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I have mentioinned in some of the past blogs in this series that this is a part of the list of traits that Happy People share that for me at least there is a lot of room for improvement.  This series has been one of the more enjoyable series of blogs that I have written.  It has caused me to take...
The next trait on the list of traits of happy people is get absorbed into the present.  This has been quite a fine list of traits and suggestions from our neighborhood newsletter.  This is a trait that I have heard expressed in many different ways.  It is a trait that I have noticed in every happ...
I mentioned in the last post that the list was entering the part of the list of traits that happy people have which are difficult.  Happy people don't make excuses.  I have brought this up in other posts, but everyone makes mistakes, it is part of being human.  Happy people own their mistakes, th...
We are now in the character traits of happy people that are difficult to do.  This is a trait that to me speaks of a couple of things.  It isn't just speaking well of others, it is also the inverse, not speaking ill of others!  It today's society both of these is becoming increasingly difficult. ...
The next trait in the list of traits of happy people is don't sweat the small stuff.  I have really enjoyed thinking at writing about the list ot the traits that happy people have.  This is really one of the most difficult for me to not do.  We are in an industry and most of us were raised with t...
The next trait of happy people on the list that I got in the neighborhood newsletter is that happy people have big dreams.  We have all been told that we need to have big dreams to help us find the success that we seek.  I believe that there is more to it than that, it isn't just about dreaming t...
This is a perfect day to show this happiness trait.  Sunday is a great time to express gratitude for what you have been blessed with.  Whether you choose to attend Sunday Services or not, it is still a good day to take stock of what you have.  Darcy and I find that our work weeks go much better w...
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In this post I am continuing with my take on the list of traits that happy people have.  I got this list from a neighborhoood newsletter.  There was no source of the list in the article.  I mention this in each post to show that the list isn't something that I came up with.  I wish that I had!  T...
This is another in the list of traits of happy people that I found in a community newsletter.  Once again, I have no idea who to attribute this list to.  I would like to give the author credit, but I really don't know who it is that deserves the credit.  The second trait on the list is very impor...

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