houses for sale in woods cross ut: Localism Post...Country Cleaners.... - 07/14/14 05:12 AM
Dry cleaning is usually so expensive that you're glad that most dry clean only clothing items can be worn more than once before you have them cleaned.  I have read that men's suits for example shouldn't be dry cleaned too often.  I thought when I read that, it won't be a problem to follow that advice, the price and inconvenience alone were enough to stop that from happening.
Well that all changed for me!  We have noticed Country Cleaners since we moved to Bountiful.  It is next door to one of our favorite restaurants, China Star.  We had noticed that they … (29 comments)

houses for sale in woods cross ut: Localism Post...Council Hall... - 07/14/14 04:13 AM
This building is known as Council Hall, it is now a State Visitor's Center and Travel Counsel.  It was originally Salt Lake's City Hall which was then located at 120 East and 100 South in Salt Lake City.  It was relocated in a joint effort and reconstructed on 300 North, across from the Utah State Capitol.
As you can see it is constructed of Red Sandstone.  This is another of the buildings that I am glad to see was saved from the wrecking ball! 

Council Hall

The information plaque for Council Hall

houses for sale in woods cross ut: Sunday Photo...Is This Where Buffalo Wings Come From????? - 07/13/14 11:03 AM
Darcy and I spent some time in Downtown Salt Lake last Monday.  We were able to take some great photos of some places that I have utilized in some of my recent posts.  This photo was taken in front of the Utah Tourism Bureau, and as I looked at the color of the Buffalo, I wondered is this where the golden buffalo wings come from?

The Golden Buffalo, Salt Lake City, Utah

houses for sale in woods cross ut: Another Localism Post...The Habit... - 07/13/14 10:57 AM
Technically The Habit shouldn't qualify as a localism post, it is a chain out of Santa Barbara, but they do almost no advertising.  I had never heard of this wonderful chain until Darcy and I decided to give it a try one afternoon. There was a fairly large line, and we thought, well, it must be good.  We weren't wrong!  
They call their hamburgers Char Burgers and you can decide what you wish to have on them.  I recommend the Santa Barbara Char Burger.  I really liked this place, the food is prepared to order and the Onion Rings only … (9 comments)

houses for sale in woods cross ut: Localism Post..Mrs. Cavanaugh's.. - 07/13/14 09:40 AM
Just in case that you haven't gotten enough sweets I am going to hightlight a candy company which just happens to be a local company.  Mrs. Cavanaughs had been a Bountiful tradition for many years.  Now the company has a large factory and outlet store in North Salt Lake.  There are several stores in the area.
One of the really nice thing, along with the wonderful chocolates they also sell wonderful frozen custard.  If you have never tried frozen custard, you really should!  We stopped in last week, and let me say, it was great and they currently are running a … (1 comments)

houses for sale in woods cross ut: Localism Post...More Sweets.... - 07/12/14 01:29 AM
I know that last week I posted an article about the great bakery at Dick's Market.  Well, we have another really great bakery in South Davis County, this one is located in Bountiful and is only a bakery.  It is Parson's Bakery, located in the mall off of 2600 South.  
It has really good sweet things, cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, cookies.  Is it any wonder that I have a weight problem?  This one is really one of my favorite bakeries that I have found.  

Parson's Bakery

houses for sale in woods cross ut: Localism Post...Francis Peak.... - 07/12/14 01:22 AM
If you have ever driven north on Interstate 15 in Davis County and looked atop the mountains to the east, you have undoubtedly noticed the round shaped radar components atop Francis Peak.  This is a radar sight which provides weather data to the University of Utah and the National Weather Service.
It is a beautiful, yet sometimes nerve racking  drive to get to Francis Peak, but the views once there are spectacular.  I used to have a lot of pictures taken from up there, but they have become part of history in the moves that we have made.  The peak its … (4 comments)

houses for sale in woods cross ut: One more Classic for Friday's Photo.... - 07/11/14 02:43 AM
I wanted to share the third vehicle that we saw Monday in Salt Lake City.  I was amazed to see three beautiful vehicles like this just parked on the street in Salt Lake City, if there was a car show in the area, I had not heard of it. These cars were very beautiful!

Another Work of Art!

houses for sale in woods cross ut: Localism Post...Lagoon... - 07/11/14 02:38 AM
Today I am featuring Utah's Family Fun Park, (at least according to the advertising), Lagoon.  Lagoon is located in Farmington, and it is Northern Utah's premier amusement Park.  Lagoon has been around since the late 1800's and on it's current site since 1886.
I honestly had no idea that it was that old!  My older brother worked there one Summer when he was in High School, so much of the mystique was taken away when I was pretty young.  There are several great roller coasters and other attractions including Pioneer Village.
I will admit, I am not a huge fan, my … (4 comments)

houses for sale in woods cross ut: Another Early Friday Photo...Summer In Utah... - 07/10/14 01:00 PM
I need to take a break from all the car photos.  I know that I love them, but I don't want to get people tired of all of the cars.  Nothing in Utah, says Summer like a nice, hot, Summer day in the Red Rocks of Southern Utah!  It really becomes Utah's Summer playground.

Summer time in Utah.

houses for sale in woods cross ut: Early Start on Friday's Photo...Another Classic... - 07/10/14 12:48 PM
I thought that I would start Friday out with another classic car.  The cars of this generation are works of art.  I love seeing the love and care that people have put into restoring these classics.  I thank them for sharing them with us, I really enjoy looking at them!

Another Gorgeous old Classic!  I love the red rims on the wheels!

houses for sale in woods cross ut: Throwback Thursday...Those were the Days.... - 07/10/14 09:38 AM
We were driving around the other day and noticed a couple of great cars. They were just gorgeous.  They really just to make them like this anymore!

Sweet Old Ride!
How fun would it be to cruise aroung in a beauty like this one?  I am not sure that I would actually drive this in traffic, there are just too many crazy drivers out there! 

houses for sale in woods cross ut: Localism Post..Dee's Family Restaurant..... - 07/10/14 09:32 AM
There is a restaurant chain that at one time included Hamburger Drive in's as well as sit down restaurants.  All that is left of these are 4(that I know of) of the Family Restaurants.  At one time we had a couple of Dee's Drive Ins here in Bountiful, along with the Family Restaurant (which came a little later), Dee's Drive Ins went away several years ago.
There are 3 other Dee's Family Restaurants in the Salt Lake area, along with the one here on 500 South in Bountiful.  Most of the locals have strong opinions of this particular restaurant, they either … (2 comments)

houses for sale in woods cross ut: Localism Post..Utah's Dog Park.... - 07/09/14 12:16 PM
In continuing with my posts on the great businesses and services in the South Davis County area.  One of those businesses providing a service for dog owners is Utah's Dog Park, they offer sitting service for your K9 friends.  I will be honest, we have not utilized this service, but as a family with a dog, it is something that we may look into at some point.
It is located at 596 West 1500 South in Woods Cross.  It is located right across the street from K9 Cuts, where we have our dogs groomed and bathed.  Here is a link to … (3 comments)

houses for sale in woods cross ut: Localism Post Tony Burgers...... - 07/07/14 10:55 AM
This is a post that I just had to write.  I mean Tony Burgers, I just had to go there and eat.  It is located in Centerville and the food was really good.  There are currently 4 Tony Burgers locations.  The one in Centerville is located at 84 West Parrish Lane.
We have only eaten there once, but the food was excellent.  Their french fries were exceptional!  If you're hungry for a burger and willing to try something new, give Tony Burgers a try!  Here is their web site:


houses for sale in woods cross ut: Localism Post...The Capitol.... - 07/07/14 08:34 AM
Darcy and I met a friend for lunch in Downtown Salt Lake, we ate at the Cheesecake Factory.  This is always a treat!  The best part of Downtown Salt Lake is that it is less than 5 miles from the southern end of Davis County. Those familiar with Utah know that the State Capitol sits on the hill above Downtown.
I like the classical style of our Capitol Building was design after the Capitol in Washington DC.  The dome is covered in copper, which has a nice patina on it.  This copper roof was replaced about 25 years ago, when the original … (0 comments)

houses for sale in woods cross ut: A Little Localism History..Bamberger Railroad... - 07/07/14 08:23 AM
The Bamberger Railroad is a part of Northern Utah History.  It was a electrical railroad that ran between Ogden and Salt Lake City.  It was a commuter rail.  It ran for 67 years, and it's final run was December 31st 1958. 
The founder was Simon Bamberger, the 4th Governor of Utah.  It was different from Union Pacific in that it stopped in many of the small towns between Ogden and Salt Lake, Union Pacific didn't stop between Ogden and Salt Lake.  
One of the last reminants of the old rail line is the bridge that now connects vehicle traffic between … (14 comments)

houses for sale in woods cross ut: Book Review...King and Maxwell... - 07/06/14 12:21 AM
I will admit, it took a little longer to finish King and Maxwell than I had originally had planned.  Many will recognize the characters from a popular series of novels by David Baldacci.  This is the 6th book in the series.  I loved this book.  
There were a couple of reasons why it took me so long to finish the book.  The first was time, I usually read just before going to bed, and the past month, I have been so busy that I wouldn't get much sleep if I had stopped to read. The second reason is selfishness, when … (5 comments)

houses for sale in woods cross ut: Localism Post..Have a Sweet Tooth?? - 07/05/14 01:29 PM
I am writing several localism posts to illustrate some of the unique and great places that people looking to move to South Davis County can experience.  I am writing today about what used to be one of my favorite places to visit.  The Bakery and Dick's Market.  There are two locations for Dick's Market one in Centerville at 84 West Parrish Lane.  The other is located on Orchard Drive in Bountiful just south of 2200 South.
Dick's Bakery has wonderful baked treats, some of my former favorites were eclairs, donuts and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  If you have looked at photos … (10 comments)

houses for sale in woods cross ut: Localism Post...El Matador.... - 07/05/14 01:17 PM
One of the great local landmark restaurants in Bountiful is El Matador.  It is now located at 606 S Main Street in Bountiful.  I am not sure when El Matador relocated, they did it when I wasn't living here.  It used to be down in the area where Costco is now located.  
El Matador is one of the first places where I was served salsa that had been heated up. It is a nice change of pace!  The food is very popular, and the restaurant is generally crowded.  If you're looking for someplace to grab some Mexican Food, stop in … (4 comments)

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