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It has turned off cold here today in Cedar City, but at least it didn't snow!  It is one of those days where I like to take stock of things.  I wanted to share some more photos of the beauty that is Southern Utah.  These photos were taken at different times of the year, but they do showcase our a...
I know that I have vented a little earlier in my last post.  Thank you for allowing me to do so, I try not to do that very often.  Darcy and I have been going through some growing pains with a teenager the past few weeks, and it has opened my eyes to a class that I took over a year ago.  One of t...
At least in the Western Conference the NBA Playoffs are turning out to be quite interesting.  The Jazz faded terribly, and didn't make the Playoffs, so I have only been watching half heartedly.  I was interested to listen to all the "experts" and who would win it.  Most of them had the two presea...
Waiting seems to be something that we are hearing a lot about in the Real Estate Market.  At least in the Cedar City Real Estate Market, we are.  Buyers want to wait until the Market bottoms out, sellers want to wait until the market improves.  Realtors want to wait until the market picks up.  I ...
I wanted to share some more of the beauty that we have to offer visitors and those looking to relocate to Southern Utah or Utah. Pine Valley Mountain from New Harmony The other side of Pine Valley Mountain taken from Brookside Cheksani Cliffs Kanarraville Cliffs outside of Springdale Just a few t...
Today is one of the most sacred Holidays to Christians, to that end I say Happy Easter!  May all of you find the joy and happiness that is intended in the resurrection of the Savior, Jesus Christ!  I personally, have great hope for this World because of that miracle that occurred over 2000 years ...
To begin this post let me say that our thoughts and prayers go out to those who are being subjected to the devastation of tornados, fires and all other disasters! We can at least do some preparation, unlike many of our friends whose lives have suddenly had tragedy thrust into them! Here in Utah w...
I wanted to share a quote and photo with you.  It is a good time to stop and think about things, being Easter and all.  Here is the photo: I know that I have used this photo before, it is one of my favorite photos! The quote to go with this is also one of my favorite quotes: "How far you go in li...
Darcy was figuring out some numbers with our MLS and listings.  It all started when I read one of the MLS's in the state has 26% of their active listings that are short sales.  So naturally, Darcy figured out what our numbers are in the Iron County MLS.  As of this afternoon around 5 PM there wer...
I have been watching and reading the past two days, with a great sadness, what has transpired with the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Many of you know, I am a huge fan of Baseball.  I love to just sit and watch it. Darcy gets annoyed with me because I don't like to talk when I am watching baseball; I just...

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