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Do you ever find it amazing when you come across REALTORS® that shy away from negotiations?  What is it about this simple process that makes some people weak in the knees?  Is it the fear of not knowing what to say or do?  Perhaps it's because sometimes people try to be intimidating during this p...
 Do you ever need to just get away with the family for a day or so to unwind? Long Island is a great place to live, but it's also pretty fast-paced. You could always go out to the east end of the Island, but it's not the same relaxing feeling of being "away" for a few days. These short trips are ...
  We like to think of ourselves as smart, creative people, with good minds for marketing and the ability to negotiate a deal.  After all, these are the character traits of a good REALTOR®, right?  But sometimes we tend to get so caught up in the latest and greatest things that can give us an edge...
Due to a technological glitch, my first-ever blog The School Rush Scramble was inadvertently deleted by Active Rain while attempting to fix a problem with my account.  Since the blog is no longer as timely as it was when it came out originally, I decided to put it back out there and add on to it ...
 We've all watched the uncomfortable transition from a high-flying seller's market to an inventory-laden buyer's market.  During this time, many sellers have tried unsuccessfully to squeeze every last dollar out of the sale of their home by pricing it at a number that is beyond what the current m...
Do you ever take pictures with your digital camera and have the pictures come out so big that they are difficult to use?  You have to then figure out how to get the pictures smaller and it becomes time spent that could have been used to do something productive.If you read my blogs, you know that ...
Do you ever think that sometimes the answers to problems are so obvious that it's shocking that others can't see it?  Today on http://www.cnnmoney.com/ there is an article entitled Housing Woes Hit High End.  It's all about how the luxury home market is now being adversely affected by the sub-pri...
Every once in a while something will happen or someone will say something that makes you realize how fast time seems to go by as we get older.  The passing of time creates some distance from those memorable events that seemed to have happened so recently, until you figure out how long ago they ac...
Remember the days when deals went smoothly?  The buyers would make an offer in the neighborhood of the asking price (sometimes even higher); the sellers would accept an offer and possibly have back-up offers just in case any problems arose.  It seems that those days have come to a crashing halt a...
Active Rainers, I can use your help.  Somehow my blogs have disappeared.  I've noticed that on most people's blog page, once the page is full there are other page numbers at the bottom.  As I enter a new blog, the oldest one just goes missing.  I'm trying to work this out with the support people,...

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