the seville: Talking about the Diesel Chevy...2013 ? - 07/13/11 02:41 PM
When Sal worked at the OLD General Motors; there was a time, or a place in time when he drove all types of 'trial-types of cars'; through this process, we purchased one of those delightful Serviles with the wonderful design of the Back section.The present-day PT Cruiser recalls that specific design of the 'diesel Seville'Ours was two-toned Silvered-Blue;Had that distinctive back comprised of 2 slanted areas; was the back window &;...the second slant was the actual trunk area. It was so great.Loved to drive that car;Loved the way it handled;Loved the effect it had on 'rude' drivers behind.Because those first diesel cars did … (12 comments)

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