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Come along with us and laugh through life's lessons; spread the healthy muscle-training found in a smile. It is our goal to encourage, inform, inspire, & lift up all those we meet. If we cannot service them, we will find someone who will do a super job for them.



You all know Sal...but we work out of our Home..SO..who's the dark haired beauty? Banal, bland, deceitful, delightful, informative, interesting & some totally useless items.This has been a week of news-worthy or at least news-making events.--Macomb County, MI. has:...announced that cuts in progra...
Random thoughts.......4 youGood ideas to possibly save MONEY for MI.:.....Toll roads---if you have ever driven our Interstate Highways [I-],      & / or our Michigan [M-] Highways then:     you do realize the need for UPKEEP on these roadways.  Talk over the years has     indicted the knowledge &...
If the statement referencing that:'History not paid attention to, is fated to be repeated' is true:then that may explain many things around us these days. ...Take the Fall offerings of new Movies for Theater and TV    Surrogates---re-make of the Pod or Pod people of the late 1950's / theater    F...
                                                                  a moment in time...Tuesday at our Home                                                                                      Can you see the reflections in some of our Front windows; the casements that are opened reflect the houses ...
Moments of our LifeDefining Moments---experienced over the years....Some profess we experience many each day....Others state that there is no such thing as "A Defining Moment"....All do experience them....not everyone recognizes that the decision has been made The concept of 'defining decisions-m...
MACOMB  COUNTY has a Voice that deserves to be Heard ! Oft times under reported upon...Many times not acknowledged on local TV / News channelsCinderella, we're NOTBut, many times the Bridesmaid & Never the Bride--is NOT the true description of this County in MI.We CAN third of the 'M...
                                                                                                                     Don't sign that check.....until you CHECK the ABC's of Auctions:  You may have noticed a sign around your neighborhood announcing that an Auction on a particular Home would be taki...
Am taking liberties as the Administrative Head [oxymoron] of web strategies--AND using a clip art representing Sal..."from the desk of..."It's OK, he is at a KW meeting then off to meet with a ? client ?--so decision made....# 1---a poster depicting the "three Monkeys" [to PITA followers--I don't...
OK ! That's it! I"m going back to snail mail; U R warned.Sunday 13, 2009 was the start of this EVENT:....opened Outlook [ 2003] ...saw ___ ___ is now following you on _______...clicked on the Blue Hyperlink contained there in...received message to the effect that: " setting on this computer have ...
Today at Church, Father John told this story:   2 friends out camping;  that night  man #1 said to the other...."Look up, What do you see?"where upon man  # 2 said "--the vastness of the Universe; the Stars--the Moon--the Hand of the Creator; why, what do you see?"#2 answered..." I see that someo...

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