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Darcy and I were driving to take pictures this morning when we came across a sight that we thought was just really a good snow sculpture!  It was just too cute not to stop and take a picture of! Okay so the snowman is missing a few teeth, but his best friend is still intact!  The builders had the...
This is another of our twin home (duplex) subdivisions.  This is also a subdivision that I have seen written as Eastern View, but according to the Cedar City Subdivision Map, it is the Sunrise Subdivision.  There is one home in the subdivision that is for sale currently at $71,300.  This is a sub...
Juniper Knolls Subdivision is another of our mature subdivisions.  It is located just South of the Palmer Plus Subdivision in the same part of the city.  It is near most everything and offers quiet streets, and mature landscaping.  The homes were built in the 1970's for the most part and are what...
I posted a post the other day about an approaching storm.  Well the storm hit last evening and night, I had about 8 inches to shovel this morning.  It was still snowing when we went to church, these photos were taken about an hour after the we returned from church, the sun had been out for a coup...
The Palmer Plus Subdivision is another of our smaller subdivisions in terms of number of homes.  It is located at the South side of Cedar City, East of Main Street.  This is a subdivision that was built in the late 1970's and early 1980's.  This is a subdivision made up of mainly single family de...
The Trailside Subdivision in Cedar City is a newer subdivision that has twin homes (duplexes), they are very nice, they are newer built in 2006.  They are two story twin homes.  This has been a good, stable neighborhood since it was built.  There is another phase in the subdivision that is townho...
This week I have gotten away from my blogs on the subdivisions in Cedar City, I need to get back them. Cedar Crest Subdivision is an interesting subdivision in Cedar City.  It is located near the Old Hospital, close to almost everything in town.  It was built in the late 1960's and early 1970's. ...
I haven't done a thought for the day or motivational blog for several days, so I thought that it was as good a time as any! This I wanted to do and tie into an earlier blog, which I think it works well for that!  Karen Kakascik is a media writer and the author of this quote: "The idea is to make ...
This is a photo that we took a while back, it was taken in Brian Head after a snow storm.  We have forecasted for us, another large storm.  It is supposed to hit us sometime tomorrow.  I am really not looking forward to the storm, but I am not going to complain!  We are going to need the water la...
I commented on Michael and Cheron Lange's post the other day.  I don't know whether Michael or Cheron wrote it, but whichever they apologized for taking a beautiful picture of a hot air balloon through the windshield of their car rather than getting out of the car.  I commented on the post that I...

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