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Continuing with the series that I started on living in an area with active earthquake faults.  I am going to link to the second part of the Getting Prepared things that you can do to make sure that you and your family will get through an earthquake with the best possible outcome.  If you're in a ...
There is so much information available to help you to be better prepared if you live in an earthquake zone.  This is the first of several posts on this subject.  None of this is an attempt to frighten anyone, nor is it meant to discourage you from living in an earthquake zone (that is if there is...
I haven't given up on this series.  This is a continuation of things that you can do inside the house to make it safer during an earthquake.  This stuff isn't rocket science, but it is stuff that you may do to help your family.  There are other things that you can do, including creating a plan in...
The Cedar City Real Estate Market doesn’t have a lot of gated communities.  In fact Legacy Estates is our first and currently, only gated community in Cedar City.  This is a subdivision of Mansions.  It is a small subdivision in number, but not in size of the homes.  The entire subdivision is not...
I have taken a week or so off of writing market updates for the Cedar City Real Estate Market.  I need to stop that!  I get an idea for a thread of blogs and I want to just write about that thread rather than mixing things up better! Gemini Meadows is one of the newer subdivisions in the Cedar Ci...
This is the first of the installments that I am writing about what we can do to try to minimize the damage, both to ourselves and our property.  Some of these are pretty simple and some many not be aesthetically appealling, but they will help.  Inside of your home you need to think about where yo...
I have had a lot of fun writing the last couple of series of posts, that and I really learned a lot from writing more than one post on the subjects.  This series is one that really affects large parts of the country.  The Earthquake that shook the East Coast and the Midwest is still fresh in our ...
  The lesson that I wanted to talk about in this lesson really comes more from Louis L’Amour’s writing method and then from his autobiography, “Education of a Wandering Man”.  His principle characters are generally very intelligent, and thirst for more knowledge. In many of his novels he points o...
  The Summer Season of the Utah Shakespeare Festival ended over the Labor Day Weekend.  This Season was unique, it was the 50th Anniversary Season.  The Fall Season begins this week, so it is a smooth transition.  With it being the 50th Anniversary Season there were many extra events to go with t...
  This is another of the character traits that is very similar to many of those previously discussed.  Louis L’Amour uses respect in many subtle ways in his novels.  He has his primary character treat everyone they come across with respect.  His main character never underestimates that his foe is...

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