buying a home: New Home Construction in Vancouver and Clark County, WA - Part 1 - 11/29/10 10:25 AM
If you are thinking of building your next home, this is a great time to take advantage of some deals and get the best bang for your buck...but where to start. It is best to start by finding a real estate team, such as The Goff Team, that can help you as you choose your builder and to help you negotiate the best deal possible.
Once you have found an agent, start by visiting model homes of local building to find the style of home and quality you are looking for. There are several out there, so make sure to do … (0 comments)

buying a home: Should I Wait To Buy? - 04/22/10 06:05 AM
You can, but you take a hugh risk of spending more money the longer you wait.
For the first time buyer if you find someone you are comfortable with and trust - it is a great time to buy, the world is your oyster with some great deals!
If you have to sell before you buy...think of it in these terms, you need or want to sell, it may look grim initially, but as far as getting the most from your home sale; the longer you wait, the more you risk losing - and even if you don't get quite what you … (0 comments)

buying a home: Home important step in the process - 12/10/09 07:59 AM
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The home inspection is a very important part of the home buying process. Calling in a professional will give you the ability to "see" things that you may not see about the home and a professional opinion will also give you credibility if a problem is found. The problem most home buyers have is finding someone they can trust. With a little homework and digging, you can find someone that will have your interest in mind. When choosing an inspector you should ask trusted sources to refer individuals so you can start a list of potential candidates. When … (5 comments)

buying a home: Buyer's, get your real estate agent under contract. - 09/20/09 06:25 PM
I have heard it from more than one buyer, "I just don't want to have a contract with an agent".
Last week I attended an intensive Buyer Mastery class taught at the local Keller Williams Realty office. Like all of their training, it was incredible!
We have closed over 25 sales this year so I thought we were pretty on top of our game but Brian Combs showed me how we still have huge potential for growth. Look out ahead, here we come.
Here was one of the most important take-away messages.
A proper initial buyer consultation can greatly improve the efficiency and smoothness of the … (1 comments)


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