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Foreclosure are still a way of life here in the Cedar City Real Estate Market.  I have written a brief over view of the process, and attached that post as a link to this blog.  This post is meant to help those who are facing foreclosure, it is not an all knowing guide, but rather basic informatio...
Another of the great new subdivisions in Cedar City Real Estate Market is the Old Farm Subdivision.  It is a new subdivision with plenty of lots to build on.  It is more of a larger home subdivision and no so much a starter home type subdivision. It is in the City limits, on the North side of the...
  This life lesson I probably should have made the first of the lessons that I learned by reading Louis L’Amour, it is the lesson of honesty, well, it could also be defined as integrity.  Like many of the lessons that are underlying in Louis L’Amour’s books, this is a timeless message.  It isn’t ...
I know that is the title to a classic Country Song from the early days of Country Music.  Darcy and I were in Parowan this morning doing a walk through on the rental  property that she manages there and we saw what was once a great old pole barn.  Having past it's prime a couple of decades ago, n...
  I love reading anything by Louis L’Amour, he is of course a Western Novelist, possibly the most successful Western Novelist of all time.  One of the great things about Louis L’Amour, is his novels had a set of values to them.  All of his stories were the classic good versus evil, but there were...
I am continuing to write answers to some of the questions that Darcy and I get quite often.  This one has to do with preapprovals and why they're important to get prior to finding a Realtor and looking for a house to buy.  Again these are general questions, not from someone who is a mortgage prof...
As many of you know, I love showcasing Southern Utah.  This is no exception, this photograph was taken of Zion National Park from inside of the Park on a road that unless you know where you're going you may miss seeing the Park from this vantage point.  This photo was taken from the Kolob Reservo...
Darcy and I are often surprised when a client asks us questions about what we thought was general knowledge.  We are guilty as are many agents who fail to realize that this isn't really something that interests many people unless they are looking to buy HUD homes.  This is something that I am try...
This blog is to answer some of the questions that Darcy and I have been getting from home buyer clients.  I know that many of us in the industry will find this information pretty routine, but to those who are not immersed in the industry this is information might be of interest.  If you have any ...
Elza Lay was another member of Butch Cassidy’s outlaw gang.  One of the major aspects of the Outlaw Gang’s activities involved rustling livestock and moving them down the Outlaw Trail.  The Outlaw Trail ran roughly from Montana past the Hole in the Wall in Wyoming, through Eastern Utah and into E...

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