Looking for the perfect home can be a time consuming and challenging process but it can also be a great learning experience.  We all know that kitchen and baths sell homes and of course Location, Location, Location but don't forget the BASEMENT! Ask your agent about the furnace/boiler, the hot wa...
Job Offering: House Sitting Services Sunday afternoon 12-3:00   I know no Realtor would offer this because they are probably booked at an open houses on Sunday at that time.  However, if all you are doing is marketing the open house in the local paper, isn't this really what is being offered?  Ha...
When selling your home you might think you're already there when the offer comes in --But that's just the start of the journey. You still need to get through inspections, appraisal, and the mortgage process before you get the the closing. A couple tips... leave out some cookies and a note for you...
Timing is everything!  Have you ever heard that one?  Well in real estate no truer words have ever been spoken.   You know this can apply to the up market, the down market, the interest rates.  How about this.. getting through the door to that really great new listing!  Timing is everything.  Are...
New Mill Rates went into effect as of July 1, 2010.    Bridgeport- 39.64 Fairfield- 19.27 Milford- 28.44 Monroe- 28.26 Newtown- 24.00 Shelton- 18.61 Stratford- 33.32 Trumbull- 24.54   Multiple your assessment by the mill rate and you will have you new tax amount.   ex:  250,000(assessment) x 33.3...
Everything Comes Back Into Vogue...Even the good stuff like Interest Rates. 50 Years Ago... Johnny Cash plays 1st of many free concerts behind bars. US Army promotes Elvis Presley to Sergeant and ends his 2 year hitch in the Army a few months later. Jimi Hendrix plays his 1st gig. Wilt Chamberlai...
You've heard the saying ‘what goes up must come down' but what about ‘what goes down must come up'? Over and over again you hear people discuss how the ‘market is bad', ‘homes aren't selling', ‘people can't get mortgages', etc... STOP BUYING INTO THE HYPE! My team and I are living proof that home...
So often we call short sales "long sales".  The process, which you would think would be very straight forward, often takes at least 3 months for a bank to respond!  And many times, an already patient buyer has decided to pursue a house that does not have a "third party" or "bank" contingency, set...
So June 30th came and went.  Surprisingly, the earth did not stop spinning with the end of the tax credit.   But what to do now?   It was easy talking to buyers about capturing this once in a lifetime was all the buzz and everyone wanted a part of it.   So where will the exciteme...
FSBO... What does it stand for? HAFA... potentially the trickiest acronym of all in the Real Estate field, but not if you know the process. In order to reduce the number of foreclosures in the US, the Treasury Department introduced a new federal program that makes it easier to process a short sal...

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