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Wow, I have seen two media reports recently that are positive toward the real estate market.  First the Wall Street Journal and now separate reports that the National Association of Business Economists think the worst is over.  While not a consensus, it is certainly good to hear anyone in the med...
Main Page Virtual Tour Map Photos Payment Full Property Info Presented by: Howard and Melanie Goff | Realty Executives | [ email questions ] | (360) 433-5187 33718 NE 60th Ave 20 Gorgeous Acres - Build Your Dream Home! Act Now! Current Buyer's Financing Difficulty Provides A Short Window in Time...
Shortly after I joined Active Rain I saw a link to a group called Silent Majority.  I wouldn't have thought much about it; in fact I might have even clicked on the link to see what was behind the door if it hadn't been for the icon that guarded the link.  A NO LEFT TURN sign.  Now I think if I ha...
As a listing agent, should I encourage buyer's agents to present their offers to my clients? My wife is a buyer's agent and always attempts to present offers to the seller but what about as the seller's agent should I allow this?  Would it be a good idea to even encourage it? On some level, I hav...
It is Friday. It is 6:40PM It is a holiday and my kids haven't seen me in way too long. I am quitting for the weekend.  Time to restore some balance back in my life. But what to do?  Hmmmm... Let's see, the garden needs a waterline.  Maybe take the kids to OMSI (a great hands-on science and tech ...
Disclaimer, I only work with sellers so you are free to file what I say in the appropriate receptacle (aka. the bit bucket) if you disagree.  Still, I am interested in your comments because my wife is the one who works only with buyers. I just did a Active Rain search for "buyer ethics" and got a...
I have an addiction.  Maybe it is just because I am a relatively new agent and don't know better or maybe it is because I cannot resist the ability to tinker and build stuff. I think it is called "websiteitis".  I find myself awake at odd hours (like 2AM) working on some aspect of our website or ...
Wow, when I posted my first blog entry last night I figured no one would see it because I have no links in and have not told anyone about it.  Wrong, this morning I have two comments already and one from someone local.  I have heard about Active Rain and been on the site several times as a result...
Hey!  I just posted my first entry on AR. By now, Washington REALTORS have all hopefully heard of the new Distressed Property Law but if not you need to read the bill.  If you would like to be updated when I post additional info about th...

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