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Sometimes, the simplest things in life are the best. A thanks is one of the simplest best things in life. Anyone is capable of offering it, from a 2-year-old child to a 90-year-old.It doesn't cost a penny, yet it can warm the heart of the recipient like a diamond ring. Today, Thansgiving 2008, I ...
I was a bundle of nerves going into my Thursday afternoon listing appointment. I was nervous because I knew I would be dealing with a man with unrealistic expectations. I figured I had two choices,  either to go along, and get stuck with an overpriced listing, or upset a fellow parishioner of my...
Many home owners are like voters.  In the run-up to the 2008 Congressional elections, the nationwide approval rating for the U.S. Congress sunk into single digits. I don't know if that was an historic low, but I hate to think we've ever had a Congress whose approval rating was less than 9 percen...
A sports agent can teach you a lot about selling real estate. Maybe you've never heard of Drew Rosenhaus. He represents professional football players. One of his better-known clients is Terrell Owens, of the Dallas Cowboys. When Owens had a falling out with his former team, the Philadelphia Eagle...
My web side has had more facelifts over the past year than Cher and Joan Rivers combined. Gary Busey seems downright "au naturale" compared to my site. Like Jennifer Grey, of Dirty Dancing and Ferris Bueller's Day Off, my website this morning looks nothing like it did yesterday. And when I say "n...
Old Man Winter (kind of) paid a visit to Beaufort, SC last night. Balmy weather turned chilly yesterday after the passage of a storm system through the area. It's clear and cool, wind chill of about 40 right now. So it looks like whatever pushed that rain out of the way yesterday is going to give...
What in the world was life like before Wi-Fi became ubiquitous? Here I am, manning Lowcountry's real estate booth at Beaufort's Military Appreciation Day, and I can flip open my Mac and pickup Wi-Fi. Who woulda thunk it 5 years ago? We've got a band jamming in the parking lot, and a clown entert...
The Beaufort Gazette ran a terrific photo today of Mr. Jackie Frazier, properietor of St. Helena Island's Barefoot Farms, sitting astride his International Harvestor tractor, plowing his fields on a pleasant Thursday afternoon. St. Helena Island is sandwiched between Lady's Island, one of Beaufor...
I met with two buyers today. They were separate parties looking at different properties. One of the fun things about real estate is the opportunity to work with a variety of people. Trust me when I tell you It is never dull.Buyer A is considering an investment property in the Beaufort Historic Di...
  Sometimes, its tough to keep a sense of humor in tough economic times. The news hasn't been good lately.  Let me give you a reason to feel better about your particular situation, as dire as it may seem. Think about these numbers:  1700 (4).... 2700 (5)...... 2300 (5)...... 4000 (7)........4000 ...

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