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Now that Southern Utah University is back in session, Spring Break is now a fading memory. (That is if it is remembered at all)  The Iron County Schools, elementary and secondary, are now in Spring Break mode. Since we don't have children in school, we didn't keep up on the school calendar.  That...
We are excited to announce a Home Buyers Seminar that we will be hosting here at ERA Realty Center at 259 West 200 North in Cedar City, Utah.  The first seminar will be next Thursday, April 8th at 6 PM.  The seminar is being hosted by the C Team, as well as Nathaniel Pugh, Brett Taylor and Dave T...
I am going with a photo today to show that once in a while man can get it right.  I am not saying that this is more beautiful than naturally occuring waterfalls. What I am saying is that this is a pretty good job at copying nature.  In any rate is is better looking than nothing at all!  This phot...
The health care debate has divided this country like few things have in the recent past.  I am not debating in here whether it is right or wrong.  My motivation today is that I am glad that I live in a Nation that for the most part Freedom still exists, and men and women still give freely.  I am ...
I have often considered why Darcy and I live in Southern Utah.  Neither of us were born in Southern Utah, although I wish that I would have been, my parents and older siblings all were born in Southern Utah.  I have always felt at home in the red rocks and dirt that Southern Utah is famous for.  ...
With the movement towards being more self sufficient and being green, I have been thinkng how might I do that.  I grew up in a home that sat on a half acre lot.  Nearly 1/2 of that lot space was taken up with my father's vegetable garden and fruit trees.  This garden and orchard produced many mor...
Working at the office on a Saturday.  It will probably be a slow day, it snowed last night, (only an inch or maybe two) that usually affects the foot and phone traffic at our office. It usually inhibits people from coming in or calling.  I have never understood why it affects people calling! The ...
Sunday March 28th Masters Singers Concert at the Heritage Center, Admission is free, concert starts at 7 pm.  For more information call (435) 586-5136 Color Country Archery Shootout Continues at the Cross Hollows Event Center.  For more information call (435) 590-5251   Monday March 29th: Free be...
Some of the early estimates are in in the 2010 Census, and they are interesting for our area and for the State of Utah in general.  According to an article in the Salt Lake Tribune, written by Jeremiah Stettler, Cedar City is the 6th fastest growing Micropolitan area in the United States.  St. Ge...
We have all heard the old saying: "Practice Makes Perfect."  Like many people, I have been taught that my entire life.  I believed that it was true for many, many years.  Then I remember seeing an interview with Bret Saberhagen, the former Major League Pitcher.  He said in that interview that was...

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