stratford: JOIN US SUNDAY 8/21 12-3 PM 70 QUAIL ST. STRATFORD - 08/18/11 02:06 AM

stratford: Be Better Prepared On Moving Day... Pre-Moving Day Checklist!! - 08/04/11 03:35 AM

Change address on driver's license, auto registration, voter's registration, credit cards and with doctors, veterinarian, utilities companies, subscriptions to magazines and newspapers and your employer. Submit a postal change of address form either online or by mail. Fill prescriptions for the next couple of weeks. 1-5 DAYS BEFORE MOVE:  
Defrost freezer and empty ice maker and ice cube trays. Clean refrigerator, stove top and oven. Disconnect and drain all appliances. Drain fuel from power equipment. Have … (1 comments)

stratford: JOIN US SUNDAY 7/24 12-3PM JUST REDUCED 64 Allyndale Dr. Stratford, CT 06614 - 07/19/11 06:43 AM

stratford: *** OPEN HOUSE***109 William St. Stratford 7/24 12-3PM - 07/19/11 06:23 AM

stratford: Should I Buy An Investment Property??? - 06/30/11 01:43 AM
I read this article on Twitter from Realtor Magazine Online and I am really finding this to be true in our market.Another great reason to buy an investment property! Have someone pay your mortgage and then sell when the market values increase. A win-win! Foreclosures Contribute to Rental Boom
Foreclosed home owners are contributing to a boom in the rental market. Nearly half of property managers recently surveyed - or 47 percent - say they're seeing an increase in applicants moving to rental units from foreclosed properties.
But foreclosed home owners may not find big deals in the rental … (2 comments)

stratford: Stratford, Connecticut Real Estate - 02/11/11 03:32 AM
571 Birdseye St.  Stratford, CT                                    2/13 OPEN HOUSE 12-3PM

Come see this completely remodeled 3br, 2 full bath Cape with hardwood floors throughout.
Everything is new from top to bottom.. kitchen, bath, plumbing.. you name it!!
Perfect home with a perfect price!
Directions: Main St. to Birdseye St.
If you cant make the open house, call The Kasey Group for a private showing 203-378-8200

stratford: Perfectly Maintained Ranch in Great Location!!! Just Reduced! - 02/11/11 02:53 AM

This 3 br, 1.5 bath Ranch is perfectly maintained sitting on .90 acre on a dead end street..
Full finished LL, walkout and sun room overlooking private yard.
Home is in a great family neighborhood, awaiting the perfect family!!
Call The Kasey Group for a private showing 203-378-8200

stratford: What Happened To Your House Durning The Winter Storm?? - 01/20/11 01:39 AM
With all the crazy weather happening across the north east, I read this and have heard some terrible stories about dangerous walkways and driveways. Worst off, I have heard about some serious water damage to homes currently on the market.
Freezing Rain.  4 Feet of Snow.  Hail the size of golf balls.  With this trifecta of winter weather conditions, I have been driving slowly, dodging 4 foot icicles when showing houses and aappreciating the sand that the sellers have left out for me to use on their slippery walk ways.  However, one thing that I didn't think so much of, but have heard … (3 comments)

stratford: Down Payment for Purchase - 12/21/10 04:19 AM
"While many buyers have taken advantage of low down payment FHA- backed loans, REALTORS in Regions such as, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Connecticut, reported that a majority of buyers, roughly 49%, put down more then 6% for their purchase". *
 * This information is from The National Association Of Realtors-It is good to see in Connecticut, about half of the buyers put down more than 6%!!
By:  Karin Stocknoff December 21, 2010

stratford: 11 Reasons to List During the Holidays - 12/08/10 07:17 AM
I received this from my coach at The Mike Ferry Organization last year and I loved to share it with my sellers...even my buyers can get a great "feel" for the flow of business during the holiday season and end of year:
                                                     11 Reasons to List During the Holidays  
 1.People who look for a home during the Holidays are more serious buyers!  
 2.Serious buyers have fewer houses to choose from during the Holidays and less competition means more money for you!  
 3.Since the supply of listings will dramatically increase in January, there … (0 comments)

stratford: Here's a riddle for you.... - 11/29/10 03:48 AM
Q: How can a home buyer go through the entire home-purchase process: make a satisfactory offer; have a satisfactory inspection; receive a motgage committment and attend a closing, but not wind up with a home?
A: By not knowing that there are closing costs that are due... at the closing.
To prevent all of the work and none of the payoff, as well as having a furious client, it is so important to tell your clients what to expect from the process... beginning to end...
The following is a list of cost that I found on … (0 comments)

stratford: Very Important Condo Information.. Pass it on! - 11/17/10 06:07 AM
           VERY IMPORTANT CONDO INFO   I wanted to give you some information regarding the condo market that will definitely affect us all next year.  As of Dec 7,2010 many of the condos that you have been used to being able to get 3.5% down payments, with 50% owner occupancy ratios and a little lee way on the appraisals and credit will be expiring.  They MUST get their FHA certification.
           NOW.....Here is the situation.....All FHA approved condos prior to 1/1/2000 will NOT be eligible for recertification.  They will have to go through the full approval … (0 comments)

stratford: My Favorite Time Of The Year - 11/12/10 03:53 AM
Oftentimes throughout the year I declare, "This is my favorite time of year!"  But seriously, this has to be about my favorite... Not because of the weather or any sporting or holiday's because we send out Thanksgiving cards to our clients and as I glance over at my client's names, I so vividly remember my time with them.  In every case, my memories are so fond, or profoundly funny, or inane.  I just can't help but laugh (like the husband and wife who got in a heated discussion with her husband over the difference between a fox and a coyote.  In … (2 comments)

stratford: Can A Real Estate Agent Be A Part Time Agent?? - 11/09/10 07:17 AM
I just read one of the most startling articles that I have read in a long time! 77% of agents treat real estate as a part time job.  Taking your fiduciary duties of care, obedience, accountability, loyalty and disclosure to your client as a hobby, or something that you do when you have the time for it is shocking!!
One of the first questions that you should ask any agent that you are going to hire is, time "Is this your full time occupation?" Can you imagine if your surgeon was moonlighting as a bartender? How about if your lawyer, working … (10 comments)

stratford: What Can Your Client Really Afford? - 11/05/10 08:59 AM
I love meeting new people! Especially when they want to buy a home from me.  It's hard when you meet with someone and they are eager to get out and start looking at homes only to have me slow them down to make sure we have everything in order. 
 Probably the most important thing I can do with and for my client is ask 'what can you afford monthly' ? This is WAY different then what the mortgage broker told them they can afford to purchase.  Most people speak to a mortgage broker who provides them … (1 comments)

stratford: Top 10 Reasons to Accept the First Offer that You Get..... - 11/04/10 07:13 AM
(Even when you just know that another offer is sure to be right around the corner because you just came on the market/reduced your home and there's been so much activity...)
10. Because there is never as much activity in the first 2 weeks of listing a home, just based upon momentum.
9.  Because 9 times out of 10 your first offer is your highest
8.  Because reducing your home if it doesn't sell the first few days on the market is the best way to let a buyer know that you will negotiate off your price.
7.  … (7 comments)

stratford: A Deal Is Always A Great Thing, Right???? - 11/02/10 02:25 AM

Costco is my happy place. Truly, shopping there is one of my favorite things to do.  The wide aisles, all the fresh delicious food, and then the abundance of things you didn't know you couldn't live without.. like that inflatable canoe? How have I make it this far without one?
Can the Costco model apply to other industries.. offering quality products in bulk at a discounted price?  Take Real Estate, for instance.  This one agent I know thinks that listing as many homes as he can at a cut commission is the way to go.  However, unlike Costco he does … (6 comments)

stratford: National Energy Awareness Month - 10/28/10 09:07 AM

Columbus Day...Canadian Thanksgiving Day...National Boss' Day...UN Day and Halloween...October is full of fun days!  I received a flyer from a local Inspection Company* that October is National Energy Awareness Month and the following are some effective ways they referenced to save energy:
(I am only noting those that I thought would offer the best payback and are relatively easy...those like, "Cover your pots when cooking to reduce the amount of heat needed and cooking time" did not make this list)
•Have your heating system cleaned and tuned yearly for best efficiency
•Do not block heating or cooling … (4 comments)

stratford: If We Can Walk A Day In Our Clients Shoes.... - 10/25/10 04:43 AM

While recently negotiating a property for my buyers, the sellers were not budging on their price.  When they finally did give us a counter offer, my buyers took a day to decide that they would accept it.  We in the buyer's camp were so happy, they found a great house to buy~call the moving company.  Right?  Well, not until the seller called back and increased his counter to almost asking price.  Cue sound of screeching brakes.  What?  We agreed on terms and now the seller increases their offer?  Who are these people?
Well, I found out … (2 comments)

stratford: Home Ownership, A Thing Of The Past??? - 10/22/10 07:15 AM

Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and...home ownership?    Why is it recently that home ownership has suddenly become 'uncool'?    I have had a copy of the September 6th issue of Time Magazine sitting on my desk for weeks titled "Rethinking Home ownership".   There it sat.   I read it.  Then I read it over and over again trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel.  There was none.   The magazine, which many deem their Bible cited horror stories of foreclosures, short sales, declining home values and depressed real estates markets.  I don't doubt that the stories told … (6 comments)

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