One of the many things that people don't think of in this business and need to. thank you again for the postOne of the HARDEST aspects of property management is dealing with the death of a tenant. In 45 years, it has only happened to me twice * once a lower apartment reported water coming through...
This is a very good story and a important one as wellI am a compulsive early mortgage payer.  And still, last week I got a bone chilling letter in the mail from the gigantic bank that holds my mortgage.  It told me basically that I was on their deadbeat list - my mortgage was a late.  If I didn't...
If you read nothing else read this postFollowing is a copy of an e-mail sent to an inquiry for a home to rent posted on Criagslist.  The scammer copied one of my listings, pictures, description and all, and has posted it on Craigslist as a rental.  They claim they are now out of the country.  The...

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