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Are you really leveraging your resources?  In this age the resources we have are too expensive and valuable to waste. Think about what your resources are and begin to rethink their value in your business. For me I have a computer   a phone [w/ unlimited minutes],email address,real estate license,...
It may take me a while to figure out how to say 2011, but the work has begun and it's time to get productive.  There's many new ways to market your business these days and I have to re-evaluate my efforts and replace some weak results with something more powerful.  Is your yellow page ad pulling ...
Make your own video greeting card. Use listing and event photos, include your logo graphics, and make something people will remember. This version is using the free account and is soooo easy to make! Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.
I'm at a Craig Proctor class today in Atlanta.  This is a 3 hr presentation by one of the worlds top pros.  The info is current and powerful and is available free to agents. What a great opportunityAs I walked in this morning I was a little surprised at the number of empty seats.  The real estate...
Happy Thanksgiving to all. Im taking a day off but did want to stop in and wish you well.   Travel safe and have a much deserved break.  Your real estate world will be back soon enough;-)    
I just published an Atlanta Daily paper called.. The Atlanta Dillly Daily. It will publish once a day and I never have to touch it agin if I dont want to. Totally free and completely awesome. Here's the easy steps. 1. set a new email address to use in your domain or a gmail account [each twitter ...
CNN.com offers users the chance to report anything as an iReporter.  Just take your camera out and film a report.  I used a flip camera on a monopod here and filmed myself.  There's an assignmet desk on the weebsite that tells what they're looking for and I recomend you start there. There's a loc...
Every wonder where the social 'conversations' are going on? A new site, cleaverly called Looxii.com, offers a look into any term you want to watch.  I set up a free account an have been following the words 'Atlanta real estate'  - below you'll see the result.  Still not on twitter?  You'll be mis...
Ok - I may be poking a stick into a hole I shouldnt but I gotta get it off my chest.  I have a great respect for RE/MAX and many RE/MAX agents and brokers.  I was a RE/MAX associate myself at a time I generally rank them at the top of the industry. Every time I see a RE/MAX agent posting as ReMax...
  Imagine if you could create a webpage with photos and information about a listing, or your favorite cause, or you brilliance. What if you could then crate an interesting barcode and get people to scan it to see what juicy bits it contained. You could get some stickers to put on your business ca...

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