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Come along with us and laugh through life's lessons; spread the healthy muscle-training found in a smile. It is our goal to encourage, inform, inspire, & lift up all those we meet. If we cannot service them, we will find someone who will do a super job for them.



On the day of New Year's this really the message you want to send to MI. Seniors, Is IT?[ Earlier this month {Dec. 6, 2009 / Sunday Free Press / 1 A] was noted that MI is "..a haven for seniors" referencing the fact that many    pensions for seniors in this State are not taxed...
Just a Sigh, a Gasp , a Question A SIGH Moment:we received a phone call the other day--Don't  Know from whom,  About what, or  the Reason why....we do not rate  to be asked questions [survey], to hear the political points of persuasion, or a group attack on why-Yes or No.Oh Well, more than likely...
    SO , are you Old ?    Feeling Old ?   Being told that you Are Old ? Well, don't Hang it up just yet .....Read this excerpt from:     Roy H. Williams...        In 2003, the Las Vegas Hilton...on the stage where "Elvis appeared when he played Vegas".  Roy was informed ...
Just read Luke's Blog  "The Bag Lady in my Neighborhood" and he brought memories of dog-walking  in our lifetime. Thank you Luke.Some Dog owners can pull this "Walking" thing with finesse....we,  however, often found ourselves in a quandary, a embarrassing event, an altogether humiliating happeni...
Angels can be the "spotlight" in your Creche' for Christmas.[don't know just HOW our angel ornament became this bright light we have used the set-up for 8 Years] I accept it as a "Gift"Angels are the subject of many Religious Songs that we hear in the Christmas Season. They are beautiful and mean...
                                                                Grade school.........                                                          to Higher Grades....through                                                                                            to Graduation...                   ...
This is a photo of Sal taken Jan. 11, 2009We live in MichiganWe expect Snow-daysWe already have the implements primed & readySnow-Days are part of our HistoryBUT:Snow Days, Snow Depths, Snow-DEEP- Depths in our normally Southernweather type States. WOWBefore I go any farther, let me type a person...
                                                                                   27 * NOW                                                                              22-25 * NIGHT                                                                               Snow on roads                       ...
School Districts up-dates and additions:...East Detroit...where all the School Unions previously proposed to the Board that contracts be revisited    in order to cut the Budget; Yesterday, the EDSD school Board did meet and at the conclusion did come up with a plan to cut the Budget $2.2M of the ...
Oh, Michigan, my Michigan...                    stand up , take your Bow...                    3 of your Residents being recognized                    ....and it is happening NOW.Anthony Velazquez....Romeo resident, 2000 Grad from Romeo CA resident;   ...coming home to family celebration...

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