clover: Time To Get Off The Fence ? - 02/05/10 07:09 AM


If you think you are ready to become a homeowner ask yourself the following questions.
1.  Have you researched the market?  Knowing what homes are selling for in the area can help you determine how much you should plan to spend.
2.  Do you have sufficient savings to cover down payment and closing costs?  Expect to have 3% - 20% of the sale price in the bank to cover your down payment, plus another 2% - 7% to cover closing costs.
3.  Do you know how much home you can afford?  A mortgage payment should not … (0 comments)

clover: Thank You For Visiting Our Websites - 01/29/10 02:12 AM

Thank you for visiting our websites and we appreciate your inquiries into our real estate market. We look forward to assisting you with your real estate needs as our market continues to be strong and our market has great value. Our "Team" works hard in helping our clients make the real estate transaction process stress free and we are looking forward to a great year.Our services to our buyers are free and we look forward to meeting and working to find that perfect property. We would be glad to make ourselves available to preview any properties you may have any … (0 comments)

clover: 356 Lone Tree Lane ...Clover , SC - 01/29/10 12:00 AM

This beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath home offers a large family room with gas fireplace and a large kitchen with lots of custom cabinets. Many extras including a side load 2 car garage, hardwood floors, laundry room, and ample storage makes this a must see. Listed for sale at $155,000 this large deck overlooking a large wooded back yard with a creek offers a great private outdoor living space in a great neighborhood , Faulkner Ridge in Clover.

clover: New Listing in Clover , SC .......356 Lone Tree Lane - 01/24/10 08:49 AM

This beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath home offers a large family room with gas fireplace and a large kitchen with lots of custom cabinets. Many extras including a side load 2 car garage, hardwood floors, laundry room, and ample storage makes this a must see. Listed for sale at $155,000 this large deck overlooking a large wooded back yard with a creek offers a great private outdoor living space in a great neighborhood , Faulkner Ridge in Clover.

clover: Flooring Options for Your Home - 01/14/10 06:03 AM

Carefully consider the type of flooring you select for each room in your home.  Make choices based on room size, traffic, health concerns and value.  Certain flooring choices can increase allergens, require expensive cleanings, or costly remodeling to implement.  Consider these flooring tips when selecting flooring.
Room size:  Select light colored or large patterned flooring in smaller rooms to create the illusion of space.  Dark, rich colors add warmth and intimacy in larger rooms.
Traffic:  High traffic areas like kitchens and entryways benefit from the durability and easy cleaning of tile or laminate flooring.  Maintain warmth and comfort in the … (1 comments)

clover: Wal-Mart --Love it or Hate it - 01/03/10 01:15 AM

I have to be truthful and admit that I love Target and try to do all I can to stay out of Wal-Mart or sentimentally...Wally World.  Having said that though there is a new Wal-Mart SuperCenter that was built in Rock Hill out towards the Newport area.  On a number of occasions I would find myself driving by refusing to switch my loyalty from Target so I would just keep driving.  Finally after hearing rave reviews about the new store I couldn't stay away any longer.  As much as I can't believe I am saying this I really liked this store … (7 comments)

clover: Remodel and Makeovers for the New Year - 01/02/10 12:20 AM

As people start out the new year they often visualize changes they want to make in their lives whether it is a remodel of the body, the mind or the home.  Sometimes a makeover of the body and mind can be quite challenging, however, a remodel or makeover of a home can be much more simple.  First thing is to determine what kind of budget you have to work with on your home remodel.  One of the biggest changes you can make to your home with the least expense is paint.  Changing and updating paint colors can give your home a … (2 comments)

clover: Investment Property - 01/01/10 01:15 AM

Many people often ask us if investing in rental property is a wise investment.  For long term investment purposes real estate has long been a wise financial investment strategy for many people.  Unfortunately the economy over the last 2 years has had a tremendous effect on folks and many of the effects are negative resulting in a record number of foreclosures and short sales.  As a result of this misfortune there are a number of real estate opportunities that make purchasing a second home or an investment property doable when once before many people could not have afforded such an … (2 comments)

clover: Start the Year Off Right - 12/29/09 12:23 AM

As we wind down 2009 and prepare for a new year there are several opportunities that folks need to consider as part of their financial future.  For many reasons we all believe that the start of a new year is the perfect time to wipe the slate clean and get organized and ready to commit to goals and dreams.  Here are few important things to consider as you enter a new year.
*  Is this the time to refinance?  Interest rates are still at some of the lowest rates ever , but many experts expect the interest rates to begin … (2 comments)

clover: Let The Shopping Begin - 12/02/09 07:11 PM

Hard to believe that we are in the holiday season, but ready or not here it is.  People are  decorating their homes, putting up the Christmas tree and thinking about all the gift giving they plan to do.  During this time of year shopping can quickly become a frustrating task, but make it fun and special to find the perfect gift for the people you are blessed to have in your life.  As I start thinking about the shopping I will do I plan this year to try and stay away from the hectic pace of a big city and enjoy the … (0 comments)

clover: Furniture Treasures - 11/04/09 02:01 AM

We have recently discovered a great treasure between Rock Hill and York , SC for anyone look for quality furniture, accessories and help with decorating needs.  The White Tiger is located on Highway 274 in Newport , Near Lake Wylie which is a secret that is quickly getting out in the community.  The White Tiger has a huge selection of furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms as well as odd and end pieces such as end tables, ottomans, pictures and accessories.  The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and you can rely on their decorating expertise as you shop for your … (0 comments)

clover: Credit Facts - 11/02/09 01:55 AM
A very important part of your credit education is staying on top of credit facts in the news. This week we will take a look at things that are happening right now that affect your total financial future.
According to Nurido News, There are a lot of myths about the credit score. Many people tend to think that some credit activities can lower their credit score. Here are a few facts about your credit score.
Checking your credit report does not deteriorate your credit score: Checking your own credit report goes down in the credit report as a soft inquiry and … (1 comments)

clover: What is the market value of my home? - 10/28/09 01:56 AM

In today's economy it is important to know the market value of your home and this is a question we get almost every week.  Many of us would like to believe that we know what our home is "worth" and many potential sellers know what they want to sell their home for, but in most cases the perception of what a home is worth to the seller is not reality with today's market.  Investing in real estate is still a solid long term investment strategy, however, owners need accurate and reliable information at their fingertips to really understand and weather today's market conditions.   There are … (0 comments)

clover: Breathe Easier - 10/22/09 12:39 AM

Common appliances and home furnishings can negatively impact air quality.  today, more buyers are requesting air quality studies before sealing the deal.  Increase air quality and protect the value of your home by knowing the threats.  Be vigilant about these major enemies to air quality:
Radon:  Odorless, colorless gas that, over time, can increase the risk of lung cancer.  Test air regularly with testing kits and immediately address the root cause.
Cabor Monoxide:  Poisoning from carbon monoxide gas can have fatal results.  Appliances that burn gas, propane, fuel oil or wood release carbon monoxide.  Install carbon monoxide detectors to monitor … (2 comments)

clover: Consider Refinancing - 10/08/09 02:22 PM

With the interest rates of late being so low we had been discussing refinancing our home.  After doing some checking and getting various quotes on interest rates we decided this was something we needed to explore.  After finding one of the lowest rates around we worked with a lender to get a good faith estimate and much to our surprise we decided that refinancing would save us a tremendous amount of money each month and over the course of the loan.  Refinancing may not be an option for everyone, but it certainly is something that everyone should consider.  There are a lot … (0 comments)

clover: Downsizing is Rightsizing - 09/26/09 02:39 PM

Today we are seeing more and more people looking to downsize at earlier ages.  Used to be when people wanted to downsize it was in preparation for retirement.  Not the case any more.  Today many people are starting out in larger size homes and once the kids leave the nest people are looking to move to smaller homes and enjoy another phase of their lives.  The downsizing is also having an effect of folks that want to spend more time enjoying leisurely activities and less time on maintenance and upkeep of a home.  Wonderful options are available on the market for people looking to downsize … (1 comments)

clover: 10 things to look for in getting credit advice - 09/23/09 03:01 AM
I am often asked what do I look for to be sure I get the best credit advice. I think there are at least 10 things to look for.
1. Be sure the company has a good reputation. Many companies over promise and under deliver. It is important that the company has a good track record. See what former clients have to say about the service the received.
2. Be sure the company did not just start doing business last month. Again a proven track record goes a long way toward being sure the company will perform well and will be around … (0 comments)

clover: Credit Restoration Advice - 09/15/09 11:18 AM

Life events can effect our credit drastically. We run into people everyday who had great credit at one time but now they find themselves in a situation where they cannot qualify for a home loan.
It does not take very long and a great credit score can go down quite quickly. Sometimes it is a job lay off (there are almost 7 million Americans drawing unemployment checks right now), an accident or an illness. These things many times come upon us without warning.
Many times people find themselves unprepared for these emegencies. The bills keep coming due every month and … (2 comments)

clover: Empty-Nesters - 09/08/09 02:40 PM
Not too long ago when you talked about empty-nesters the impression was one of older individuals who slow down and don't have much going on.  Today when you say empty-nesters you talk about folks who have an active lifestyle, can set their own schedule and the kids are finally out of the house (until of course someone returns home).  Folks are living longer and staying active and even though they become "senior" in years there is really no senior in their living habits.  Empty-nesters tend to get involved in activities and social groups that they never had time for when working and raising … (0 comments)

clover: Maintenance tips for Labor Day - 09/03/09 03:54 AM

Winter's Coming ..............better get ready
- Look for cracks and holes in house siding or paint. Now is the time to caulk if necessary.- While its still warm enough to leave the windows open paint the interior rooms you have been putting off- Check heating system including filters, pilot lights, and burners, and have the system serviced by a qualified professional.- Drain hot water heater. Flush and refill. - Clean and vacuum dust from vents, baseboard heaters and cold-air returns.- Check that foundations are properly graded. Soil should slope four to six inches for a distance of three feet out from the foundation walls.- If … (0 comments)

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