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As I think about the different choices we make and how we decide what fork to take on the road of life, 'The Road Less Traveled" keeps popping up in my mind.  I can't seem to shake this title.  As I thought about the meaning behind these words, I began to reflect on my life. I thought of how life...
 The #1 way to Increase your business it to be a memory point for people!  Do you talk like everyone else, very matter-of-fact..dut dut dut dut...hum-drum.Are you just the facts and stats...blah?  Business First mean Boring First.Or Are you different?Do people usually tell you that they enjoy you...
Alright.  Don't get me wrong, I am all about maximizing your ability and increasing your opportunity to generate income, but what is the deal with the Real Estate Agent that is also a Loan Officer?I have run into this many times over the last several years as a Home Builder and it is very confusi...
 There is a featured post today about Real Estate Agents possibly showing homes that supply a bonusmore than a home that does not.  I read through all the comments (43 at this blog entry), and the overwhelming consensus is that agent bonuses are frowned upon by Realtors.This leads me to my questi...
 I just noticed a similar type post about being in the Rejection Business as I was typing this up.  Kind of funny!I just took the below excerpt from my book.  I started doing this early in my career for motivation to keep making the calls.  Hope this helps!!Allow yourself a block of time each day...
 Take advantage of your happy customers. Allow them to help you gain more sales. Do you keep in contact with your buyers after they move into their home? Average producers have no more contact with their buyers after they close. They receive their commission check, heave a sigh of relief that the...
Warranty Process Before it is time to sign the closing papers and be handed the keys to your new home, it is important to have a firm understanding of the Warranty Process provided by the home builder.  Have them provide you a detailed description of the Warranty Process in terms of how long (yea...
 What would you be doing if you were told this was your last year to live?Would you continue to wake up as you do now and go about your daily business in hopes that the outcome would change?Would you go into a shell and hide?Or would you start doing today what you have always dreamed of?Do you ha...
Pride is a funny thing.  It is both positive and negative, motivating and de-motivating.  The trick is the ability to have pride but not to be full of pride.Pride is that little twinge you get when you're  in a conversation, but have to get the last word in.  It is that little voice that tells yo...
  TOP TEN Questions Buyers Should Ask YOU, the Real Estate Guru! What is your follow-up system after I purchase?  Do you really do it? How quickly do you respond with answers to my questions? Do you listen to my needs? Are you positive or negative? Do you have a good relationship with your Compan...

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