food for thought: All the Marketing in the World Won't Sell Your Home - 12/08/11 07:07 AM
For the last two weeks I have been talking with a home owner who is looking to sell their home this upcoming Spring. I sent him information about myself and what I offer to clients, then researched his home to figure out a price that it would sell for.
We met last week, and after touring his home, we sat down to talk price. I showed him the comparable sales for his area, square footage, and amenities. Sounds just like your typical listing appointment, right?
Well, I about fell out of my seat with what he told me he felt his house was … (3 comments)

food for thought: I Refuse to be Treated Like a Doormat - 06/21/11 03:28 AM
For the first time in my real estate career I had to fire a client. It made me physically sick to my stomach, but it had to be done. I strive for 100% client satisfaction with every transaction, but on this one, no matter what I did, the client would lash out at me in a way I have never experienced.
The first red flag was before the listing agreement was even signed. The real estate agent son, who I had never even knew existed, decided to tell his parent that I needed to give him a referral fee, even though there … (5 comments)

food for thought: Buyers Beware When Looking at New Home Construction - 04/21/11 05:39 AM
In light of recent experiences I have had with local Twin Cities new construction home builders, I make it a point to tell buyers that they should thouroghly research any builder they might contract to build their new home. Some builders are barely keeping their business above water, and others are slowly sinking, but if you spoke with these builders, most likely they would tell you they are doing" a lot" of business. Don't believe them. Here are some tips to consider when building a new home:
Ask the builder how long they have been in business under the current company name.If it is a … (4 comments)

food for thought: How Much of Your Personal Life Should You Disclose to Clients? - 02/08/11 06:35 AM
Over the years that I have been a real estate agent, I have learned that one of the best ways to turn a customer into a client is to find a common connection and build rapport. You can typically find something you have in common with almost anyone, and it is easier to get someone to open up to you when you can actually hold a conversation. Of course during these conversations, peronal tidbits of your life can come out and what you say can help or hurt you.
Take for instance one home owner who contacted me about listing their … (8 comments)

food for thought: Are Realtors who Market to the Gay Community Now Violators of The Code of Ethics? - 11/15/10 12:19 PM
Now I am sure this question will draw some interesting responses, so I hope to not cause too much of a stir, but after reading a Code of Ethics update emailed to me by the Minnesota Association of Realtors, I have to wonder if Realtors who market themselves to the gay, lesbian, and transexual communities, are now going to be in violation of Article 10 in the Code of Ethics.
In case you don't know, a major change to the Code was voted in for Article 10, adding the terms "sexual orientation" to the group of discrimination protected classes:
Here is the … (12 comments)

food for thought: Don't Squat on Me! - 05/11/10 07:36 AM
Originally posted on my blog Twin Cities Real Estate Buzz
Throughout the Twin Cities, and especially in Minneapolis and Saint Paul which have the highest number of vacant homes, it is bound to happen that uninvited guests might take it upon themselves to utilize your vacant property. Those less fortunate souls, either out of a job or out of a home, decide it is ok to break into a house and live there for a while. They don't care if what they are doing is illegal, and some even justify it as their right. However if any squatters reading this post are planning on doing this … (43 comments)

food for thought: Beware the Agent Proclaiming to be a Neighborhood Expert! - 01/18/10 12:38 PM
Last year I listed a home in Minneapolis that was in so-so shape and turned into a short sale shortly after listing. Like a good agent should, I researched the market thoroughly in this neighborhood over the previous six months, and found a price range that worked for the home and its condition. After a discussion with the homeowner, a price was determined, and we charged ahead to find a buyer.
The day after the home hit the MLS, I received an email from an agent in regards to the list price:
"I'm an agent specializing in the Neighborhood and was really … (7 comments)

food for thought: Pick up the Phone and Call Your Agent Back - 07/04/09 04:07 PM
I can't tell you the number of times that I have called clients, only to have my phone calls either returned two days later, or sometimes never. I hear plenty of excuses, the most common being "I am too busy". But nothing irks me more than contacting a client regarding an important item, or better yet, a looming deadline, only to hear crickets as my messages go unanswered.See, real estate is its own beast. Things can fall apart in a hurry if people don't communicate. Sometimes I feel us real estate agents earn our money best by chasing people around for … (1 comments)

food for thought: is Getting Pushy to Sell Their Product - 06/18/09 06:42 AM
I just got a phone call from a very pushy salesman at It got to the point where he was getting very upset with me because I was questioning his statistics and his reasoning. A civil conversation at the least, but an interesting one at that.
See, I refuse to sign up with their website to feature my listings. I used there "showcase listings" system when I lived in Florida a few years ago, and honestly didn't see any return on my investment. When it was time for me to move to Minnesota, I obviously had to start my business from the ground … (7 comments)

food for thought: Copyright for All My Blogs, including Active Rain - 05/20/09 03:13 PM
(I placed this post originally on my Historic Home Blog today, and thought it best to bring it on over to my other blogs, as an FYI about copyright and not stealing my photos and content.)A recent incident that is now recurring is forcing me to write this post about copyright of photos used on this site. (Notice the "Do not Copy" notice on the leftside of this blog.) To some people, it is ok to go onto the Internet and lift photos of other peoples work. They then use these photos on their websites without permission. They either do not … (5 comments)

food for thought: Taking the Easy Way Out of Personal Responsibility - 03/04/09 08:35 AM
Every now and then I answer questions submitted by buyers and sellers on Trulia, an online real estate search site, which allows people to connect with knowledgeable local real estate agents. Lately I have seen an alarming trend with a few sellers out there who think they can take advantage of the current mortgage and economic mess. That trend is called bailing on your mortgage when you can readily pay.A few weeks ago, one home seller admitted he was able to keep current with the mortgage he has on a rental property. The rent covers the mortgage, but the house is … (4 comments)

food for thought: First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit Revisions Finally Revealed - 02/15/09 05:40 AM
I dove into the Stimulus Plan on the House Appropriations website to try and find out what kind of agreement the Senate and House of Representatives came to regarding the First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit. Not the most fun reading, but extremely important to know about for any serious real estate professional.
Currently, a taxpayer who is a first time home buyer (someone who has not owned a home within the previous three years) was allowed a refundable tax credit of the lessor values of $7500 or 10% of the purchase price of the home. The credit was allowed for homes … (6 comments)

food for thought: Wake Up America! - 02/10/09 01:13 AM
Ok, I just cannot take it anymore.
I have sat on the sidelines, fuming, but keeping my mouth shut here on the web.But after last nights "show" from Mr. Obama, I have had enough. (by the way, I have given this guy two weeks to show me some true leadership, and since I lost all respect for him last night, I no longer will call him Mr. President...he doesn't deserve the title).
Wake up America!
Can you not see what is happening to our country?
When someone tells you that government is the only solution to your problems and when fear … (73 comments)

food for thought: Maybe our Salvation was Already Written, but we Failed to See It? - 02/09/09 03:00 AM
I just read an interesting article which predicts the next 15 companies that could likely fail in 2009. While some of them are no big surprise, like Chrysler, who should have failed decades ago, or Blockbuster, who has been struggling ever since online video rentals have taken off (I am an avid Netflix fan), some are rather surprising.Well, OK. Krispy Kreme is really not that surprising. They over expanded in the United States and stretched themselves too thin. Sometimes, staying small is the best plan for long term survival. But one that I was surprised to see is Realogy, the largest … (5 comments)

food for thought: Getting Over the Two Year Itch - 12/21/08 02:15 AM
Wow, it has now been two years that I have been on Active Rain, and a little over two years that I have been blogging in general. Things have changed over this time. I used to write everyday, sometimes staying up past midnight to get my post in. However, the last six months I haven't written more than three posts a month, sometimes less. I seem to be having a combination of things happening:
Writer's Block - for the love of God, content just doesn't flow from me like it used to. Many times I sit down to write a post, … (15 comments)

food for thought: Is it Unprofessional to Pull Your Hair Out in Front of a Client? My Aggravation with a Short Sale - 12/10/08 12:37 PM
Let me tell you, working with a bank on a short sale sucks.There, I said it.
Whew, I feel better...but I am sure it won't last long.
For the past three weeks, I have been trying to keep a deal together with a client of mine. We finally had an offer submitted and quickly sent it off to the bank. Unfortunately, it was the same week of Thanksgiving, and as you can imagine, the bank got nothing done.
First, we had to wait for the property to be assigned to a short sale rep in the loss mitigation department. (Some banks … (1 comments)

food for thought: I'm Useless, You're Useless, We're all Just a Bunch of Useless Real Estate Agents - 10/27/08 06:38 AM
Geez, seems like ages ago (well, almost two years now) that I have been on the Rain. I have seen it all. Rants, whines, controversies, points, photos, you name it, it has been here on this blogging network. I have never thought it a useless system, nor have I thought blogging to be useless either.
When my husband bought me the book "Blogging for Business" back in early 2006 as I lay in bed pregnant with my second child, who knew I would grow to love communication through blogging so much that I would have four blogs!  So maybe because of … (16 comments)

food for thought: My Photos Lie...but I am not Going to Change Them - 06/15/08 03:14 PM
Many real estate agents have a computer generated feedback system in place for their listings, so that when a home is shown, the agent can let the seller know what buyers think of their home. It is a great way to get honest feedback about price, condition, etc.Today I received some feedback on one of my listings. I had to chuckle at this one. Apparently I have been asked to put new photos of the home on the Multiple Listing System because the home looks nothing like the photos. In fact, the home is too small. Hmmm...the home is only 1000 … (19 comments)

food for thought: Are Buyers Spoiled? - 06/05/08 08:37 AM
For the last few months, I have been working on and off again with several buyers, which is keeping me really busy. However it is proving difficult to find a home that each of them likes. Now, trust me, we are finding homes that are fantastic, but it seems buyers want the cake and to eat it too in the current real estate market. My question has to be, are buyers spoiled when it comes to amenities inside homes?Over the last five years, with the increase in home "appreciation" equity, many home owners could afford to renovate their aging homes. Trying … (93 comments)

food for thought: Take Time to Look Up From the Computer - 05/04/08 03:29 PM
Hmmm, I just noticed I have an even 90,000 points. What are the odds that you would hit an even number like that. With the way the points are calculated, I cannot even imagine how rare this must be. I also cannot believe I have been on Active Rain this long. It just seems like yesterday that I started blogging and had no clue what I was doing. Seventeen months later, here I still am, clicking away.
There are people who were blogging years before I even knew the thing existed. If you have been on Active Rain awhile, then you know … (17 comments)

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