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Come along with us and laugh through life's lessons; spread the healthy muscle-training found in a smile. It is our goal to encourage, inform, inspire, & lift up all those we meet. If we cannot service them, we will find someone who will do a super job for them.



At times it seems that we are living within a Rubrics Cube!...moving...shifting...turninga dizzying experience that predictably :---rearranges limbs---scatters Brain cells---unbalances stomach contents"Click, click, Turn"On July 23, 2009--From the Dead Sea area reporters state the following:  ......
We are coming to the end of this First Trip across Macomb County, via Hall Road--M-59.The rain tried it's best to stop this trip for a time; and  this computer caught a virus that lasted 7 days;But, now the "Drive" continues:You are moving West after leaving Macomb County Center Campus at Garfiel...
Well, we did need that rest stop; now, we continue on our trip to the West of Macomb County, MI:As we leave C.J. Barrymore's, did you make plans to return for the REAL experience--many groups, families, school trips, Company outings are held there; in fact, on the Sunday the photos were taken, Ge...
This is our #1 'Road Trip through Macomb County, MI: ...We will be traveling East to West on Hall Road which is also M59. [a fun note--some not from Macomb Co. also call it 20 Mile Road--technically true as it is between 19 Mile Rd & 21 Mile Rd]Hall Road "T's" into Jefferson Road and to your righ...
photo courtesy of Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library On July 24, 1701, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac and his band of about fifty soldiers, artisans, and fur trappers landed on the banks of the Detroit River and build Fort Pontchartrain.  For the next 100 years, the village of Det...
At Church service today, Father John shared another of his wonderful stories-jokes:One of the readings at today's liturgy related the story / parable of the shepherd who's flock had been scattered. It presented the visual & verbal picture of the dedicated Shepherd who, having found  that the floc...
 Join with us as we take you around Macomb County, Michigan. This will be a great trip to take.Our County Borders are:....South = 8 Mile Road--[Wayne County and Detroit to the South] ....North  = Bordman Road--[St Clair County is to the North]  ....West  = Dequindre Road--[Oakland County is to th...
If this gif would animate--it would show the "chasing Tail" action. That is precisely the feeling that I have right here, right now; a feeling that cannot be shared with my Partner for fear of the 'contagion effect'After reading through so many Articles, Blogs,  Posts, & Reports these past few da...
We've moved so far away from 2 cans & a String; but have we reached Tele-Nirvana?All the words in this Title are words that:....conjure....confuse....disseminate....define....educate....elucidate....frighten....forecast  Everything that Words can do to the Human psychicthe last 2 days have seen a...
Picture this blond, blue eyed boy in his Red Thriller jacket & you can understand why the Tribute to MJJ is playing in the background of our home today--even as I go about our Realtor[R] business. A fitting tribute in Photos,Singers / Songs, & Remembrances / Words. For a moment:    to enjoy this ...

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