rock hill: Finding An Agent - 03/30/09 02:32 PM
When it comes to finding a real estate agent in your search for the perfect home the process can be confusing and there is no need for it to be this way.  We often come across buyers during their home search who misunderstand the process.  Many believe that you have to call the listing agent in order to preview the home for sale. This is not true.  Any licensed realtor can show properties within the MLS area.  The key to finding a realtor to work with in your home search is to find someone that you can trust, someone that you are comfortable, someone that is knowledgeable and … (0 comments)

rock hill: Backyard Relaxation - 03/29/09 03:37 PM
Your backyard should be a great escape and there are ways to make it the perfect extension of your home.  Here are some design tips to help turn your backyard into your own private oasis.
*  Install a patio to enjoy meals or just relax and read a book.
*  Gather around the fire with a fire pit.
*  Set up seating for relaxation and make this inviting to friends and neighbors.
*  Keep the hunger pains away with a grill or even outdoor kitchen.
*  Soothe the senses with a water feature and enjoy the sound of trickling water.

rock hill: Real Estate is still a solid investment - 03/29/09 12:07 AM
Are you looking for a solid investment due to the stock markets wild ride? If so, you should be considering real estate to diversify your holdings. With interest rates at such a low rate and great values on the market , today is the perfect time to get started on the new home you have been dreaming of. In addition , why pay rent when there are so many first time home buyer programs out there to get you in your dream home.Have a great day

rock hill: Change the Look for Cheap - 03/25/09 11:47 PM
One of the easiest and least expensive ways to change the look of a room in your home is simple.......paint.  Paint can drastically change the look of a room and enhance the appearance that you are going for.  Don't be afraid to experiment with bold and dramatic colors if that is your preference.  There are many renovations that are costly, but if you experiment with paint only to find out you don't like the color or the effect.  All you have to do is paint again.  May take a little bit of time to have to do over, but in the … (0 comments)

rock hill: Steeplechase Subdivision in Rock Hill , SC - 03/24/09 02:04 PM
If you are looking for a wonderful neighborhood in the heart of Rock Hill then the perfect place for you may be Steeplechase.  This remarkable neighborhood features homes from 1800 - 2500 square feet and each home has its own character with quality throughout.  Steeplechase is conveniently located near schools, shopping, restaurants, the hospital and this is a part of Rock Hill that is exploding with growth.  Steeplechase is the type of neighborhood perfect for couples, families and singles looking for great homes for investment.  Many of these homes were built by Sonny Collins who is one of the best known and … (0 comments)

rock hill: First Time Home Buyers - 03/23/09 12:56 PM

Now more than ever is the perfect time for first time home buyers to seriously consider real estate as an investment.  Interest rates are at incredible lows and there are a number of outstanding programs and incentives available to first time home buyers.  If you have been renting and are in a position to make your first home purchase it may be one of the most sound investments you will ever make.  To assist you with understanding some of the programs available check out the attached link and if you would like to speak to knowledgeable real estate professionals who … (2 comments)

rock hill: Market Value of Your Home - 03/22/09 07:58 AM
In today's economy it is important to know the market value of your home.  Many of us would like to believe that we know what our home is "worth" and many potential sellers know what they want to sell their home for, but in most cases the perception of what a home is worth to the seller is not reality with today's market.  Investing in real estate is still a solid long term investment strategy, however, owners need accurate and reliable information at their fingertips to really understand and weather today's market conditions.   There are a number of outstanding websites that are free to people to … (0 comments)

rock hill: Relocation to Rock Hill, SC - 03/19/09 01:07 PM
Back some 23 years ago I graduated from college and moved from North Carolina to Rock Hill, SC.  At the time I had never heard of Rock Hill even though it was just a few miles south of Charlotte, NC.  Since moving here it has amazed me at all the "transplants" to this wonderful community.  Over the years Rock Hill has grown in large part to the reputation of Winthrop University, employment opportunities and the proximity of Charlotte where people desire living in an area that is close to a big city without the traffic and big taxes.   I love meeting people that have stumbled upon … (0 comments)

rock hill: Energy Efficiencies - 03/18/09 03:40 PM
Right now it seems all of us are doing everything we can to save money during these tough economic times and this includes being efficient in our own homes.  We all know to turn out lights when not in a room, but there are some other items we tend to forget that can make an impact on energy bills especially with the changing of the season. 
*  This time of year be sure to use ceiling fans to keep the air circulating and keeping rooms cool as the temperature outside begins to heat up.  Make sure ceiling fans are rotating so that the … (0 comments)

rock hill: Wise Investment - 03/17/09 12:53 PM
Many buyers are thrilled when they purchase a new home and the one thing they quickly want to do is furnish each and every room.  At times this is not feasible especially depending on the amount of furniture one currently owns and how much they need to buy.  Someone once offered me a tip that has always stayed with me and it is a piece of advice that I have shared with many of my friends.  When purchasing furniture you want to purchase better quality furniture particularly if it is a piece that will frequently be used so it can withstand daily … (0 comments)

rock hill: Tips To Consider When Searching for the Perfect Home - 03/15/09 12:22 PM
Many experts will tell you that even with the state of the economy this is the perfect time to be purchasing a home.  The interest rates continue to be at all time lows and with the tax credit program available to first time home buyers there are options available to help all kinds of home buyers.  When looking at homes that are on the market price and the "deal" one can get is a key incentive, but be sure not to purchase a home based on price alone.  When looking for a home it is wise to make a list of requirements that fit the needs … (0 comments)

rock hill: How to buy a great home - 03/13/09 09:50 AM
Neighborhoods have characteristic personalities designed to best suit single people, growing families, two-career couples, or retirees.   
It is important that you scout the neighborhood in person.  You live in more than your house. 
Talk to people who live there. 
Drive through the entire area at different times of the day, during the week and on weekends. 
Look carefully at how well other homes in the area are being maintained; are they painted, are the yards well cared for; are parked cars in good condition, etc.
Look for things like access to major thoroughfares, … (1 comments)

rock hill: Check Out Swan Meadows II.....Rock Hill's Hidden gem - 03/11/09 10:17 PM
Let us tell you about a rare find in Rock Hill.  Swan Meadows II is an unbelieveable neighborhood located in the heart of Rock Hill.  Located near the hospital, restaurants, great shopping and several grocery stores this place can't be beat for location.  Swan Meadows II consists of 4 cul-de-sacs and about 25 all brick homes ranging in size from 1900 square feet to 2700 sq feet.  Swan Meadows II is actually nestled in the Swan Meadows neighborhood, but offers a smaller and more quaint community.  This truly is a neighborhood like no other and one you need to check out … (2 comments)

rock hill: How to price and sell and still make a profit in todays market - 03/11/09 02:06 AM
The asking price you set for your home significantly affects whether you will profit in the sale, how much you will profit and how long your home will sit on the market. Your real estate agent's knowledge of the overall market and what's selling - or not selling - will be invaluable in helping you determine the price. The objective is to find a price that the market will bear but won't leave money on the table.
Here are some points to consider: Time. Time is not on your side when it comes to real estate. Although many factors influence the … (0 comments)

rock hill: Take A Look at Meadowlakes II - 03/09/09 01:33 PM
One of the most sought after and desireable neighborhoods in Rock Hill is Meadowlakes II.  This neighborhood has a very natural setting with lakes, mature trees, ducks and areas great for walking, riding bikes and even fishing.  The Meadowlakes II Clubhouse features a gorgeous pool, deck area, tennis courts and club house.  This neighborhood is located ideally to schools, shopping, the hospital and restaurants. Meadowlakes II offers many of the amenities homeowners are seeking out so give this neighborhood a look today. Give us a call to preview homes in this neighborhood.
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rock hill: A Big Advantage.......The Web - 03/08/09 02:39 PM
For potential buyers looking for the perfect home the tool that may be most helpful in getting your search started is the web.  There are a number of websites available that are full of information that consumers can access which will help narrow down your home search by identifying the parameters you are looking for, location of neighborhoods, schools and so forth.  Consumers can also find great tips and advise to assist them during the process of buying home.  Check out some of our websites and see the information that is right at your fingertips.

rock hill: Get the Most From Your Renovation - 03/07/09 12:46 PM
Given the state of the economy today many homeowners who once considered "moving up" are now making the decision to invest in their current property and do renovations which can offer large returns on the investment.  To get the most return on your money if you are looking to do impact renovations your best bet is to concentrate of updates for the kitchen and bathrooms.  For kitchen renovations potential buyers are looking for granite or stone counter-tops as well as cabinets that look updated and offer much needed storage.  Bathrooms are also being updated with more of a spa feel with … (0 comments)

rock hill: Extraordinary Experience in Laurel Creek , Rock Hill, SC - 03/05/09 01:46 PM
If you are looking to settle into a community that is among one of the most extraordinary opportunities in Rock Hill then you need to look no further than the beautiful neighborhood of Laurel Creek.  Laurel Creek is a neighborhood that is made up of both patio homes as well as some of the most spectacular and unique homes in Rock Hill.  Laurel Creek features walking trails, street lights, tennis courts, a swimming complex that is truly one of a kind and a club house like none other found in Rock Hill.  This community IS conveniently located near restaurants, the hospital, shopping … (0 comments)

rock hill: Pre-Qualifying - 03/03/09 11:31 AM
With the current state of the economy many mortgage regulations and guidelines have changed when it comes to the purchase of a new home.  The intent is not to make the process more difficult and tedious for buyers, but to insure financial matters are properly being administered and adhered to.  Before you begin searching for that perfect home your best bet is to meet with a mortgage lender and get pre-qualified.  This will eliminate the guesswork out of the equation as buyers try to figure out just how much house they can afford.  Your mortgage lender can help answer any questions on the front … (0 comments)

rock hill: Let Me Tell You About Ebenezer Village in Rock Hill ,South Carolina - 03/02/09 12:06 PM
When looking to purchase a home potential buyers always ask a number of questions about the school systems, proximity of homes to stores and malls and they also want to know about the specific neighborhoods and amenities.  We would like to take this opportunity to tell you about one of the great neighborhoods in Rock Hill.,Ebenezer Village.  Ebenezer Village is ideally situated in Rock Hill close to stores, restaurants, doctors offices, the hospital and schools. This is a community that is home to many couples, families and single people living in an area that is friendly, attractive and convenient.  The neighborhood features a swimming pool, tennis courts, playground and lighted … (0 comments)

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