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Come along with us and laugh through life's lessons; spread the healthy muscle-training found in a smile. It is our goal to encourage, inform, inspire, & lift up all those we meet. If we cannot service them, we will find someone who will do a super job for them.



    Is it just me.....or do you, too, get the Big Red X that states ' run time you want to DE BUG ?'...below is a picture that merited a '..line 491...error'                                                          gee, all I wanted to do was place an edited "Snow sky in Michigan" photo...
It is coming..soon; too soon for some....not soon enough for others.Commercials for New Large Flat Screen TV's are abundant:One cannot go into a grocery store without seeing all the signs;Families are planning to gather at the house with the most ROOM                                              ...
To anyone also up at this not so nice hour...Hi!; to all who are sleeping, good dreams ; and last but not least, to all who's days are my nights, hope your day is going better than my night (at least for the past 2 hours. At 2:15 am, I was jarred awake.... .... awakened by what I thought was our ...
Probably one of the funniest items said about our weather:                   HOTTER than HELL ;                                                                      (not really Hell                                                                    but, visually                                   ...
Since we are somewhat house bound due to cold,  snow, winds, snow, cold....oh wait, I already said that... We received an e-mail from our Builder friend with a delightful view of...OLD...I do not know from whom he received this e-mail, so will paraphrase it for this post....  verbal picture:   ol...
                                                           1 Weary Warrior as seen through picnik      Thus it begins AGAIN. As the Whiteness builds up again,  thought that you would enjoy    a Visual scene that I call....                 a waged war of whiteness weary warriors........ Sal and La...
What a wonderful day for the Military.As we were watching the ceremony todaywe both were struck by the excitement surrounding the commissioning.  The fact that this is the last WWII class era ship and a President who at age 18 made his first journey to "service to the / Our Country" during that t...
Ready, set, Slink~   "Folks, this is the newest  thing in cleaning your stairs: set it in motion and without even pushing a button, down,  down it goes picking up every speck of dust & dirt.   Yours now for the low, low price of  $19.95; but WAIT, call  now and we'll double your order & you pay o...
Here it is...2009...a New Year....a time for changes.....    Changes?.......     we are still fighting our colds...     Sal still has his unexpected tooth extraction            coming up on the 8th of January.    I still have the wonderful job of being the return-trip      Driver.......         A...
From our Home in Fall of 2008     to You Active Rainers in 2009;     Happy prosperous New Year        today  and     all Year Long.      The day this picture was taken, with my new camera, turned out to be one of the most Spectactular skies I have  seen since moving here in 1997.   A Bright, Cris...

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