tega cay: Tips to improve your credit - 02/24/10 07:38 AM
1. Review your current credit report for accuracy. Everyone is entitled to one free credit report per year from each of the three credit bureaus-Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Get a copy of your credit report and look at it for accuracy. First, make sure that the information in your file is about you and only you, not someone who has a similar name or a similar Social Security number. It is very common for your credit reports to have mistakes or incorrect information. At a minimum, make sure that the information you are being evaluated on is current and correct.
2. … (0 comments)

tega cay: Change The Look For Cheap - 02/21/10 11:40 AM

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to change the look of a room in your home is simple.......paint.  Paint can drastically change the look of a room and enhance the appearance that you are going for.  Don't be afraid to experiment with bold and dramatic colors if that is your preference.  There are many renovations that are costly, but if you experiment with paint only to find out you don't like the color or the effect.  All you have to do is paint again.  May take a little bit of time to have to do over, but in … (4 comments)

tega cay: Take Advantage Of Our Networks - 02/11/10 05:03 AM

As we continue to grow our business, and with our professional background, we both realize the importance of building and maintaining a strong network of contacts.  We have been fortunate in our careers to build relationships with real estate professionals throughout the United States.  How does our network benefit our clients?  Easy.  We are often asked for advice from friends and previous clients who are relocating to another area if we know of a real estate professional who can help them in their new area with finding a new home.  Moving to an area where you don't know any real estate professionals can … (0 comments)

tega cay: Know Your Market Values - 02/09/10 01:08 AM


In today's economy it is important to know the market value of your home.  Many of us would like to believe that we know what our home is "worth" and many potential sellers know what they want to sell their home for, but in most cases the perception of what a home is worth to the seller is not reality with today's market.  Investing in real estate is still a solid long term investment strategy, however, owners need accurate and reliable information at their fingertips to really understand and weather today's market conditions.   There are a number of outstanding websites that are free … (1 comments)

tega cay: New Listing in Clover , SC .......356 Lone Tree Lane - 01/24/10 08:49 AM

This beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath home offers a large family room with gas fireplace and a large kitchen with lots of custom cabinets. Many extras including a side load 2 car garage, hardwood floors, laundry room, and ample storage makes this a must see. Listed for sale at $155,000 this large deck overlooking a large wooded back yard with a creek offers a great private outdoor living space in a great neighborhood , Faulkner Ridge in Clover.

tega cay: Flooring Options for Your Home - 01/14/10 06:03 AM

Carefully consider the type of flooring you select for each room in your home.  Make choices based on room size, traffic, health concerns and value.  Certain flooring choices can increase allergens, require expensive cleanings, or costly remodeling to implement.  Consider these flooring tips when selecting flooring.
Room size:  Select light colored or large patterned flooring in smaller rooms to create the illusion of space.  Dark, rich colors add warmth and intimacy in larger rooms.
Traffic:  High traffic areas like kitchens and entryways benefit from the durability and easy cleaning of tile or laminate flooring.  Maintain warmth and comfort in the … (1 comments)

tega cay: Credit Facts - 11/02/09 01:55 AM
A very important part of your credit education is staying on top of credit facts in the news. This week we will take a look at things that are happening right now that affect your total financial future.
According to Nurido News, There are a lot of myths about the credit score. Many people tend to think that some credit activities can lower their credit score. Here are a few facts about your credit score.
Checking your credit report does not deteriorate your credit score: Checking your own credit report goes down in the credit report as a soft inquiry and … (1 comments)

tega cay: What is the market value of my home? - 10/28/09 01:56 AM

In today's economy it is important to know the market value of your home and this is a question we get almost every week.  Many of us would like to believe that we know what our home is "worth" and many potential sellers know what they want to sell their home for, but in most cases the perception of what a home is worth to the seller is not reality with today's market.  Investing in real estate is still a solid long term investment strategy, however, owners need accurate and reliable information at their fingertips to really understand and weather today's market conditions.   There are … (0 comments)

tega cay: Breathe Easier - 10/22/09 12:39 AM

Common appliances and home furnishings can negatively impact air quality.  today, more buyers are requesting air quality studies before sealing the deal.  Increase air quality and protect the value of your home by knowing the threats.  Be vigilant about these major enemies to air quality:
Radon:  Odorless, colorless gas that, over time, can increase the risk of lung cancer.  Test air regularly with testing kits and immediately address the root cause.
Cabor Monoxide:  Poisoning from carbon monoxide gas can have fatal results.  Appliances that burn gas, propane, fuel oil or wood release carbon monoxide.  Install carbon monoxide detectors to monitor … (2 comments)

tega cay: Active Lifestyles - 09/28/09 02:49 PM
More and more adults are discovering the benefits of active lifestyles.  Go to any park, fitness center, tennis facilty and so forth and you will see more baby boomers than ever adopting  more healthy and active lifestyles.  Today more than ever many homeowners are looking for ways to downsize the size of their home without sacrificing the quality and amenities they expect.  Many builders are recognizing the desires of active adults and as a result low maintenance, quality throughout and custom feature neighborhoods are popping up more and more.  The options are incredible and there are more features than ever to … (0 comments)

tega cay: 10 things to look for in getting credit advice - 09/23/09 03:01 AM
I am often asked what do I look for to be sure I get the best credit advice. I think there are at least 10 things to look for.
1. Be sure the company has a good reputation. Many companies over promise and under deliver. It is important that the company has a good track record. See what former clients have to say about the service the received.
2. Be sure the company did not just start doing business last month. Again a proven track record goes a long way toward being sure the company will perform well and will be around … (0 comments)

tega cay: Credit Restoration Advice - 09/15/09 11:18 AM

Life events can effect our credit drastically. We run into people everyday who had great credit at one time but now they find themselves in a situation where they cannot qualify for a home loan.
It does not take very long and a great credit score can go down quite quickly. Sometimes it is a job lay off (there are almost 7 million Americans drawing unemployment checks right now), an accident or an illness. These things many times come upon us without warning.
Many times people find themselves unprepared for these emegencies. The bills keep coming due every month and … (2 comments)

tega cay: Empty-Nesters - 09/08/09 02:40 PM
Not too long ago when you talked about empty-nesters the impression was one of older individuals who slow down and don't have much going on.  Today when you say empty-nesters you talk about folks who have an active lifestyle, can set their own schedule and the kids are finally out of the house (until of course someone returns home).  Folks are living longer and staying active and even though they become "senior" in years there is really no senior in their living habits.  Empty-nesters tend to get involved in activities and social groups that they never had time for when working and raising … (0 comments)

tega cay: The lack of quality in your pictures can be the deal killer - 09/02/09 03:24 PM

More than ever before, buyers are conducting property searches online.  74% of home-buyers who used the web to search for homes drove by or viewed a home they saw online.  Listings lacking multiple photos, or using low quality photos, run the risk of being passed over.  Incorporating new venues, like virtual tours, give buyers a view of the property right from their desk.  Here are some tips to increase the face value of your home's online listing photo:
Crop out sidewalks, streets and remove vehicles from the driveway.
Steer clear of the shade and get up-close or angled photos.
For exterior … (3 comments)

tega cay: Relocations - 08/13/09 02:51 AM

It is amazing the number of people that continue to relocate to our area with their jobs and to get closer to their family.  Many folks relocating to the area are trying to figure out where to live which is typical of anyone moving to a new area.  When looking to purchase a home folks should consider distance to work, schools, convenience to many amenities such as shopping, restaurants, hospitals and proximity to interstates.  Many newcomers coming to the area will try to figure out on their own even though they don't know much about the area.  Since the purchase of a … (1 comments)

tega cay: Follow The Guilliams Team on Twitter - 08/12/09 07:22 AM
Follow our Team at Twitter at http://twitter.com/Househunt_Team

tega cay: Are you sure "For Sale By Owner" is right for you? - 08/12/09 12:56 AM

Whenever homeowners are considering selling their home one of the first questions they ask themselves is should they try to do "for sale by owner" instead of listing with a real estate agent.  This is a fair question and many folks think they can manage the process of selling a home on their own while saving commission to a realtor.  Many folks who take this path quickly become disenchanted with the process and all that is involved in trying to sell their home. 
The truth is a real estate agent can help homeowners from the beginning of the process by gathering information … (2 comments)

tega cay: We are "The Team" - 08/07/09 07:02 AM
We work hard to make our clients feel at ease and treat each as partners through personalized service. "The Guilliams Team" has over 45 years of business experience in marketing, human resources and customer service, giving us the ability to work through issues to lessen the stressful process of buying and selling a home. This extensive business experience gives us a strong competitive edge in negotiations and logistical situations. We strive for win/win situations in every step of the real estate process, and we pride ourselves on honesty and integrity. During our free time, we enjoy watching sports as Gina is … (1 comments)

tega cay: Take a Look at York County , SC - 08/03/09 03:10 PM

York County is consists of 685 square miles and nine municipalities which make this the South Carolina's fourth most populated county.  Though the county maintains a thriving business climate with investment by numerous national and international firms, the region retains much of its rural character, particularly in the western portions.  The largest city, Rock Hill, remains the commercial and financial center of York County, but each of the others, including Fort Mill, Tega Cay, Clover, Hickory Grove, McConnells, Sharon, Smyrna and York, along with the Lake Wylie community, is vital in its own way.
York County boasts an industrial base … (0 comments)

tega cay: NightBeat - 07/28/09 12:01 AM

Oh what a night! On Sunday, July 26, Rock Hill, SC was host to NightBeat, an annual competition in which drum corps from around the country perform unbelievable routines composed of brass and percussion sections and a color guard.  Musicians from the ages of 14 to 21 try out and if selected are in for the experience of a life time.  This year drum corps from Wisconsin, New Jersey, Texas, Pennsylvannia and the Carolinas were just a few of the squads that performed and one squad was celebrating their 75th anniversary.  During the summer months these squads compete throughout various arenas in the … (0 comments)

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