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Writing is the number one excercise for your brain.  Grab a pad and start writing, at a fast speed, about whatever youre thinking about.  Putting it down on paper makes the magic jucies flow and you get your brain into a higher gear.  Spelling and grammer are out the window. Just write. Dont stop...
I just love looking a data graphically and wanted to share this awesome tool with all of you. The foreclosure numbers vary widely across the U.S. and we really have a double-dose of trouble here in the Atlanta area. (Hey Florida, we feel ya! At least you guys all got rich, just before you went br...
Any pro will tell you that the last quarter is the best chance for a real deal. This is especially true right now. 1- $7,500 tax refundable credit. The new housing bill allows 1st time buyers (no home in 3 years) a big juicy tax credit. If you earn more than 75k single or 150k joint then it begin...
I have had enough bad news so I didnt turn on the TV today and got no radio news. What did the market do? WHo cares. I am over it. I did call 10 prospects and did go to my bridge class and talked to a bunch of family members who love me.   The overall market can kiss my foot, as it doest have a r...
As I dont have time to read the WHOLE internet everyday, so Im just finding this NY Times piece about the entertainment of Flip-TV. I still love to watch the occaisional showand enjoy this piece. Read the 2007 article here: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/03/18/realestate/keymagazine/318TV.t.html?_r=...
[1] How will this fit your budget. Measure twice, cut once. That's good advice for lumber and even better in this case. In our current market once you close on a home, you've just lost money. You'll need time and energy and improvement/maintenance capital to get you out of the hole you just stepp...

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