houses for sale in cedar city utah: Saturday's Shot - 01/21/12 07:05 AM
We have a big storm blowing in.  This is a good thing, we really need to get some more snow!  The sad thing is that we have been enjoying weather that is much more suited for March or April than January.  Anyway one of the great things with the Spring like weather is the great sunsets.

I do love a good sunset!

houses for sale in cedar city utah: Russel Ray Photo Contest...Darn Freeway!!! - 01/12/12 05:05 PM
One of the beauties of Interstate 15 in Southern Utah, is that it comes close to some extremely beautiful areas.  That is the case with Interstate 15 from Saint George to probably Provo.  After that it still has some beautiful mountains, but the valley is all city with some exceptions like Utah Lake and the Great Salt Lake.  That is until you get North of Ogden, then you can see the beautiful green valleys again.  Here you can see what I mean:

I just have that darn freeway running through the otherwise nice picture!  You can also see the Rest … (17 comments)

houses for sale in cedar city utah: Russe; Ray Photo Contest...Darn Power Lines..... - 01/08/12 06:04 AM
I am such a procrastinator!  I am waiting to the last day to enter this great contest.  Here in the West Government Land is where the utilities have chosen to run their various utilities.  I suppose it is a lot less expensive than buying easements and right of ways from private individuals! 

Anyway I have several great shots that include either power lines like this or the utility poles.  I have been able to use Picasa or Picnik to erase or crop out most of the flaws that I have found, but utility lines, roads and or power boxes … (10 comments)

houses for sale in cedar city utah: Thinking of Moving to Cedar City Part II..... - 12/01/11 01:18 PM
I started out this series with a post about working with us the C Team.  The reality is we have a great product to sell.  If one of the biggest things that today's homebuyer is looking for is lifestyle, we have that!  We also have some of the best scenery around as well.  I will warn you that these are not recent photos, we have had one of the first major winter storms of the season last night and today, so our scenery has sort gone to the black and white, mostly white variety.
We enjoy all for seasons here in … (7 comments)

houses for sale in cedar city utah: Some information about Some of the Scams to Avoid - 09/06/11 07:02 AM
This is another post in the series of posts that I have been writing to put out information for distressed homeowners.  I wish that our society didn't have people of this ilk that look to take advantage of people in desperate situations.  Here in Cedar City I would recommend that you should contact the Cedar City Housing Authority and talk to them about anyone that contacts you with an offer to help.  They are aware of many of the scams that people are running. Here is their phone number: (435) 586-8462.  Here is the link to the post:


houses for sale in cedar city utah: Friday's Post...Something to Think About For the Coming Week.... - 07/15/11 05:58 AM
I began the week writing about goals and the book on CD by Brian Tracy that Darcy and I listened to.  I should say began listening to, we still need to finish listening to it.  The good thing is that it has started me thinking about the importance of reviewing your major long and medium goals on a daily basis.  He suggests that it be done in the morning first thing to plan your day accordingly. 
I have even taken to writing them down in one of those pocket notebooks each night just before I go to bed, then I will … (12 comments)

houses for sale in cedar city utah: Cedar City Events....Commencement..... - 05/04/11 10:59 AM
I know that I am jumping the gun a little bit, but the For Rent signs have been springing up all around the Southern Utah University Campus.  Commencement is Friday, but the UHauls have also began to disappear from the UHaul dealers, so it must be time!  It seems odd that the University will be out so early in the Month, but it is happening.  The ceremony of Commencement is at 4:30 PM on Friday.
This turns some of the areas around campus into that vacant, near ghost town status.  I know that it won't be long until the students return … (10 comments)

houses for sale in cedar city utah: Monday's Musings...The Royal Wedding..... - 05/02/11 10:49 AM
I have refrained from commenting or writing about the Royal Wedding, to be honest, until I read the cost estimates, it didn't interest me.  But I will be honest, when I read that this wedding was going to cost between $34 and $60 MILLION DOLLARS, I thought to myself, what could that buy in Cedar City.
If the wedding does come in at the High end of $60 Million, here, you could have bought all 331 houses, condos and town houses that are for sale in our Multiple Listing Service and have $5 Million left over for upgrades! The 331 represent … (16 comments)

houses for sale in cedar city utah: Scenic Sunday...More Photos.... - 05/01/11 09:47 AM
I mentioned in an earlier post that today would have been my Mother's 81st Birthday today.  She so loved Southern Utah and it's beautiful vistas.  So I thought that I would share some more of those views that she loved so very much!

Parowan Rock Church, on the opposite side the kids in town when my mother was young would play softball and baseball there.  The library is in the location of their baseball diamond.  It was a point of pride to those playing at that time if you could hit a ball past the rock church!

Cedar Breaks … (12 comments)

houses for sale in cedar city utah: May 1...Day One of the 31 Days of May Challenge..... - 04/30/11 06:15 PM
May 1st has always been a special day in my life.  Today would have been my Mother's 81st Birthday.  She passed away 8 years ago to ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease.  She was like so many Mothers are, very instrumental in my life.  I remember her coaching my Little League Baseball team when the assigned coach was too busy working to be able to do it. 
She is the reason that we live here in Cedar City, she was born and raised in Parowan, just North of Cedar City.  The work was in Northern Utah when she and my Dad were … (11 comments)

houses for sale in cedar city utah: Saturday's Musings......Southern Utah Photos... - 04/30/11 06:18 AM
It has turned off cold here today in Cedar City, but at least it didn't snow!  It is one of those days where I like to take stock of things.  I wanted to share some more photos of the beauty that is Southern Utah.  These photos were taken at different times of the year, but they do showcase our area!

Southern Utah from the Kolob Reservoir Road

Kolob Reservoir

More Scenic Southern Utah

houses for sale in cedar city utah: Working with Generations.... - 04/28/11 03:58 PM
I know that I have vented a little earlier in my last post.  Thank you for allowing me to do so, I try not to do that very often.  Darcy and I have been going through some growing pains with a teenager the past few weeks, and it has opened my eyes to a class that I took over a year ago.  One of the sections was on managing workers from different Generations.  This is applicable to working with them in the Real Estate industry as well.  These are very basic generalizations, but they may help.
The class put the on … (12 comments)

houses for sale in cedar city utah: What I am learning from the NBA Playoffs..... - 04/28/11 05:51 AM
At least in the Western Conference the NBA Playoffs are turning out to be quite interesting.  The Jazz faded terribly, and didn't make the Playoffs, so I have only been watching half heartedly.  I was interested to listen to all the "experts" and who would win it.  Most of them had the two preseason favorites playing in the NBA Finals.  They had Lakers Playing the Heat in the Championship. 
That may still happen, but things have gotten interesting.  The experts may still prove to be correct, but it seems like there are things that you can't predict completely accurately even when … (4 comments)

houses for sale in cedar city utah: Tuesday's Thought...Waiting.... - 04/26/11 06:04 AM
Waiting seems to be something that we are hearing a lot about in the Real Estate Market.  At least in the Cedar City Real Estate Market, we are.  Buyers want to wait until the Market bottoms out, sellers want to wait until the market improves.  Realtors want to wait until the market picks up.  I found a quote this morning about waiting that really speaks to the subject of waiting:
"Waiting is a trap. There will always be reasons to wait. The truth is, there are only two things in life, reasons and results, and reasons simply don't count." ~ Dr. … (22 comments)

houses for sale in cedar city utah: Scenic Southern Utah....Our Beautiful State........ - 04/24/11 03:07 PM
I wanted to share some more of the beauty that we have to offer visitors and those looking to relocate to Southern Utah or Utah.

Pine Valley Mountain from New Harmony

The other side of Pine Valley Mountain taken from Brookside

Cheksani Cliffs Kanarraville

Cliffs outside of Springdale
Just a few teaser photos to tempt you to come and visit, maybe you'll decide to stay!

houses for sale in cedar city utah: Saturday's Musings....Wet Weather=Flood Concerns.... - 04/23/11 09:36 AM
To begin this post let me say that our thoughts and prayers go out to those who are being subjected to the devastation of tornados, fires and all other disasters! We can at least do some preparation, unlike many of our friends whose lives have suddenly had tragedy thrust into them!
Here in Utah we are waiting for the Spring runoff to be over.  We are hoping that it is a nice gradual snow pack melt and run off, that being said; we will be extremely fortunate if we get out of this without serious flooding.  Here in Cedar City, we … (14 comments)

houses for sale in cedar city utah: Scenic Saturday....Southern Utah's Beauty with a thought... - 04/23/11 07:12 AM
I wanted to share a quote and photo with you.  It is a good time to stop and think about things, being Easter and all.  Here is the photo:

I know that I have used this photo before, it is one of my favorite photos!
The quote to go with this is also one of my favorite quotes:
"How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in life you will have been all of these." George Washington … (9 comments)

houses for sale in cedar city utah: Listings Statistics....Our MLS....Some Positive Signs..... - 04/22/11 05:22 PM
Darcy was figuring out some numbers with our MLS and listings.  It all started when I read one of the MLS's in the state has 26% of their active listings that are short sales.  So naturally, Darcy figured out what our numbers are in the Iron County MLS.  As of this afternoon around 5 PM there were 1056 Active Listings, of those 116 or  12% were Short Sales, 137 or 13% were REO Properties.  In all about 25% of our market are distressed sales.
I am not sure what this means, other than to say that roughly 75% are regular sales! … (6 comments)

houses for sale in cedar city utah: Business Lessons From Baseball...more specifically the Dodgers.... - 04/21/11 01:24 PM
I have been watching and reading the past two days, with a great sadness, what has transpired with the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Many of you know, I am a huge fan of Baseball.  I love to just sit and watch it. Darcy gets annoyed with me because I don't like to talk when I am watching baseball; I just want to watch the game unfold. <Darcy interjecting: I don't get annoyed, just bored. ;)>
I love almost everything about Baseball (except the tobacco spit). I love watching the way the shortstop and second basemen position themselves when there are runners on … (8 comments)

houses for sale in cedar city utah: Thankful Thursday...Adapting.... - 04/20/11 06:40 PM
I am very thankful for our ability to change and adapt to changes in our profession.  The very act of participating on Active Rain is a sign that you're willing to adapt to the changing way that our business is run.  Yesterday, we had an office meeting where it was suggested that we meet together for no more than an hour at least every month and help each other get a better grasp on technology. 
The idea is to help others learn to move into the "new" age of technology.  I used to think that I was pretty good at keeping … (15 comments)

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