michigan: Remember WHEN...Ah, Things were Different Then... - 06/07/11 08:12 AM
It is so fun to live here in Michigan;We are living with those who are disgruntled with the New Budget-as passed; and as a result today, 6/7/11 there is an afternoon 'protest' slated to take place around various School districts--"at the close of the school day" of course [as stated by the MEA-We are the people--we are the MEA]CORRECTION BELOW:  5:42 p.m. 6/7/'11
We have a group of folks [opposed to the new bridge span] passing out notices to homeowners in the Delray area, that look like 'Eviction notices'.NOT True, but that is the geographical area where the owner of the … (8 comments)

michigan: Spring has Sprung.....Michigan Style - 05/13/11 07:34 AM
This past week, we finally have seen our Tulips;Not as many as years before;Non of the other colors seen previously;Small patches of Yellow-colored flower heads bending & moving into the rays of the sun;This has been a difficult Spring for all our flowers; we have seen more in the areas South of us.About 6 - 7 miles South and a tinsy-bit Westward--Sterling Heights to be exact on the place, there colorful displays of many Spring Flowers were seen.There Reds, Fuschia, Red-tipped Yellows, & even some of the Royal Blues.  Beautiful to see; Desirable to have here.Even a Home across the street … (14 comments)

michigan: Housing Market Tidbits...Michigan...National - 05/10/11 08:50 AM
                 Some  Census Information;...45-and-up  IS the NEW voting-age majority:...show a decline in the number of married couples with children;...a slight growth in household size;..a rapid rise in the number of Mexicans.The implications of the above are interesting to say the least.Home Market Takes a Tumble is a headline from the WSJ on Monday May 9, 2011 / by Nick Timiraos & Dawn Wotapka /The first quarter reports a steep decline--the steepest since 2008;Values fell 3% in 1st quarter compared to 4th quarter  2010; and 1.1% from February 2011 [Zillow.com]Stimulation of the Market --up to $8,000 in tax credits--proved to be fleeting;Foreclosures … (4 comments)

michigan: Saw my First Convertible with top down....can you say Spring.. - 04/07/11 01:34 PM
Yes it is true; today while it was a balmy, and sunny 48*, I had the pleasure of driving Schoenherr Rd in Macomb County with the Spring Drivers giving a whole new definition of " Blowing in the Wind".That song I liked, in my anti-establishment days. Today it simply looked Cold.I suspect that two folks are sniffling and coughing tonight, BUT, they made their point; It IS Spring.If the top-down convertible is not enough to impress you that spring is actually here in Michigan;how about some of the ads that we are reading and seeing:...."Party Tents" for rent;...1/2 off party store for … (16 comments)

michigan: Headline: " A Scary Glimpse of Michigan in 2020" - 03/29/11 08:21 AM
          AW-w-w! Poor Michigan; Why do we keep getting "picked upon"Actually, that is a grabber of a headline--right?It is from Ron Dzwonkowski, a regular author from the Detroit Free Presssee-- www.freep.com / Sunday March 27, 2011 / section News + Views / page 17 A call-outs to 18 A & 21 A This article and the corresponding ones are speaking to the release of the census numbers for Detroit and other parts of Michigan.  Ron's statement of " [The census numbers released...] hit Detroit and other parts of Michigan like a blast of Lake superior water in the face."   For … (2 comments)

michigan: The Michigan Dashboard....Snyder Style - 02/01/11 07:04 AM
When Governor Rick Snyder took office, he presented in his State of the State address the fact that he would put an online site that promised to the citizens an open & easily traversed method to watch what is going to or is happening for this state.   The web site:  www.michigan.gov.midashboard          This is the Home page for the MI Dashboard; sorry about the blur--did use picnik--the Chart below  is the 'clicked-on' result of the lower right hand area "MiDashboard at a Glance"        [As you can see in the lower right hand corner--this page will be updated monthly ]This past Monday the … (8 comments)

michigan: Signs of true change....Help WANTED...Michigan... - 01/09/11 07:24 AM
Focusing on Job Searching and Job Growth Projections.A series from  www.FREEP.COM runs on their "careerbuilder" section & on:www.careerbuilder.com  web site:The series is intended to "Focus" the person seeking a Job, Career change, or Both....the section is Sunday's Free Press begins in Section H / pg 1 H/ ...on the Home [1 H] page are also featured job openings;...these jobs are generally for those with the education,  & experience in certain fields;...within the Classifieds Section are numerous other jobs for Beginning levels - highly qualified levels;...this First in a series is aimed at "Stay focused on finding jobs that best suit your … (4 comments)

michigan: Michigan News...the Good...the Not so Good...the Misunderstood. - 01/08/11 07:47 AM
Now that Michigan is moving into the 2nd full week of the year 2011, the news is mixed.the  "Good:A.  state-wide:  Governor Rick Snyder finished the first week in office with his entire Cabinet in place;                       His also had his first news conference;                       Set the date for his first "state-of-the State" address.[ which will be earlier than previous addresses]                       Names to get to know for Michigan's super Cabinet are:                        ...Deputy Chief of Staff = Jeff Barnes;                        ...Human Services director = Maura Corrigan;                        ...Environmental Quality director = Dan Wyant;                        ...Treasurer = Andy Dillon;                        ...state Budget director =  John Nixon;                        ...Michigan Economic Dev. Corp. = … (6 comments)

michigan: Michigan's Mood Improving...can our Future be Far Behind... - 01/06/11 12:59 PM
                                                                       Michigan is ON the Move .......  Keep holding UP that arrow.....soon it will stay up on it's own.Interesting things are happening around here--Michigan, that is;...Local News TV Reports are speaking of the 'new' , 'improved' or new & innovative events around;...Polls of recent date seem to show that the citizenry here in Michigan are looking to a better future;...Both Macomb & Oakland County Commisiomers have begun their respective first meets of the new year;Today's Detroit News  reported on a Detroit News Local 4 Poll:...results show a bent toward more accountability from educators,[tenure tied to student achievement]    strongly support = 48%          … (4 comments)

michigan: Ending the Day with Michigan Forward Movements... - 12/04/10 01:13 PM
  A golden Glow is all around Michigan    watch this ChartAs this day & this week draws to a close...Michigan has more forward movement motion on record.Senate Acts:...one of the first items to cross the scene is that ---the Senate has approved funding for the campaign of   "Pure Michigan"--tourism Winter ads....in these last hours of this year's legislative term, the senate as issued $10M toward the program;...the $$$ were to be from the 21st Century Jobs Fund with $1.5 M to be used immediately....see: www.detnews.com  Dec.3,2010 / Sec A / pg 1 & 15 A / authors: Tom Greenwood & Ron French … (2 comments)

michigan: Michigan within the Recovery Act...reports...Interesting - 12/03/10 07:07 AM
Nationally:9.8 % unemployment in November, 2010---39,000-50,000 Private sector jobs Created.Estimate: must create 13 M private sector jobs by 2013 to LOWER unemployment to 6.0 % [6.0-6.8 in 2008]     Michigan:With today's economic report on jobs created and the oft-times related unemployment numbers, I wanted to see if & what reports concerning Michigan could be found on-lineOne of the first article that popped up was one that referred to the CEA report:...due to Recovery Act, 100,000 Michigan jobs created...see: http://MLive.com  [Everything Michigan] & read the post by: Jackie Headapohl...jobs were NOT delineated between public or private sectors.Another was located on the the White House ; Council … (4 comments)

michigan: Friday Fall Tour....Five tree Views.... - 10/22/10 12:33 PM
Jet me introduce you to our Trees on display;  we enjoy 4 Red Maple Trees on our property;  They are about 20 years Young;    They are still quite small in comparison to others in the area of the same age;This tree  number 1 is the smallest as we almost lost it in our first year here--13 years ago;  it is flanked by 2 Pine trees that were much smaller in size  then.  You cannot see the true color, but the neighbor trees are in full spectrum just for you.   Tree number 2 is the size of the remaining 2 on our property;  You can see two … (18 comments)

michigan: Families USA...and other Sources or Resources concerning Health Care... - 10/15/10 09:34 AM
Today's Macomb Daily has an article on the national health care reform recently passed by Congress.See: www.macombdaily.com / article by Chad Selweski / "Health care reform means $3.3 billion in tax breaks" / Friday, October 15, 2010 / Pg 1A & 8 Athe subtitle to this article is : "Families USA says many in Michigan will see lower premiums in 2014"The article appears to cover  a report released on Thursday October 14, 2010 that spoke to Michigan's low-and-middle income workers. the report speaks also to the "Exchanges" to be set up by 2014.Read the article to see for yourself how the topic is covered.In … (4 comments)

michigan: CORRECTION ON:The Season is Getting Serious in Macomb County & Michigan Primaries - 07/13/10 04:17 PM
Last Night when posting this:  I incorrectly stated Tuesday's Debate as ALL Governor Candidates; It was 4 of 5 GOP Candidates only. Thanks     From Sea to Shinning Sea & Far out in Space:  You are Called on the VOTE in Aug. & Nov. 2010As the date for the State Primary [ August 3, 2010 ] draws near;we are listening to. reading about & watching TV News reports about  various Candidates.There is a CALL put out to all of us here in Michigan--'we need to get involved --& VoteSome have stated , erroneously I believe, that to dramatise the Vote is to … (2 comments)

michigan: Michigan's great innovations...launches...realities...stats - 06/28/10 04:15 PM
Oakland County has announced [June 25, 2010] the launch of Michigan's First Urban Search and Rescue Task force.Michigan Task Force 1--as it is called--will be utilized to aid the state in various disaster situations.As the County Exec. L. Brooks Patterson explained " we only need to look back at the Christmas terror attemptin the skies over Detroit to realize how necessary these squads are."...the task Force has the ability to coordinate and conduct in the following manner:    a. locating, extricating,& providing on site medical treatment to persons trapped in damaged / collapsed         structures    b. consisting of medical and fire personnel, structural engineers … (2 comments)

michigan: Three Final Days in June...Human Interest...to great State innovations - 06/27/10 04:14 PM
As this is being typed---Sunday 9:00 p.m.--outside our Home the sky is that strange greenish-tone, & stillness that can precede a bad storm.  Earlier tonight, Shelby Twp around 22 & Van Dyke area did receive some bad winds, & non-declared tornadic event.Thus, the atmosphere could simply be evidencing what has taken place, but for those already hit & hurt & any still in the zone, our prayers go out to them.The last three day of June are upon us starting Monday 29, June 2010; so hard to get your mind around the speed with which time is passing--I guess that we are … (2 comments)

michigan: Michigan News-worthy Notes....on a Saturday in May - 05/22/10 08:32 AM
Can you believe that it is May 22nd already!Those of you who have school-aged students living with you are WELL-AWARE  of the dateand believe me when I tell you that each & every Teacher TOO, is fully aware that the month of June is on the Horizon.The days of my "watching the Calendar" are over, but in today's Macomb Daily is an article by Kathy Barks Hoffmanthat is  titled " School funding stabilizes"  see: www.macombdaily.com  Sec. A v/ pg. 4 AThe article concerns Lansing & Funding. The author is from the AP, so direct quotes are frowned upon;therefore capsules of the main … (2 comments)

michigan: Wolverine State we are.....last wild Wolverine found Dead...[the Animal, Animal] - 03/15/10 11:21 AM
It is TRUE....   We are the Wolverine State   The Wolverine is our State Animal [unofficial]   The Wolverine we did have was found dead over   the weekend; she was found in Sanilac Co. MI     Minden City was home to the female.  She was spotted as late as January 2010.  She was spotted by a Deckerville HS Teacher who  had placed a trail camera hoping for such a shot. The teacher-Jeff Ford- explains  ..."she came within 20 yards & circled me."  ..."Her claws were about an inch long and      attached to a foot that's about the same size      as a human hand." ..."I was trying to … (5 comments)

michigan: Bright Lights.....Dim Bulbs..dah-da-da-da Life goes ON - 02/16/10 07:18 AM
Bright Lights look different:                                                                                      ...basically work the same                                                                                      ...help us seeAny problem lies in the area of "What"...homes, stores & parking lots ...plans, programs, proposals ...committees, concepts, & conclusions The consequences of 'seeing' is obvious to most; 'The Good, the Bad & the Ugly' on Parade.Some Bright ideas:...via the Minneapolis Star Tribune: "...all that is right with winter " as you read the listing, let your    imaginations fly free:    the Food--the Beverages--the Garb--the Fires--the Snow--the Silence--the beauty of Snowflakes    --the Ice Formations--the absence of Bugs--the Outdoor chores on an-as-needed-basis....Detroit Boat Show 13 February --21, February / Cobo Center:   picture the   Boats--New Models--Antique Models--New boating Technology--Boating Seminars--   the Voice of MI. Boaters-[BAM]-an Association of enthusiasts, owners & … (0 comments)

michigan: Budget presented.....proposed Battles..Michigan, my Michigan - 02/12/10 08:26 AM
  Is anybody actually communicating here in Michigan: ...whether politician or resident ...whether Dem or GOP ...whether working, retired or laid off ...whether Urban or Suburbanare we not all supposed to be working toward the rescue of this State or at least make this state business small and mid sized friendly ?It is becoming more and more apparent that individual residents ARE becoming informed;  they are reading [hopefully across the spectrum] articles about the business atmosphere of our state; they are listening & questioning what it is that our legislature is doing or has tried to do these past years. And, they are not into … (0 comments)

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