cedar city real estate: Parowan Subdivisions Sky Ranch - 12/28/11 12:54 PM
The great thing about doing posts about the various subdivisions in the Cedar City Real Estate Market, is that I get to learn more about them as well.  It appears as though I have failed to include the Sky Ranch Subdivision in my initial series of posts.  I am going to remedy that today.
The Sky Ranch Subdivision is located on the west side of Parowan, it is a subdivision that was built in the late 1990’s.  There are homes that are newer than that, but the majority of the homes date to that time period.  This is a subdivision of … (4 comments)

cedar city real estate: Paragonah Market Update 12/28/2011 - 12/28/11 03:36 AM
I have mentioned that in the Cedar City Real Estate Market there are several smaller cities that are extremely delightful little cities.  Paragonah (pronounced Paragoonah) definately qualifies as one of these little gems.  If you are really looking for a quaint, quiet place to live, Paragonah may just fit the bill.  This town is approximately 4 miles North of Parowan and is still small enough that it doesn't have a school.  What it does have is a nice variety of homes. 
There are many styles of homes to be found in Paragonah, from Pioneer Homes, to new custom homes.  Paragonah is … (4 comments)

cedar city real estate: Parowan Market Update 12/27/2011 - 12/27/11 10:28 AM
As I have mentioned the one really fun thing about working in the Cedar City Real Estate Market is that we have several smaller cities that we work in.  Parowan is one of those cities, it is also a City that is near and dear to me.  My mother was born and raised in Parowan as was my grandfather.  It is the county seat of Iron County and has a population roughly of 3000 people. 
There are all types of homes to be found in Parowan from Pioneer homes to brand new executive homes.  There are also a lot of Park … (5 comments)

cedar city real estate: Encoh Subdivisions...Garden Park Estates Market Update 12/27/2011... - 12/27/11 08:47 AM
Garden Park Estates is one of the older subdivisions in Enoch.  Enoch, as I have mentioned in other blogs is about 5 miles North of Cedar City.  It is a great place to live, it has larger lots so your neighbors aren't right on top of you, and it gives you room to have your children play. 
Garden Park Estates is a mixed subdivision, there are manufactured homes next door to "stick built" homes.  It was a subdivision that was started in the 1970's, but took until the 1990's to build out as far as it is now.  Again, these homes … (4 comments)

cedar city real estate: Cedar City Subdivisions...Spanish Trails..... - 12/27/11 08:00 AM
In doing updates to my series of subdivisions in the Cedar City Real Estate Market, I realized that there are several great subdivisions that I had overlooked initially.  Spanish Trails is one such subdivision, it is in Enoch.  It is a mixed subdivision of “stick built” and manufactured homes.  The subdivision dates back to the late 1970’s but there are several new homes located there as well.
Spanish Trails homes are located on large lots, .4 of an acre and larger, and have historically been mostly starter homes although there are a few larger, custom styled homes.  There are animal rights … (2 comments)

cedar city real estate: Once Again Cedar City is to be Named a Top Place to Retire.... - 12/26/11 03:40 PM
Cedar City is once again being named as a top place to retire according to the magazine "Where to Retire".  The February 2012 issue will have the article proclaiming Cedar City as one of the United States' top retirement locations. 

 The scenic surrounding, clean air and opportunities to remain active are some of the criteria they used to come to this determination.  We have a new hospital with a new cancer treatment wing.  We also enjoy some really fine Doctors, and other health care professionals.

Another key factor is Southern Utah University with its programs and cultural activities … (11 comments)

cedar city real estate: Cedar City Area Real Estate...Kanarraville Market Update... - 12/26/11 06:19 AM
One of the great things about working in the Cedar City Real Estate Market is that we have the ability to work in several small towns along with Cedar City.  One of those great small towns is Kanarraville.  Kanarraville is South of Cedar City and a little East of Interstate 15.  There are still some farms in Kanarraville along with some really amazing houses.  West of Kanarraville and Interstate 15 there are a couple of developments with custom homes on 20 Acre parcels.  They are  really nice subdivisions.
There are currently 8 homes listed for sale in the Kanarraville area ranging … (5 comments)

cedar city real estate: Merry Christmas To All.... - 12/24/11 05:40 PM
I wanted to stop and make sure to tell all of my Active Rain friends Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings!  I wish the very best for any of you and all of your loved ones as well.  I decided that I would use a photo from last years Christmas in Oceanside California.  We certainly have no palm trees here to light up!  Anyway, I wish the very best to all of you!!!!!!

Christmas Lights in San Diego 2010

cedar city real estate: Cedar City Subdivisions...Cross Hollow Hills Market Update 12/23/2011 - 12/23/11 08:34 AM
Cross Hollow Hills is another great subdivision in the Cedar City Real Estate Market.  Cross Hollow Hills is just South of the  North Ridge Subdivision.  It is South and West of Cedar City, it is also in the County.  It is an older subdivision, by that I mean that it has filled in a lot more than North Ridge, it was built in the late 1990′s and early 2000′s.
Like North Ridge, it is on larger lots, lot size beginning at 1.75 acres and up to over 3 acres.  Unlike North Ridge, there are animal rights in Cross Hollow Hills, which … (15 comments)

cedar city real estate: Cedar City Subdivisions...North Ridge Market Update 12/23/2011 - 12/22/11 06:03 PM
Another great subdivision in the Cedar City Real Estate Market is The North Ridge Subdivision.  It is located in the county, just outside Cedar City limits, but near enough to still be a good option.  It is a new subdivision, which means that there are still several choice lots to build on.  It is located on the west side of the mountain.
This is a higher end subdivision, it has large lots, many of which offer great views of the Cedar Valley.  As I mentioned most homes are upscale and the lots are all 2 acres or larger.  There are currently … (6 comments)

cedar city real estate: Thinking of Moving to Cedar City VIII...Our Scenic Sunsets.... - 12/21/11 08:43 PM
I had originally thought to title this blog something that was completely inappropriate for a business blog.  Thanks to some wise counsel from Russel Ray, I have edited this post to use words that are much more fitting in a blog used for business.The sun doesn’t set over the Ocean like it does in many areas, but we do have some Mountains that add to the beauty of our sunsets.  To me, one of life’s simple pleasures is relaxing and enjoying a sunset.
The one thing about being here in Cedar City is that our lifestyle is laid back enough that … (7 comments)

cedar city real estate: Cedar City Subdivisions...Gemini Meadows Market Update 12/21/2011... - 12/21/11 10:03 AM
Gemini Meadows is one of the newer subdivisions in the Cedar City Real Estate Market.  Gemini Meadows is another Twin Home or Duplex subdivision in Cedar City’s limits.  It is at the Northern edge of the City’s boundary.  It is another of the subdivisions that was built during our building boom of 2007.  It is also the one of the worst casualties that we have had to the ongoing financial crisis.
Many of these homes have never been lived in, and are in fact REO properties currently.  A large number of building lots remain as well.  I was really too bad, … (0 comments)

cedar city real estate: Cedar City Subdivisions...Old Farm Market Update 12/21/2011... - 12/21/11 07:36 AM
Another of the great new subdivisions in Cedar City Real Estate Market is the Old Farm Subdivision.  It is a new subdivision with plenty of lots to build on.  It is more of a larger home subdivision and no so much a starter home type subdivision.
It is in the City limits, on the North side of the City.   This is a subdivision that is listed with another office, but it is a nice subdivision and needs to be shown to those looking to buy or build in Cedar City.  It was built in 2007.  There are currently 3 homes … (2 comments)

cedar city real estate: Thinking of Moving to Cedar City VII...Our Rocks Stars Don't Show Their Age.... - 12/20/11 05:05 AM
A few years back just North of St. George (about mile marker 14) there was a billboard along Interstate 15 for Zion National Park, it said; “Our Rock Stars Don’t Age”.  We know that isn’t exactly true, everything ages, that is just nature, but it is also true that in our lifetimes, we probably will never notice that the Rock Stars here in Southern Utah have aged at all!
I of course am talking about our nearby incredible National Parks.  I hate to admit that I am well into my middle age and have not noticed our Rock Stars aging.  … (12 comments)

cedar city real estate: Thinking of Moving to Cedar City...VI..We Have Good Schools... - 12/19/11 11:39 AM
Here in Cedar City we do have Southern Utah University, this is a University that is consistently rated a “best buy” by several publications.  It really does enjoy a fine reputation, especially in the field of Education.  The students who study to become teachers here are hired all over the country. 
We also enjoy two High Schools Canyon View High School and Cedar High School, both of which do well academically, we have two Middle Schools also carrying the same name as the High Schools, there are seven elementary schools, which include two that have been built in the past … (8 comments)

cedar city real estate: Cedar City Subdivisions...Crescent Heights Market Update 12/19/2011 - 12/19/11 06:02 AM
In the Cedar City Real Estate Market, there is one Subdivision that is a 55+ community, Crescent Heights at Mesa Hills.  This is a subdivision within a subdivision.  It is part of Mesa Hills.  One of the nice things about Crescent Heights is that it is a walled community, and is at the top of Leigh Hill.  The new city reservoir is just South of the community.
The community is fairly new built in 2007.  These are single family detached units, with 3 beds and 2 baths.  They are roughly 1400 square foot homes on small lots (.1 of a acre).  … (5 comments)

cedar city real estate: Cedar City Subdivisions...Mesa Hills Market Update 12/19/2011 - 12/19/11 04:43 AM
In the Cedar City Real Estate Market, Mesa Hills is one of if not the first upscale subdivision in Cedar City.  It was built in several phases from the early 1990′s.  There are currently no homes for sale in Mesa Hills.  This was a large development that is mostly built out.  There are some really nice homes in the subdivision.
Mesa Hills is a great subdivision, it is located on the hill west of Interstate 15.  Mesa Hills is also conveniently located near shopping, schools and the new Aquatic Center. 
Market Update 4/25/2011:  As of today, there are two homes … (3 comments)

cedar city real estate: Sunday's Thought...Appropriate for this Week.... - 12/18/11 12:03 PM
I have been sitting here thinking about Christmas and the ones from my childhood.  It is a great time of year to evaluate where you are personally.  I am not talking about business, I am talking about you personally.  I came across this quote which helps put things into perspective:
"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossum?"  Marcel Proust
This is really the essence of the Season, being grateful for what we have, sharing with those who we love and with those that may not have much of … (8 comments)

cedar city real estate: Sunday Dinner.... - 12/18/11 11:12 AM
Back from Church to smell the meatloaf that Darcy had in the oven.  I love timers and all the fun stuff we have that we can program to cook while we're gone!  There is just something about Sunday Dinner!  Darcy is a great cook and it is fun to have a nice home cooked meal and just relax!  We find as we both work in real estate that during the week we eat out or end up grabbing something, or heating up leftovers because we have worked 12 or 14 hours during the day. 

I am in a mood for … (5 comments)

cedar city real estate: Saturday Revisted...Sunsets and Office Party... - 12/18/11 04:54 AM
Darcy and I spent last night at the RE/Max Velocity Realty Christmas Party.  It was a great time! We held the party at our colleague, Marilyn Teed's House in New Harmony.  I was able to learn just how badly I shoot pool.  One of the highlights of the evening was the fantastic sunset that we were able to enjoy!  Darcy took this shot with my phone from the car.

This is the drive to her house

This one was taken from Marilyn's Front yard

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