gainesvillehomeforsale: The Impact of Credit in Divorce Finance  - 08/25/21 11:01 AM
The Impact of Credit in Divorce Finance
While going through a divorce, a credit score might seem like the smallest concern, but a surprise drop can undermine all progress being made toward the resolution of the real estate side of the case.
Lenders do not give divorcing spouses special treatment, so it’s vital to understand how credit can tank a buy-out or new purchase that is otherwise secure. 
Whether or not a divorcing spouse will be able to qualify for a mortgage and secure housing is tied to their credit score, so they will need to know how to protect it while … (0 comments)

gainesvillehomeforsale: Divorce & Capital Gains on Real Property - 06/02/21 06:52 AM
Divorce & Capital Gains on Real Property
Property values have skyrocketed over the last couple of years in the Gainesville, VA housing market - leaving Uncle Sam to be the fly in the ointment!
First and foremost, disclaimer: I am not an accountant and this shall not be construed as tax advice.
I had a recent divorce case where the wife was blind sited by the capital gains hit. She faced a $62,000 hit when she agreed to take the couples rental property in the divorce - a condo they bought when they first married.
In the divorce the husband keep the … (1 comments)

gainesvillehomeforsale: Wednesday Real Estate Words - 04/14/21 12:27 PM

Here are 5 real estate words to increase your vocabulary. 
1- C.L.U.E.
A C.L.U.E report is a comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange. It is a file that is compiled on you by the insurance industry. 
2- Commingling
Commingling is to mix funds held in trust with other funds. Example a builder or broker hold funds in trust ( should be deposited into trust account) instead the money is deposited in to a general account. 
3- Slant Drilling
Slant drilling is a method of drilling fo oil or gas in an ajoining property when property rights have not been granted.
GNMA (Ginnie Mae) Goverment National Mortgage Assoication. A federal … (0 comments)

gainesvillehomeforsale: Sip & Swing Golf Clinic at Stonewall Golf - 04/08/21 01:16 PM
Stonewall Golf Gainesville, VA  will be hosting a Sip & Swing Golf Clinic Friday, April 9, 2021 from 6pm-7pm. 
Learning to golf has never been as much fun and easier. Its a full swing golf clinic led by PGA  favorite, Patrick McCarthy. Price included ball range and one hour of instructions. Golf clubs provided if needed. The event is open to the first 8 people to RSVP. Come as a solo or bring a friend.
Price $26.00 for members $36.00 for non members. Payment in advance.
Everyone MUST RSVP on the Women on Course website to reserve a spot. Here is the link:;-swing-edp-4478-04-2021.html
Susan Jacobs, Real … (0 comments)

gainesvillehomeforsale: 5 Real Estate Word to Increase Your Vocabulary - 05/20/20 12:59 PM
Today is May 20, 2020 and here are “5 Real Estate Word to Increase Your Vocabulary”.
My name is Susan Jacobs and I am a realtor at Samson Properties in Gainesville VA. Today I would like to talk about 5 Real Estate Word to Increase Your Vocabulary
1-Abstract of Title: Condensed history or summary of all transactions affecting a particular tract of land.
2-Adverse Possession: A claim against the land of another by virtue of open and know possession of the land by the claimant.
3-APR (Annual Percentage Rate): A percentage of the total finance charges to the total amount to be financed as required … (1 comments)

gainesvillehomeforsale: Covid-19 Addendum - 05/15/20 11:58 AM
Covid-19 Addendum
Hi there, today is May 15, 2020 My name is Susan Jacobs and I am a Realtor with Samson Properties in Gainesville, VA    Lets talk about, “ the Covid 19 addendum”. Have you seen or heard about the Covid-19 addendum? This addendum can be used when you write an offer or at any time during the process.
If you have ever been involved in a real estate transaction you know there are all sorts of deadlines. Deadline for when the home inspection needs to be completed. Dead line for loan approval. Deadline for when the appraisal is to be completed and … (0 comments)