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We took these photos tonight of some roses that I gave Darcy for her birthday.  They are still very beautiful after nearly a week.  I do hope that you enjoy the photo, they were very beautiful!  As the year 2013 draws to a close, I do hope that you have plans in place to have a great 2014!  Have ...
In the depths of winter, I know that it officially only began 9 days ago, but it seems like forever ago that we enjoyed 50 degree or warmer temperatures.  When I get chilled from being outside, I like to think of some of my favorite places and take a few moments to remember them.  It usually warm...
Wednesday marks the beginning of a New Year, but lets not forget, it is still a good time to purchase a home.  Will you be able to move in by the first, probably (read not going to happen) not.  That doesn't change the facts that it is a good reason to purchase.  Rates are still low, there are so...
After a trip to Supercuts and about an hour of exercise I am sitting at my computer, thinking about what I wish to accomplish next year.  The truth is, I have been thinking about this for many days and weeks.  Now is the time that I try to get really serious about the process.  Nothing worth havi...
Here is wishing you a very, very Merry Christmas to everyone!  Along with that the wish for Peace on Earth and Good Will to everyone!  I also hope that everyone is having a good time with family and friends.  One more wish, a happy and prosperous New Year in 2014!  Christmas Lights, Temple Square...
I wanted to share some more photographs of the Christmas Lights in Downtown Salt Lake City.  We have had a couple of big snow storms come through, which did a couple of things.  It cleaned out he stagnant air and pushed out the really cold air, and replaced it with cleaner yet still cold air.  I ...
Who doesn't love Barbecue?  Well, if you do, this post is for you!  About a week ago Darcy and I tried out a barbecue place in Bountiful, Smokin' Bones.  The food was amazing!  It is a little out of the way, but it was well worth the search!  They smoke their meats on site which makes for extra t...
One of the great parts about writing this series of blogs to highlight why people should consider buying homes in South Davis County is the opportunity to explore and write about some great local restaurants.  This is actually a restaurant that we have eaten at many times.  It is one of Darcy's f...
Last night we went to downtown Salt Lake City.  The Christmas lights at Temple Square are spectacular!  Darcy braved the cold to take photos with the use of a tripod.  They turned out pretty well,  I wanted to share a couple with you Looking at the Salt Lake Temple from the east.  The mist rising...
La Puente is another really good Mexican Restaurant located in South Davis County.  It is located in Market Square in Centerville.  The food is very good, I really like it.  There are several La Puente restaurants located in Northern Utah.  From my research, it is a local chain.  The food is trad...

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