rock hill: What is my home worth in todays market? - 05/05/09 02:58 AM
In today's economy it is important to know the market value of your home.  Many of us would like to believe that we know what our home is "worth" and many potential sellers know what they want to sell their home for, but in most cases the perception of what a home is worth to the seller is not reality with today's market.  Investing in real estate is still a solid long term investment strategy, however, owners need accurate and reliable information at their fingertips to really understand and weather today's market conditions.   There are a number of outstanding websites that are free to people to … (0 comments)

rock hill: Every Home is a Stage - 05/03/09 12:47 PM

Play your part when it's time to sell.  A few simple techniques can help your home show better and sell faster.
Make it shine:  Use orange oil on dried out wood cabinets to restore luster and shine.
Accessorize:  Add a bowl of polished apples, oranges or grapes to the kitchen counter or dining room table.
Smells sell:  Woo prospective buyers with the irresistable scent of fresh baked apple pie or cookies.
Let there be light:  Natural light can enhance the look of any room.  Make sure your windows and window treatments are sparkling clean and wide open when potential buyers … (1 comments)

rock hill: Buy With Selling In Mind - 05/02/09 03:47 AM
Most buyers will sell their homes within 5-10 years due to expanding families, job transfers, or other factors.  Keep an eye out for features that will fetch top dollar in any housing market.  Here are a few features to look for:
Look to the view:  Homes with an unencumbered view of nature or city lights sell higher than comparable homes without a view. 
The more the merrier:  Demand for homes with three or more bedrooms and at least two and a half bathrooms is greatest.
Busy landscaping:  Avoid property that is over-landscaped.  The money you'll invest to keep it up may … (1 comments)

rock hill: Are you ready to be a first time home buyer? - 05/01/09 03:45 AM

Now more than ever is the perfect time for first time home buyers to seriously consider real estate as an investment.  Interest rates are at incredible lows and there are a number of outstanding programs and incentives available to first time home buyers.  If you have been renting and are in a position to make your first home purchase it may be one of the most sound investments you will ever make.  To assist you with understanding some of the programs available check out the attached link and if you would like to speak to knowledgeable real estate professionals … (0 comments)

rock hill: What is Great About Living in Rock Hill, SC - 04/29/09 03:10 PM
People ask us all the time about what we enjoy the most from living in Rock Hill, SC.  Well, the list is long, but one of the benefits is living near a big city such as Charlotte, NC while still living in area with a small home town feel.  Today we actually enjoyed one of the perks of living near  big city and that was the Quail Hollow Championship Golf Tournament.  What a way to spend a Wednesday.  There were thirteen of the top fifteen golfers in the world participating in this tournament and today was the always incredible Pro/Am Tournament.  … (1 comments)

rock hill: You are invited to visit our Househunt Website - 04/28/09 05:50 AM
Everyone is invited to preview our website for real estate in York County, South Carolina. We look forward to comments on how we can improve the site and to make it a very useful tool in your search for the perfect property. Links are below and we hope you have a great day.
Househunt Link  

rock hill: Good Eats in Rock Hill , SC - 04/27/09 03:13 PM
If you are looking for a great place to eat that will suit any food craving then you may not need to look any further than Nishie G's.  There are actually two locations in Rock Hill and both are centrally located to some of the best spots in town.  The older Nishie G's restaurant is located on Mt. Gallant Road and the second location is located on India Hook Road.  Both restaurants offer the same menu and awesome wait staff and cooks.  Menu items include pita sandwich's, salads, burgers and platters such as gyro platters, flounder, buffalo popcorn chicken and even … (1 comments)

rock hill: Ask for our free "Home Buying Packet" - 04/27/09 04:20 AM
As the REALTORS® you have chosen to exclusively represent you in the purchase of your new home, we promise that we will: 
Provide you with guaranteed customer service during the entire buying process.
Organize and schedule your home search process. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each home in relation to your specific needs. Provide you with on-going updates on available homes. Help you to compare homes and make a decision. Advise you on the terms and issues of the offer and fill out the purchase offer contract. Present your offer and negotiate on your behalf. Coordinate and supervise the preparation … (0 comments)

rock hill: 1970 Hilltop Road in Rock Hill , SC price at $149,900 - 04/23/09 01:49 PM
New low price in Hidden Forrest within walking distance to Rosewood Elementary School

rock hill: Millwood Plantation in Rock Hill ,SC - 04/22/09 03:17 PM
One of the hottest areas around Rock Hill is Millwood Plantation.  Millwood is comprised of a wonderful neighborhood with town-homes and single family homes that have unbelievable prices starting in the $180s.  Millwood Plantation also boasts a great recreational area with swings, neighborhood pool, kid's splash pool and great areas for walking, biking and just enjoying the great outdoors.  What makes Millwood Plantation especially attractive is the close proximity to shopping and restaurants and I am talking so close it is an easy walk.  Millwood Plantation is also conveniently located near the hospital, the interstate, schools and so forth.  The location is truly … (0 comments)

rock hill: Buying a Short Sale or Foreclosure ...........what avenue is best for you - 04/22/09 07:06 AM
There seems to be a lot of confusion among consumers these days when they are trying to understand short sales and foreclosures. Many consumers think these are the same things with the same results.  This is not true.  A sale of a house in which the proceeds fall short of what the owner still owe on the mortgage is a short sale.   Many lenders will agree to accept the proceeds of a short sale and forgive the rest of what is owed on the mortgage when the owner cannot make the mortgage payments. By accepting a short sale, the lender can avoid … (0 comments)

rock hill: Why We Call Rock Hill Home - 04/21/09 02:48 PM
Rock Hill is still a city that comes as a huge surprise to the many visitors that continue to find this gem of a city.  With both of us transfers into Rock Hill (Tim is from Martinsville, VA and Gina is from Fayetteville, NC) we feel we can speak first hand about all the great things this city has to offer that many people don't know about.  We are starting a new segment where we share some of our favorite Rock Hill finds.  Of course let's start with food.
Sonny's Dutch Mill has been a Rock Hill institution for decades.  If … (0 comments)

rock hill: The weather is warming and so is the housing market - 04/21/09 10:53 AM
Just wanted to say that while it's always difficult to forecast the housing market, with the rates so low the market is starting to pick up again. So if you are thinking of selling or buying a home, now would be a good time to take action. In addition, you might want to take advantage of the traditionally more active seasonal market with warm weather upon us.
If you'd like to get together to talk about it, please call or email our team. Or if you hear of any family, friends or work colleagues who are considering a move and would … (0 comments)

rock hill: Shiland Hills in Rock Hill ,SC - 04/20/09 03:22 PM
If you are looking for a home in one of Rock Hill's premier neighborhoods then Shiland Hills may be just the place for you.  Shiland Hills is well established and mature and after many years remains one of Rock Hill's most desirable places to live.  Homes in Shiland Hills start in the low $200s and go up to close to $1 million.  Many of the homes were built by one of the most well respected builders in town and today you do not get the quality in construction that you find in many of these homes.  The homes range in size … (0 comments)

rock hill: Are you ready to get started on the rest of your life? must take action - 04/20/09 03:38 AM
 Are you looking for a solid investment due to the stock markets wild ride or are you just getting out of college and renting ? If so,  you should be considering real estate to build your future. With interest rates at such a low rate and great values on the market , today is the perfect time to get started on the new home you have been dreaming of. In addition , why pay rent when there are so many first time home buyer programs out there to get you in your dream home. Contact us at Rock Hill Homes to get started .
Have a great day  

rock hill: Have you been to Swan Meadows II .......all brick homes in Rock Hill ,SC - 04/19/09 11:40 AM
Let us tell you about a rare find in Rock Hill.  Swan Meadows II is an unbelieveable neighborhood located in the heart of Rock Hill.  Located near the hospital, restaurants, great shopping and several grocery stores this place can't be beat for location.  Swan Meadows II consists of 4 cul-de-sacs and about 25 all brick homes ranging in size from 1900 square feet to 2700 sq feet.  Swan Meadows II is actually nestled in the Swan Meadows neighborhood, but offers a smaller and more quaint community.  This truly is a neighborhood like no other and one you need to check out … (1 comments)

rock hill: Sellers Be Ready - 04/18/09 03:17 PM
Getting your house ready to list on the market can be a stressful time, but the really stressful time occurs when they house is actually on the market.  Sellers need to be ready at all times for a potential buyer to call wanting to set up an appointment.  This means keeping the house picked up at all times and being willing to leave on a moments notice so real estate agents can bring buyers in.  Many times appointments will be made last minute because while driving buyers may notice a house for sale that was not on their list and they … (1 comments)

rock hill: 213 Wrenfield Mill in Rock Hill ,SC - 04/18/09 03:49 AM

rock hill: Dont be afraid to ask your realtor these questions about selling your home - 04/17/09 12:01 AM

Are you a full-time professional real estate agent? How long have you worked full time in real estate? How long have you been representing buyers? What professional designations do you have?Knowing whether or not your agent practices full time can help you determine potential scheduling conflicts and his or her commitment to your transaction. As with any profession, the number of years a person has been in the business does not necessarily reflect the level of service you can expect, but it is a good starting point for your discussion. The same issue can apply to professional designations. Do you … (0 comments)

rock hill: Have you visited our Househunt Website - 04/16/09 11:55 PM
Everyone is invited to preview our website for real estate in York County, South Carolina. We look forward to comments on how we can improve the site and to make it a very useful tool in your search for the perfect property. Links are below and we hope you have a great day.
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