the c team real estate: NAR Convention - 11/12/07 05:50 AM
Hi everyone, I am somewhat jealous as I and Darcy are not in Las Vegas at the convention.  A teenager in school and a slow year have conspired to keep us away from the convention.  It is too bad because it would have been a lot of fun, and we would have learned a lot.  I wish those attending a good time and safe travel to and from the convention. 
I look forward to being at the next convention.  It does give a little extra inspiration to be a little more successful and work a little harder.  Then next year, we … (1 comments)

the c team real estate: Some Peoples Children..................... - 11/09/07 04:02 PM
Darcy had an interesting day today.  As a favor to a friend we listed a house in a city that we don't generally work in.  In fact, it is a different local board Realtors than ours.  We had it co-listed with a local agent for awhile, but the market kind of went down hill in this city.  (I am trying to be as vague as possible to not poison anyone's ideas or thought about an entire city based on one neighborhood's stupidity.) 
Long and short of it the listing expired, and the co-listing agent didn't want the co-list again.  He thought … (2 comments)

the c team real estate: Things May Be Looking Up.............. - 11/08/07 04:17 PM
I had floor time today, which usually means I work on marketing while sitting at a desk at the office.  Which I did, trying to get our newsletters addressed and stamped.  I actually got an agent referral from an agent in Las Vegas.  It was a listing referral on some inexpensive land in the county, but hey, a referral from an agent is always a good thing, and something we haven't recieved in a while.
So maybe things are beginning to look up.  I try to keep a positive attitude, and maybe the little things cause me too much excitement, but … (5 comments)

the c team real estate: Cold Calling - 11/07/07 06:21 PM
I was just glancing through the news online and notice where the FTC had levied huge fines against 3 companies for violation of the Do Not Call list.  With that in mind, I was wondering how people were dealing with that complication and doing any cold calling. 
Currently, we don't cold call.  It seems like such a low reward for the amount of time it takes to compile a list and check it against the Do Not Call Registry.  I know that there are a lot of brokers, agents and coaches that talk about cold calling daily as part of your … (12 comments)

the c team real estate: Christmas or Seasons Greeting Cards - 11/07/07 05:04 PM
We were wondering, as this is our first year of sending out newsletters to our circle of influence on a monthly basis, if other agents do this, but more importantly do you also send out a card to commemorate the Season?  We were just wondering, this is our first year of doing the newsletter.  We found ourselves much better at following through with a monthly newsletter than a quarterly newsletter. 
We just really don't want to inundate our circle of influence and turn them off, but rather keep them informed and let them know how much we appreciate them. 
We also … (5 comments)

the c team real estate: Free Stuff.......... - 11/07/07 08:41 AM
At the tip of my broker, I started playing around on the internet looking at some of the Real Estate Coaching sites.  My broker had put a report by Mike Ferry on the 11 Reasons to List During the Holidays, he had said that it was a free download so I went and looked on his web site.  There is a lot of good information there for free.  I don't want anyone to think that I am endorsing this site nor his coaching.  I have read his book and he does have good ideas and plans.
His web site has a … (3 comments)

the c team real estate: Floor Time............ - 11/06/07 08:37 PM
I know that everyone says that you should not write more than one blog entry per day.  I just have had a couple of questions on my mind.  The first I covered in another blog.  The next is how do other offices around the country treat floor time? 
In our office you do not have to take floor time, although almost everyone in the office does.  Monday through Friday the office is open for 9 hours, which means that there are 3 three hour blocks that someone is assigned floor time.  On Saturday there are 2 7hr floor shifts.  The office … (8 comments)

the c team real estate: Showing Appointments - 11/06/07 08:25 PM
Another web site had a good blog on what can be done to make sure that when a property that you have listed is shown, how do you make sure the lights are off and the doors and windows are locked.  I hope that we haven't been doing something that is going to expose our clients unnecessarily, but we generally don't attend a showing when another agent is showing the property.  That is one of the great conveniences of lock-boxes. 
I would hope first and foremost that the other agent realize what it is that they're showing, this is an expensive … (2 comments)

the c team real estate: Paid Referrals - 11/06/07 10:01 AM
Darcy got a call from a referral company out of Montana that had a blistering hot referral for us.  It was a cash buyer with a short close, looking to relocate to our area as soon as possible.  It sounded great, then the kicker, they only wanted $495 to pass along the referral.  We don't have that kind of money for a bird in the bush so to speak. 
Has anyone dealt with any company like this?  How reputable are they?  We have and love to work with several referral companies that we pay out of our commission.  This way if … (9 comments)

the c team real estate: Any Ideas.............. - 11/05/07 12:07 AM
Does anyone out there have any ideas on how to turn "Looky Lou's" into buyers?  I mean beyond the obvious arguments or reasoning that there is a great inventory, and houses are priced lower now than the have been in over a year.  I don't want to become one of those cynical Realtors that believes that buyers are liars, but it sure seems like they are dragging their feet a lot.
I was just hoping that someone had a "knockout" presentation or script to help convince these "tire kickers" that it is time to buy.  Thank you in advance!

the c team real estate: Side jobs............ - 11/03/07 06:06 PM
Like many Realtors in this market we have had to take on side jobs to buy groceries and make the house payment, things like that.  Darcy does the books for several companies here in town.  I dispatch for the emergency services, fire, police and ems.  We also shoot photographs for Circlepix Virtual Tours.  We really like the photograpy.
We have many great experiences from our other jobs, but having been chastised once for getting off subject. I will stick to the Circlepix job.  We really enjoy photographing houses, as it has many benefits. 
One of the best things about shooting virtual … (1 comments)

the c team real estate: Another Great Weekend - 11/02/07 10:05 PM
Well it is shaping up to be another great weekend here.  The temperatures have been nice, mostly in the upper 60s to low 70s.  If the weatherpeople are right there should be a lot of sunshine.  The nights are crisp and cool.  We still have a some of the fall foliage, so there is a lot of beautiful colors to behold.  We have hiking and walking trails, as well as a golf course.
Southern Utah University has a football game here today.  They had a basketball game last night.  The basketball team is doing very well so far.  The football team, … (3 comments)

the c team real estate: Fridays Ramblings - 11/02/07 06:17 AM
It's been a couple of days since I last wrote anything.  I think that mentally, I am still on vacation.  I have been reading the blogs and learning a great deal from them.  I had some thoughts that needed to be expressed by myself on the wildfires in California.  What a great job the firefighters have done in getting those under control.  I don't pretend to understand the heroism and dedication that it takes to do their job!  
At the same time my heart goes out to those who lost their homes and some who lost their family members, … (3 comments)

the c team real estate: World Series Finale - 10/31/07 04:41 AM
We were on vacation when the World Series ended and I wanted to do a follow up on an earlier blog about the World Series.  Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox.  They thoroughly dominated the World Series!  They did everything that they needed to do to win the World Series.  From the top to the bottom of the lineup, they hit.  Each of the pitchers pitched very well and they did all of the little (and big) things that they needed to do to win.
Much has been made about their experience, but only 1/3 of their team was on … (1 comments)

the c team real estate: The Crucible, The Media, and Real Estate - 10/30/07 03:43 PM
This past week, prior to our vacation to Indio, California, Darcy and I had the opportunity to help our niece, who lives with us, with a report on The Crucible, by Arthur Miller.  What a great play, it provides tremendous insight into turbulent times.  It is set during the Salem Witch trials in the late 1600's in Salem, Massechusetts.  It is also a thinly veiled attack on the witch trials of the 20th Century the McCarthy communist hunt.
The amazing insight is that regardless of how upstanding a member of the community was, a young person, with little or no … (1 comments)

the c team real estate: Vacation - 10/29/07 01:10 PM
Hello all, we had a 2 day school holiday, so we packed up and headed to California for a short vacation.  We ended up in beautiful Indio.  It is sure nice to get away once in a while even for a short break.  The devastating fires have created a lot of smoke out here, but  other than that it is beautiful.  It is hot, in the 90's so if you come bring the shorts!
Just have a short time to write, but just wanted to let everyone know that it is a good idea to get away every once in a … (3 comments)

the c team real estate: Heritage Development - 10/26/07 09:53 AM
In a stunning reversal Wednesday Night, the Cedar City Council went against it city manager's recommendation and approved the Heritage Development.  The Heritage Development is a large development on the west side of the city.  It is a self contained community with shopping and recreation planned into the development.
The best part of the project(to me) is that the developer Goodboro Development, is planning affordable housing.  They are mixing home sizes.  They are putting smaller starter homes on the same street with large more custom sized homes.  They have planned schools, shopping and parks all within the community.  I know that … (0 comments)

the c team real estate: World Series Musings - 10/24/07 09:51 AM
The World Series starts tonight, and I am excited!  Although I am not a huge fan of either team, I am a huge fan of baseball.  This World Series is an interesting contrast, one high payroll team (Boston) vs an upstart young team (Colorado),   Colorado has a team payroll roughly 1/3 of Boston's, which really doesn't mean much, it is just an interesting contrast in management styles.  It was interesting that of the 4 teams than reached the two League Championship Series three of the teams had a payroll roughly equal to that of the 4th team by it's self. 
Where … (2 comments)

the c team real estate: Photographs and Memories... - 10/23/07 07:16 AM
I am not sure what memories have to do with what I am thinking, other than this is the title to my favorite Jim Croce song.  Although Time in a Bottle is a real close second.  Enough of that, what I was thinking about as far as Real Estate is concerned is photographs. 
I know that most Realtors take the photos of a property when it is listed.  I also know that there have most likely been several blogs on this very subject on Active Rain.  I wish that I had the time to go back and read all of the … (3 comments)

the c team real estate: Pricing a Listing - 10/22/07 09:35 AM
Darcy and I just returned from a listing appointment where didn't get past the pricing of the home.  The home in question is a rental property not far from the University.  It is an older home that has been converted into an up and down duplex. 
The home itself has large bedrooms and is in need of some TLC.  It would qualify as a fixer.  The owner was hoping to list it around $100 per square foot.  Right now in our market brand new construction on semi custom homes is running about $120 per square foot.  For a fixer, it should be … (2 comments)

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