the c team real estate: Cedar City News - 10/22/07 06:05 AM
Hello everyone, it is a great Monday and fall has definitely arrived.  The temperature has cooled way down, and there is an autumn chill in the air.  How long it will last is hard to tell, we are supposed to warm up, according to the weatherman. 
We have a great deal going on here in our city, Beall's Department store will have it's grand opening this week.  The hospital just broke ground for a 16,000 square foot expansion, and work continues at the new industrial park as another building had its groundbreaking also.  We also noticed that we're the 9th fastest … (0 comments)

the c team real estate: Upsets and more Upsets - 10/20/07 04:22 PM
I don't know how many Realtors watch College Football, but if there is a single theme to this season it is anyone can win at anytime, anyplace.  This season started with the very first weekend, and has continued almost each week since, including today. 
There are many parallels for life in sports.  I think each week as I look at the College scoreboard, and watch as another under dog, whom the expert gave no chance of winning, pull off another huge upset.  I am not going to argue the importance of sport in society.  I will just say that, as mentioned earlier, it … (2 comments)

the c team real estate: Training Books - 10/18/07 10:12 PM
In my blog yesterday I talked about the value of training, especially for new agents.  I was encouraged by the comments that I recieved, and I thought of my own experiences trying to get up and going.  I hope that these thoughts and ideas will help some of you.  We didn't have a lot of money to spend on training.  We have thought back to those days of frustration, right after I got my license to sell real estate.  There wasn't a lot of money to be spent on the business, let alone training.
What we did, was incorporate our love of reading … (3 comments)

the c team real estate: Training and new agents - 10/18/07 10:33 AM
I was reading a blog on another site about agent training.  I thought that I would blog here to new agents in particular about training.  When I got my license, the first brokerage that I worked at was run by a great lady.  She was interested in our success and provided a lot of the little things that can really cost new agents a lot of money.  The training however consisted of: you got your license, great!, now go and sell houses.
The great blessing to me, was that Darcy, my wife, had started at another brokerage and had gone through … (6 comments)

the c team real estate: Colors in Advertising - 10/17/07 08:49 AM
Hi everyone, I read an article on Broker Agent News about the use of color in fliers.  I'd like to ask to see what is working for other Realtors out there.  We have tried several different things.  Some have worked, some haven't.
We have tried different color paper; bright yellow, blue, orange, red and ivory.  We've also tried different colors on the tag line, headline, etc.  We have used these different combinations on flyer box flyers as well as using the brighter colored paper with bright inks on prospecting fliers. 
To be honest, we get more a of response while we … (4 comments)

the c team real estate: I've got a buyer - 10/16/07 01:42 PM
Darcy was just looking at the new listings, something that we do throughout the day and noticed that a house that had just expired was re-listed.  We had contacted the owner of that house regarding another listing and she  brought up this other house that was close to expiring.  She wanted us to go and tell her what we thought about this second house. 
The just listed house was a starter type rental property.  We planned to get into her rental property that was still listed, but it didn't have a Realtor lock box on the home.  Rather a push button lock box.  … (0 comments)

the c team real estate: Ramblings on Competition - 10/16/07 06:17 AM
Here in Utah we are having a huge controversy this election over school vouchers.  In a nutshell, the state legislature passed a bill allowing parents to take some of the money that the state allocates from the tax coffers to help pay tuition at a private school for their children.  Currently the state spends about $7,000 per student during the school year.  The voucher plan would allow the parents to use $3000 of that money to assist with the tuition at a private school
Needless to say the NEA and the local school teachers unions filed suit in the courts to … (2 comments)

the c team real estate: Pre Listing Packets - 10/15/07 02:53 AM
Do any of the other Realtors out there use a pre-listing packet?
After gettting an appointment to give a listing presentation, one of us will go by the property and take a picture of it.  We then add it to the pre listing packet and drop it off as soon as possible with the potential client.  Inside the packet we have some brochures about us, and why it is to their advantage to list with us, as well as some things that we would like from them.  We ask for a list of names of friends and coworkers that may know … (8 comments)

the c team real estate: Fall - 10/14/07 11:11 AM
Darcy and I were talking last night about how much we love this time of year.  Autumn leaves have blossomed into their splendor.  The hues highlighting the beauty of the mountains.  The evenings are crisp and cool, not quite uncomfortably cold, reminding us that winter is just around the corner; the lazy, hot, carefree summer days are gone and kids of all ages are in school. 
We are reminded that it is time to refine, organize and prepare for the coldness of winter.  In the past it meant a time to lay in wood and supplies for the pending winter.  Now … (2 comments)

the c team real estate: Real Estate Marketing Systems - 10/13/07 12:56 PM
As agents my wife and I are always trying to learn more and better ways to do business.  We have read a lot of books by many of the top sales trainers in the country; and we have attended a few seminars from some other top sales people.  We hold to the belief that knowledge is a good thing and can help us. 
We have seen a lot of information on Craig Proctor and Craig Forte.  We have even sent away for the free "teaser" information.  Our question is; has anyone bought their systems, and are they worth the money? 
Most … (4 comments)

the c team real estate: Upbeat about Cedar City - 10/12/07 10:16 PM
Hello everyone, just wanted to take a few minutes to say that I am excited to be a realtor in Cedar City,  Sure there is a lot of competition here, and the market has slowed down.  But great things are going to happen.  We were named in one retirement magazine as the best place in the USA to retire.  I forgot the magazine, and to be honest, I have been up too long to look for it. 
Apart from that we have a new airport terminal.  We have a new industrial park, with several large manufacturing companies building new buildings to … (1 comments)

the c team real estate: What I don't quite understand.... - 10/11/07 05:59 PM
Am I the only one that thinks that the depth of the recent sales slump in real estate was due more to the expert analysis than actual market factors.  I understand that there were a lot shady operators giving mortgages out as fast as the papers could be signed.  I agree that the market couldn't continue doing what it was doing and needed a correction.  We also over built in most areas of the country.
My question on this, and maybe I don't see all of the factors that go into the slump; but the economy as a whole isn't that … (5 comments)

the c team real estate: New to blogging - 10/11/07 04:51 PM
Hello everyone, this is our first atttempt at writing a blog, so we hope not to offend!  We wanted to start out by saying that we love the real estate business!  What a great opportunity to help people find and buy the largest investment that most will make in their life time!  We have been doing real estate together going on 5 years in the Cedar City, Utah market. 
For those who have never visited, it is beautiful!  We are home to the Tony award winning Utah Shakespearean Festival as well as Southern Utah University.  We are truly the gateway to … (15 comments)

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