding down in Midway, Utah.  I am going up later this morning and spend some time with Darcy, then the two of us will come back.  It is a great opportunity that Darcy has had, she has loved the classes and feels like she has learned a great de...
This is a great time of the year to visit Southern Utah in general and Cedar City in particular. The days are generally warm and bright, and the evening can cool down quite a bit.  The fall colors have yet to arrive in all their glory.  In all it is very beautiful time of year. We may not get the...
The Utah Association of Realtors Convention kicked off today in beautiful Midway, Utah.  Midway is near Park City, Utah.  It is in one of the most beautiful places on this earth!  Darcy, as a member of our Board of Realtors left this afternoon to attend the bulk of the Convention.  I stayed home,...
This past Saturday, September 6th, the Rotary Club in Cedar City dedicated the Memorial for those that served our country during the Vietnam War.  The memorial is located at the Rotary Centennial Veterans Park in Cedar City.  This is located on the East side of the T intersection of 200 North and...

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