Q: How can a home buyer go through the entire home-purchase process: make a satisfactory offer; have a satisfactory inspection; receive a motgage committment and attend a closing, but not wind up with a home?   A: By not knowing that there are closing costs that are due... at the closing.   T...
                                                                      VERY IMPORTANT CONDO INFO   I wanted to give you some information regarding the condo market that will definitely affect us all next year.  As of Dec 7,2010 many of the condos that you have been used to being able to get 3.5% d...
                                                                       Oftentimes throughout the year I declare, "This is my favorite time of year!"  But seriously, this has to be about my favorite... Not because of the weather or any sporting or holiday's because we send out Thanksgiv...
                                                                        I just read one of the most startling articles that I have read in a long time! 77% of agents treat real estate as a part time job.  Taking your fiduciary duties of care, obedience, accountability, loyalty and disclosure to y...
   I love meeting new people! Especially when they want to buy a home from me.  It's hard when you meet with someone and they are eager to get out and start looking at homes only to have me slow them down to make sure we have everything in order.                                                   ...
                                                                 (Even when you just know that another offer is sure to be right around the corner because you just came on the market/reduced your home and there's been so much activity...) 10. Because there is never as much activity in the first 2...
  Costco is my happy place. Truly, shopping there is one of my favorite things to do.  The wide aisles, all the fresh delicious food, and then the abundance of things you didn't know you couldn't live without.. like that inflatable canoe? How have I make it this far without one? Can the Costco mo...

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