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Sunday is always a good day to sit and comtemplate life, it's purpose and your particular purpose in life.  I think that this is an exercise that many of us find ourselves in from time to time.  Life is a great thing, it is a precious thing, I don't wish anyone to misinterpret that in any way.  O...
At one point Cedar City had a lot of agriculture, there are still a lot of farms and ranches in the area, but many of the old barns have long since been removed in the name of progress.  This photo is taken at an old saw mill site on the West side of Cedar City along Highway 56.  I will have to r...
Cedar Break National Monument is hosting a Star Party beginning at 9:30 PM and going until 11:30 PM at Pointe Supreme.  There will be telescopes available to look through to really get up close to the stars.  The cost to enter Cedar Breaks is $4 per persons over 16.  If you have forgotten what st...
The Utah Shakespeare Festival is in full swing.  One of the really fun events is going on today, it is the Christmas in July Arts and Crafts Faire.  This is taking place on the Randall Jones Theater lawn.  It is a great opportunity to get that perfect, out of the ordinary gift for that special pe...
This is a question that I have been thinking about for a few days.  We have had a lot of blogs about not being a "Secret" Real Estate Agent.  We need to let everyone that we know and come in contact with that we are Real Estate Agents.  All of the trainers and coaches will tell you that, as will ...
In the Cedar City Real Estate Market one of the newer great subdivisions is West View Estates.  By writing about it,  I am staying in the county on the South West side of town.  These homes are all on at least 1/2 acre lots.  There is a good mix of homes in the Subdivision, some that would be con...
Darcy and I thought that it would be a good idea to highlight some of the subdivisions in the Cedar City Real Estate Market.  We are starting with those subdivisions in and around Cedar City.  We will work into the other cities and towns.  This is an evolving idea, I hope that you like it! The fi...
The Mormon Battalion is still the only religiously based unit in the history of the United States Military.  They were a group of between 534 and 559 men that marched from Council Bluffs, Iowa, ending some 1900 miles later in San Diego, California.  The march took place from July 1846 to January ...
I like to watch the Desert Car Kings show on the Discovery network.  They take an old junk car and turn it into a classic in a matter of weeks.  What can we do to create something beautiful out of something that may have been discarded as nothing more that a pile of trash? I realize that there is...
I came across this quote today by Og Mandino, and I thought that it was really appropriate to me in my business and life.  I tend to think that I am pretty ordinary in most things, so it might help someone else as well.  There are times when life is tough, this business is tough, and you know wha...

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