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Well our journey to California is over for now.  I really enjoyed my time there.  The weather other than a few showers on Wednesday must have been ordered by the Chamber of Commerce!  It was spectacular!  I didn't even take a jacket with me, so that should tell you how nice it turned out to be.  ...
This is getting to be addictive.  I haven't even opened the MLS this morning!  Today is day 4 of spending time with family and not really doing a lot of Real Estate.  It is true, that sometimes to move forward, you have to take a step back.  I can't really speak for Darcy, but it has been refresh...
Darcy and I are taking the day off, now that everyone is showered and getting moving.  It is our wedding anniversary and we are planning to just spend the day together, away from Real Estate.  It helps that we are in California with family.  Tonight we are planning on going to dinner, Darcy is su...
Yesterday, Darcy and I decided to look around at the houses for sale in Victorville, California.  We looked online prior to setting out.  I can say that I wish that I had money to invest!  There were some incredible bargains!  Not all of the houses that we looked out were REO's either, some still...
California, here we are!  We drove most of the night, and made it safely to Darcy's parents house.  It is always a good thing to spend time with family.  I comes down to priorities.  Making money is always a priority, especially with the market being what it is.  There just are some things that a...
Darcy and I are getting ready to go to her parents house in Victorville, California.  We will be leaving tonight, so there is much to be done.  The packing, cleaning and getting things ready to go.  In all, we are looking forward to this.  Darcy will be much happier to be on our way.  She over st...
Part of the area that we work as Realtors leaves us in the dark as far as cell phones go.  No cell service at least per our provider, that combined with another aspect of our business took us out of cell service for most of the day yesterday.  It was sort of nice we were actually able to hold an ...
Not that it has much to do with Real Estate, but today is an anniversary of the death of someone important in my life.  I know that many will think about this being the 45th anniversary of the assasination of John F Kennedy.  My anniversary is much more personal than that.  I wasn't born when Pre...
I just glanced at an article on that said that Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and New York were poised to have a rebound in Real Estate.  I only skimmed the article, but one main factor was that these areas hadn't over built and were thought to be gateways to interna...
We are so excited, the day is finally within reach.  We are changing out our old GE Supra Display Keys for either the new Active Key or having the software downloaded turning cell phone or PDA's into E-Keys.  This is something that Darcy and I have been looking forward to since June.  On Thursday...

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