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Well, acting like a M*A*S*H driver, I got Darcy to the testing center and she passed her Broker's exam!  She is exhausted now.  She now can be an Associate Broker, or her own Broker.  If didn't already work for such an amazing Broker that would be an option.  We had to drive to Las Vegas for her ...
Watching the ESPN News channel I was shocked to see that the Denver Broncos of the NFL fired their long time coach Mike Shanahan.  I know that this isn't breaking news or anything.  It is odd that a two time Superbowl winner gets fired from that team.  I guess that Mike Shanahan knows what Don Sh...
Still here, I have read a lot of Dick Marcinko's books, he is also known as the Rogue Warrior.  A former US Navy Seal, he has written several action novels, and some non fiction books.  In his books he often states that he loves pain, that way he knows that he is alive.  I understand what he mean...
I learned an important lesson this morning.  Darcy had surgery last Tuesday, so I have been trying (mostly in vain) to take care of her like she normally takes care of me.  Did I mention that I have a great wife?  I am amazed at all the things that she does in the course of her daily routine.  I ...
How do you react to bad news from a client or a prospect?  To me, it is an interesting question.  I remember that my mom used to say: "hurt or fool me once, shame on you, hurt or fool me twice shame on me!"  That isn't always great advice for a business owner.  The whole idea came to me early thi...
I have finally finished reading Shift, by Gary Keller.  What a great book!  It should be required reading for every Realtor in this or any market!  I loved it!  Great information in a easy to read format.  One saying that struck me today was where he says: "Act Your Wage."  What a great statement...
It seems that a lot of my posts have started out: "this morning while I was out shoveling snow", don't get me wrong, I want water to drink next summer, so I am not complaining about the moisture that we're getting.  I was sort of hoping to spread the storms out over the 3 months of winter, and no...
As we near the end of the Year and begin or are in the process of setting goals for 2009.  I saw a thought of all places on a wrapper of a piece of candy that is very appropriate: Make "someday" today.  How oftent do we think someday I will get to that, or someday our business will pick up.  Mayb...
I am reminded every year about this time that it is the simple things that often make the biggest difference.  I can be somewhat thick headed and forget.  It usually takes a Holiday like Christmas or some other event to remind me of this.  Yesterday, after spending all of Tuesday at the Hospital ...
Lately there has been a lot of talk in the news about corruption in politics and other areas as well.  We as a Nation have forgotten that the ends does not nor can not justify the means.  It doesn't matter how important the end may be.  Feeding your family, putting a roof over their head, and pla...

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