the c team real estate: Localism Post..Have a Sweet Tooth?? - 07/05/14 01:29 PM
I am writing several localism posts to illustrate some of the unique and great places that people looking to move to South Davis County can experience.  I am writing today about what used to be one of my favorite places to visit.  The Bakery and Dick's Market.  There are two locations for Dick's Market one in Centerville at 84 West Parrish Lane.  The other is located on Orchard Drive in Bountiful just south of 2200 South.
Dick's Bakery has wonderful baked treats, some of my former favorites were eclairs, donuts and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  If you have looked at photos … (10 comments)

the c team real estate: Localism Post...El Matador.... - 07/05/14 01:17 PM
One of the great local landmark restaurants in Bountiful is El Matador.  It is now located at 606 S Main Street in Bountiful.  I am not sure when El Matador relocated, they did it when I wasn't living here.  It used to be down in the area where Costco is now located.  
El Matador is one of the first places where I was served salsa that had been heated up. It is a nice change of pace!  The food is very popular, and the restaurant is generally crowded.  If you're looking for someplace to grab some Mexican Food, stop in … (4 comments)

the c team real estate: 75th Anniversary.... - 07/04/14 01:56 AM
Today marks an important date in history for baseball fans.  No, it is nowhere near as important as our Independence, but it is a milestone.  I have watched the grainy footage as well as the Gary Cooper version.  Today is the 75th Anniversary of Lou Gehrig's farewell address to baseball, the Yankees and the fans.  
I am going to paste the words of this address in this post, it is taken from the web site:
"Fans, for the past two weeks you have been reading about the bad break I got. Yet today I consider myself the luckiest man on the … (5 comments)

the c team real estate: Happy 4th of July... - 07/04/14 01:35 AM
I wanted to add my voice (in written words) to all of those wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July! As I sit and think of all of the fun things to do today, I wanted to say thank you to those of us who have "paid the check" for our celebration today!

World War I Memorial, Cedar City, UT

World War II Memorial, Cedar City, UT

Cedar City, UT

Cedar City, UT

The War Against Terror Memorial, Cedar City, UT
I know that we no longer live in Cedar City, but their Veteran's Memorial Park … (10 comments)

the c team real estate: Localim Post K9 Cuts.... - 07/04/14 12:31 AM
I haven't been doing enough localism posts lately. Today I want to highlight K9 Cuts.  It is where we take our Kobi to get his grooming done.  They are so nice and do such a great job with him.  We signed up for a program which allows for ulimited baths for a monthly fee.  I believe this is at least an interstate if not a National program called Splash and Dash.
They were so good, we wanted him to have a bath yesterday, we try to have it done every Friday and they were closed today.  So although the only appointemt … (2 comments)

the c team real estate: Firework Restrictions.... - 07/03/14 01:09 AM
One more post thaat is important that I get out today is the one about restrictions for Fireworks in the area.  I probably should have written this post earlier, but I honestly just read the news article last night that outlined the restrictions for most of the state of Utah.
It was on the KSL News link, and it is important to know where fireworks are restricted.  We are in a dry season, so it is important to follow the guidelines. They won't stop your liability should you start a fire, but they may help keep you from being ticketed for … (9 comments)

the c team real estate: Trash Pickup.......... - 07/03/14 01:00 AM
Our normal trash day is Friday, so naturally I was curious what that meant for our trash with the 4th of July falling on Friday.  I did what most people would do, I looked up Bountiful City's web site and sure enough there was the information.
Our trash will be picked up Friday Morning.  This is good to know, it is also the day that the recycling is picked up.  Here recycling is only picked up every other week.  Our recycling bin gets really full in two weeks, so it really needs to be picked up.
I do hope that helps … (0 comments)

the c team real estate: Where to Watch the Fireworks.... - 07/02/14 11:24 PM
Well the Holiday weekend is upon us.  Yes, I know that it is only Thursday, but with the Holiday being tomorrow, the weekend begins today.  One of the great joys that I associate with the 4th of July are the magnificent firework displays.  
When I was a kid in Woods Cross, our house was situated so that if you were to climb on top of the old chicken coop turned work shop, (It was a building about 20 feet square with a flat sloping roof), you could see the fireworks that were being shot at both the Old Derk's Field … (5 comments)

the c team real estate: Be Careful.... - 07/02/14 04:24 AM
Whatever your plans are this weekend, be careful!  Here in Utah, we have enjoyed 3 days of breezy days.  This make the temperature more comfortable to deal with, but it also dries things out very quickly.  We have a lot of really dry vegetation, so fireworks are really going to require a lot of vigilance!
I would add that if you are doing fireworks in your neighborhood, it is great to celebrate, but remember there may be some of your neighbors who have to work in the morning, so late night fireworks are not very neighborly!  
One other thing to … (5 comments)

the c team real estate: July 4th.. What is on your planner??? - 07/02/14 03:20 AM
We are nearly at the 4th of July, and this year it is on a Friday, making it a 3 day weekend.  What do you have planned?  The great thing is that there is generally a huge slate of things that you can do.  There are usually parades, fireworks, barbecues, heck you name it!
Do you stop and consider what the Holiday is about?  I will admit, during the heat of the Summer with so many great activities to do, I seldom sit down to think what it is we are celebrating.  The easy answer is that we are celebrating our … (4 comments)

the c team real estate: How about a Little Walk??? - 06/24/14 04:33 AM
Several weeks back I wrote about my walking buddy, Kobi the dog.  We have walked at least once a day since then.  There are some days when we walk twice a day.  It has really been beneficial to my health and it helps my mental well being as well.
Walking is a great way to reduce stress, and I am surprised at how much better I feel.  I really look forward to our morning walks, and so does Kobi. He gets so impatient to get out the door that it is almost commical.  
The best part so far, I have … (28 comments)

the c team real estate: 911 Dispatch Centers in the News.... - 06/22/14 01:10 AM
Here locally, one of the local news channels has been doing a feature on the 911 dispatch centers and some of the problems.  I will admit, I don't wish to watch the segments, far too often they see the issue as being one sided.  Some of you know I have worked as a 911 Dispatcher going on 14 years.  It is a way to get your adrenaline rush and more importantly, health insurance(this allows the better half of our team, Darcy, to work in Real Estate full time).
I have a few issues with most of the comments, yes, we hired on … (10 comments)

the c team real estate: Scrambled Eggs.... - 06/21/14 12:39 AM
I am sure many, if not all have heard the story behind the Beatles song "Yesterday". It's first working title was "Scrambled Eggs", Paul McCartney then penned one of my favorite songs which began with that inauspicious title. 
I think that sometimes doing something like this helps one be able to then be able to turn on the creative faucet and write something.  So far it is working, at least for today!  I have heard many writers say, and experienced this myself, that just beginning is the most difficult part in the writing process.
Here on Active Rain, we have assembled … (13 comments)

the c team real estate: You Just Never Know... - 06/19/14 10:57 PM
This morning I was pleasantly surprised by a comment on a blog that I had written in 2008.  I know that has happened to other people here on Active Rain, but I haven't had a comment on a blog that old before.  It really goes to show that once you put something out there, it is there forever!
I have tried to keep my blogs in a positive tone, but there are times when I have been frustrated and vented.  I also hope that my writing has improved through the years.  It is sometimes difficult to find the time to write … (29 comments)

the c team real estate: World Cup.... - 06/19/14 04:46 AM
Well the World Cup is in full swing.  It is an exciting event to watch, although the United States is not one of the favorites, I am hoping that they will pull off the huge upset.  I am somewhat torn, I would never cheer against the United States, but I also want Argentina to do well.  
Who do you cheer for?  I know that Argentina is one of the favorites along with Brazil, but there are many teams who have a chance to win because of their talent.  So I am still cheering for a huge upset and the United … (6 comments)

the c team real estate: Equipment For Real Estate.... - 06/19/14 12:13 AM
About a month ago a hands free while driving law went into effect here in Utah.  That means you're breaking the law to manipulate your cell phone while driving a vehicle.  I probably should have prefaced that opening by saying I have never been a fan of the in the ear Blue Tooth devices.  Anyway back to where I was going with this.
The law state that you can hold the phone to your ear, but you really can't do more than that.  I don't know about anyone else, but that really didn't work.  I will admit that I have on … (9 comments)

the c team real estate: Wordless Wednesday A Boy's Summertime Dreams..... - 06/18/14 04:52 AM
I haven't really done a Wordless Wednesday post in quite a while, so I thought I would harken back to some of the great memories of my youth. That is one of the dangers of moving back to your hometown after leaving, almost everywhere you go reminds you of something from your past.  So here are some of the things I used to dream about....


Cool Cars

Camping outdoors

Living on the Beach, Gilligan Style

More Cool Cars

Hiking in the Red Hills

Being a Cowboy

Being a Hero

And of … (8 comments)

the c team real estate: Summertime TV..... - 06/18/14 03:00 AM
Due to our busy schedules, Darcy and I don't go out a lot.  We tend to be homebodies as much as we are able.  One of our huge vices is television, I guess that is what happens when you grew up in the Television age.  Not that long ago, at least for someone our age, Summertime TV meant reruns of the shows that aired over the Fall and Winter months.
Several years ago, a few of the cable networks began a strategy of creating new series and running them against the reruns on network TV.  One of the more successful series … (15 comments)

the c team real estate: June Showers..... - 06/18/14 12:26 AM
After days and days of nice early Summer weather, we were blessed with some much needed rain and cooler temperatures.  I for one, see this as a much Welcomed relief to sort of cool us down before the really hot weather settles in for the rest of the season.
There are some things about Summer that make everyone, well almost everyone smile.  I like the warm, not hot temps that come along with Summer.  I like the Baseball season, car shows, and being outdoors.  This is generally a busy time in the Real Estate Business too.
With that comes the dilema, … (7 comments)

the c team real estate: Bountiful Carshow and Cruisin... - 06/13/14 01:13 AM
Well, it is Summertime and one of my favorite things to do is to go to car shows.  Tonight and tomorrow there is a great one on Bountiful's Main Street, and it is for a great cause.  It is the Bountiful Rotary Carshow and Cruisin.  The procedes go to help buy coats for children in need this winter.  This really is a great cause!
The Car Parade and Street Party is tonight from 6 PM to 10 PM.  There are some amazing vehicles that come to this!  I have noticed several of them around town last night and this morning.  If … (13 comments)

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