gainesvillevahomeinspection: Wednesday Real Estate Words - 04/14/21 12:27 PM

Here are 5 real estate words to increase your vocabulary. 
1- C.L.U.E.
A C.L.U.E report is a comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange. It is a file that is compiled on you by the insurance industry. 
2- Commingling
Commingling is to mix funds held in trust with other funds. Example a builder or broker hold funds in trust ( should be deposited into trust account) instead the money is deposited in to a general account. 
3- Slant Drilling
Slant drilling is a method of drilling fo oil or gas in an ajoining property when property rights have not been granted.
GNMA (Ginnie Mae) Goverment National Mortgage Assoication. A federal … (0 comments)

gainesvillevahomeinspection: How To Prepare Your Home for Home Inspection - 04/09/21 07:43 AM

When selling your home you should prepare your home for the home inspection. Being prepared will make the home inspection less stressful and less likely that the inspector will need to make a follow up trip.  The inspector will need to have access to a lot of things you may not be thinking about.
1- Attic- besure it's unlocked and clear away items from the attic access. If the attic access is in the garage remove vehicles and any boxes that might be in the way.
2- Gas Appliances -Confirm all appliances and gas fireplaces have lit pilot lights. Confirm all untilites are … (0 comments)