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Come along with us and laugh through life's lessons; spread the healthy muscle-training found in a smile. It is our goal to encourage, inform, inspire, & lift up all those we meet. If we cannot service them, we will find someone who will do a super job for them.



Just some news from this Friday's cache;...did you see the "Black Marker Bandits"--yes, they did away with black masks and...   drew on their individual faces with--BLACK PERMANENT MARKER.   Now doesn't that just warm your maternal & paternal collective hearts. One of these    geniuses drew a 'm...
For Real folks, yes, here in Michigan...Saturday 24 October was declared:   SHAKE your MAILBOX our governor J. Granholm as this is an Associated Press release, I cannot quote from it directlyhowever, I can summarize as follows--shake the mailbox--check for loose screws [ no pun intended...
This was intended to be a " tongue_in_Cheek' type of post:A clever 'tripping down the highway; smiling at everybody she meets' OH, wait,  that is a misquote from a -70's kind of song.well, today, the TRIPPING is apropos  a.cannot upload Images [something about AR website cancelling, due to a pop-...
It is 2:15 A.M. here in our section of Michigan. ...WHY am I up....& why am I attempting typing / computing at this hour?good question....not such a fantastic answer see, Tuesday was a second-to-last trim the trees / bushes  "Winter Readiness"      assignment [ today will be the ...
Well, here is another Friday....we MUST be having fun...time has really flown by..LOL...we DO laugh a lot in this Home...our Home motto is: IF if can happen, it more than likely WILL happen here...once we find all the light switches AND know what lights they operate...TIME to move...we don't need...
:Michigan Up date: MLS Sales Figures--Aug. 2009Macomb County 2009---         2008--            Diff....Listings:        1,829            2,184            - 16.28%...Sales:             857               697            + 22.96%...Sales Vol.    $77,596,142   $86,299,084    - 10.09% ...Median Price  ...
There appears to be a dis-connect between an article from the Washington Post--referenced here 6 Oct.and a subsequent article from the Detroit Free Press / Sunday 11 Oct. :Here are items from: "Green jobs proliferating - but so is competition to snare them" by: Ron Dzwonkowski and Barbara Arrigo ...
Begin foot....two Tonight, some Good news.....some Not so Good........By now all of you must have seen the photo or video of the "assistance for Detroit residents"  do the math...35,000-65,000---applicants...3,500---possible recipients---40 staff choosing---$10.00 Scam A...
Two articles--one from the Wall Street Journal / Friday, Oct.2 .2009                  One from the Washington Post / Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2009Both discussing the plight of the State of Michigan:...Dana Hedgpeth --Washington Post--staff writer, authored the article titled:      " In Michigan, A Yellow...
The Title above is the opening statement on Sunday's Oct. 4, 2009 Detroit Free Press.The editorial was the Front Page in  "News + Views" section / pg 23AStark wording....effective wording....Will anyone in charge actually read ?Will their reading make any type of difference ?Will any difference b...

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