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I recently got this great idea from an agent sharing a Tom Ferry idea. This agent sends the sellers to a movie while she does oepn house. She buys the movie tickes through Passport at a discount, so for $40-$60 she has the house for open house and the sellers are happy too. I really like this ide...
I recently got these food ideas from another real estate agent that work well as client gifts. 1. Brownies delivered to the house before the initial meeting with buyers or the initial listing appointment. 2. Pizza delivered once the contract is signed 3. Omaha steaks when the transaction closes 4...
There are many skills I have learned over the past 11 years that really help me in real estate each day. Most of all, I learn more with each transaction. The transactions I do, the more I learn. each deal seems to be alittle different. I also really like the communication skills and role play I h...
I have many clients who are new to our area. I have had a list of service people for many years and am adding to it now. Here are some contacts that people new to the area appreciate. doctor attorney utilities furniture touch up and repair carpet cleaner painter  house cleaner dentist  good resta...
Yesterday I visited a real estate office in Carlsbad, California, and did a presentation on Short Sales. I hope I contributed some helpful tips to the agents as I gained so much. The manager of the office has been a friend of mine for many years and is an incredible manager. It was so uplifting t...
The first Sunday of the summer is a good day for all real estate agents to take a day of R & R. Most of our clients are out enjoying the first day of summer. Since the market has picked up, many of us have been so busy working, we have not been taking time off for ourselves and our families. This...
Make sure the MLS is noted and potential buyers told in writing what times the seller intends to take out of the house. Be sure the seller continues to pay HOA dues. Don't promise buyers or sellers a bank approval. Make sure all parties are aware how slow the process can be. Be sure all property ...
This is a great time to sell your home in La Quinta, California. We have an abundance of buyers and a limited number of homes on the market. Prices are 10-20% higher than last year. Interest rates are at all time lows. People really want to live in La Quinta. I need listings. Please call me now. ...
Yesterday I went to visit a client who is past 70 years old and bought and sold 4 homes from me over the past 4 years. When she first wanted to do this last move about 50 miles away to a cooler area, I was skeptical. She was persistent. Because of her loyalty to me and the fact she had no family ...
Most buyers do not cancel but some do. Here are some reasons buyers cancel on the purchase of a home: 1. Buyers remorse 2. Inspection issues 3. HOA issues 4. Money issues 5. Appraisal 6. Loan issues 7. Divorce 8. Death 9. Illness of buyer 10. Better home becomes available

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