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Sometimes I think our quaint little town runs the risk of becoming a little too well-known. Just in the past few months, Beaufort has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Southern Living, National Geographic Traveler, and Garden & Gun Magazine.  The Wall Str...
Our local newspaper wrote an interesting article the other day regarding the sale of multi-million dollar private islands in Beaufort County. According to the Beaufort Gazette piece, private islands have become a "tough sell in a down economy." Beaufort is a county of about 1300 islands, includin...
James Dray of Rogers, AZ wrote a nice little piece about how to not argue  with your clients.  Instead, James says, "macerate" with them, which means to "soften or seperate into parts." Sometimes, I really have to question my powers of "maceration." As we all know, real estate is a very touchy su...
July is a great month in Beaufort. The Fourth of July ushers in Boat Month in Beaufort. We are a county of almost 100 inhabited islands, so it's unlikely you'll drive more than a few miles in any direction without seeing a stretch of water, and a boat. Well, in July, you are likely to see dozens ...
Seems I am reminded daily of our changing real estate market. While researching some deep-water property for a client the other day, I found two lots on Cat Island which had recently been reduced below $500,000. Cat Island is one of Beaufort's best neighborhoods. It is located just over the bridg...
you have been waiting for a property to close because of the unavailability of flood insurance, your wait will soon be over. The U.S. Senate has just passed the  National Flood Insurance Extension Act of 2010, which extends the National Flood Insurance Program through September of this year.  Thi...

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