selling process: All the Marketing in the World Won't Sell Your Home - 12/08/11 07:07 AM
For the last two weeks I have been talking with a home owner who is looking to sell their home this upcoming Spring. I sent him information about myself and what I offer to clients, then researched his home to figure out a price that it would sell for.
We met last week, and after touring his home, we sat down to talk price. I showed him the comparable sales for his area, square footage, and amenities. Sounds just like your typical listing appointment, right?
Well, I about fell out of my seat with what he told me he felt his house was … (3 comments)

selling process: Beware the Agent Proclaiming to be a Neighborhood Expert! - 01/18/10 12:38 PM
Last year I listed a home in Minneapolis that was in so-so shape and turned into a short sale shortly after listing. Like a good agent should, I researched the market thoroughly in this neighborhood over the previous six months, and found a price range that worked for the home and its condition. After a discussion with the homeowner, a price was determined, and we charged ahead to find a buyer.
The day after the home hit the MLS, I received an email from an agent in regards to the list price:
"I'm an agent specializing in the Neighborhood and was really … (7 comments)

selling process: In Minnesota, How do Buyer's Find the Home they Purchase? - 12/14/09 04:01 AM
 Where Do Minnesota Buyers Find Their Homes?
Whenever I speak to a Minnesota home owner who is thinking about selling their home, I discuss the technology I use to help market the home, and how implementing the power of the Internet is a big factor in my real estate success.Statistics are extremely important when selling a home, so some data that I go over with a seller includes the infamous "Where do Buyers Come From?". Below is current information for the 2008 real estate market in Minnesota. As you can see, 33% of home buyers found the home they bought … (16 comments)

selling process: Pick up the Phone and Call Your Agent Back - 07/04/09 04:07 PM
I can't tell you the number of times that I have called clients, only to have my phone calls either returned two days later, or sometimes never. I hear plenty of excuses, the most common being "I am too busy". But nothing irks me more than contacting a client regarding an important item, or better yet, a looming deadline, only to hear crickets as my messages go unanswered.See, real estate is its own beast. Things can fall apart in a hurry if people don't communicate. Sometimes I feel us real estate agents earn our money best by chasing people around for … (1 comments)

selling process: Is it Unprofessional to Pull Your Hair Out in Front of a Client? My Aggravation with a Short Sale - 12/10/08 12:37 PM
Let me tell you, working with a bank on a short sale sucks.There, I said it.
Whew, I feel better...but I am sure it won't last long.
For the past three weeks, I have been trying to keep a deal together with a client of mine. We finally had an offer submitted and quickly sent it off to the bank. Unfortunately, it was the same week of Thanksgiving, and as you can imagine, the bank got nothing done.
First, we had to wait for the property to be assigned to a short sale rep in the loss mitigation department. (Some banks … (1 comments)

selling process: Sorry, but I have to Throw You Under the Bus! - 04/09/08 02:39 PM
As some of you know who might read my other blog, we recently moved into our new home we had built. We were lucky to buy one of the last lots, so the builder was giving away some great incentives to close out the subdivision.This past week, two homes have gone up for sale in the neighborhood, and both are priced differently. The neighborhood is only two years old, so these are two of the first homes to be resold.
the first home is on a flat lot and was bought for $280,000 a year ago. They are now asking $300,000 for … (3 comments)

selling process: Look to Motley Crue for Inspiration - 04/03/08 04:36 AM
If you have ever been to a Motley Crue concert in the last few years, you would know that their stage theme is absolutely fantastic. The reason? They create an environment that not only tells a story, but they evoke emotion and engage the fans. I attended a concert a couple years back, and while not a raving fan, had a fantastic time. How could you not with all the fire works, dancers, music, and fun?In the soft real estate market today, homes are taking longer to sell, and many times, home owners are reducing their price to get someone, anyone, … (4 comments)

selling process: Don't Bother Me With Your Low-Ball Offer! - 03/04/08 07:32 AM
So, you are looking into buying a high-end home, most likely priced above $1 Million. You ask your buyer's agent to pull some recent sold data and find homes which to compare against the listing you love. You think this is going to be an easy process - just pull solds from the last six months with the same square footage and whalah, you're done!Whoa there Nelly! Not so fast. This is not a $300,000 listing in which every home on the block is a good sold comparable. Most likely, this million dollar home only has a handful of homes similar … (11 comments)

selling process: What Sellers Really Want is to be Lied To... - 02/26/08 04:19 AM least this is what I am finding out, and I don't understand why.A few weeks ago I went on a listing appointment. I had already walked through the home, so I knew what needed to happen in order for the home to sell quickly. The owners asked me to be very honest about the condition of their home, and wanted me to be brutally honest. I don't sugar coat listings, so being completely upfront and blunt about their home was not a problem for me.
During the appointment, they wrote down all the things that needed to change to get top … (103 comments)

selling process: An Unconventional Method to Selling a House - Bring Your Tank - 02/06/08 06:39 AM
Times have changed. No longer can you just stick a sign in the yard and get a home to sell. Agents and home owners have to come up with innovative ideas that will spark interest in a buyer's mind. For some homes, this is a relatively easy task, but there are those rough gems out in the world that need all the help they can get. So if you have a tank, you might enjoy the following property.
My father-in-law has a brother that lives in Montana. If you have ever been to Montana, you would know that it is a very vast … (7 comments)

selling process: Selling Your Home in Winter Doesn't Have to Be Impossible - 12/12/07 01:03 AM
 Winter in the Twin Cities causes real estate activity to slow down. Compared to July, it really slows down. But it doesn't have to be your worse enemy.
If you look at the graph below for the past three winters, 2005-2007, you can see that there is a huge dip around December.
red represents New Listings blue represents Pending Sales yellow represents Closed SalesWith so many holidays clustered around each other, people have other things on their mind besides buying a home. Buyers don't have the money to buy because they are shopping for Christmas, and sellers aren't listing their homes because they … (2 comments)

selling process: Do You Know Where Your House Has Been? - 11/15/07 03:17 PM
The media has been creating a lot of scared parents as of late with the various recalls on toys made in China. Seems the Q & A divisions of these companies in China have been dropping the ball and contaminating the toys with lead paint. But toys, in general, could be the least of parental concern when it comes to lead poisoning.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), research suggests that the primary sources of lead exposure for most children are:
deteriorating lead-based paintlead contaminated dustlead contaminated residential soilThe issue of Lead Paint is nothing new to Minneapolis real estate agents. Since … (3 comments)

selling process: A Little Birdie Told Me Some Things About RESPA - 09/23/07 02:06 PM
Many people in Minnesota have never heard or RESPA, especially when they are completing a real estate transaction, but it is very important to know what your rights are under it. It is a federal law so states, and cities, like Minneapolis, are not exempt from its rules.The Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act was enacted by Congress to keep consumers from unnecessarily high settlement charges. Some companies were abusing people and getting as much money out of them as possible. Here are some things that the Act covers:
Prohibited Fees - It is illegal for anyone to pay or receive a … (6 comments)

selling process: Camera, Lights... - 07/30/07 02:49 AM
...No Sale! Yes, that's right, your home isn't getting sold. Why not, you ask? Have you checked out your home photos that your Realtor took when she listed the home? If you are like most sellers, you have never seen the photos of your home.I took my two young sons to get some professional photos taken this weekend here in Minneapolis. I'm a pretty good photographer, but I don't have the tools to make them look "studio quality".As I was sitting there, I had to laugh. Here I was, spending extra money to get some good photos of my most precious … (5 comments)

selling process: Twin Cities Airport Zoning Disclosures - 06/23/07 04:41 PM
Effective 8/1/2006 a seller of real property in Minnesota, before signing an agreement to sell or transfer real property that is located in an airport safety zone A, B,or C, will be required to disclose in writing to the buyer the existence of airport zoning regulations that affect the property. However the disclosures do not apply to safety zones operated by the Metropolitan Airports Commission. The following airports are excluded:
Anoka County Airport Crystal Airport Eden Prairie -Flying Cloud Lake Elmo Lakeville - Air Lake Minneapolis / St Paul International St Paul DowntownThe disclosure still applies to the remaining general airports in … (0 comments)

selling process: Essentials of a Minnesota Listing Agreement - 06/23/07 04:37 PM
If you are thinking about listing your home, know that Minnesota law has a couple requirements of the listing agreement. Here are a few things to look for:
In Writing - all listing agreements must be in writing Legal Description - while in some cases the address might work, it is best to have the full legal description of the real estate you are selling to avoid any confusion. It has been know to happen, though it is rare, for the wrong lot to be sold. Price - make sure it clearly states the listing price and any additional terms. Don't forget … (0 comments)

selling process: How Photos can Kill the Deal - 05/26/07 01:56 PM
How Photos of Your Home can Kill the Deal
Your Realtor knows how to market a home (hopefully), but they may not know how to properly take photos. Have you looked at the photos of your home currently on the web? You might want to if you want your home to sell.
Too many times I look through the MLS at photos of homes and wonder what the agent was thinking. MLS photos are like looking into the soul of your home. If they are out of focus, out of season (snow photos in the middle of summer), tilted, etc, buyers … (6 comments)

selling process: Planting Your Roots, Literally - 05/11/07 02:46 AM
One of my hobbies is gardening. I have loved it since I was a kid, most likely because my mom was always in a flower bed every spring planting all kinds of flowers. As I got older and was able to learn about plants and how they grow, I started picking out favorites. To this day, my favorite is a Peony, with its gigantic blooms and strong fragrance.But what do you do when it's time to move? Do you leave your prized plants behind? Do you dig them up and take them with you? What are the "rules"?There is no law … (4 comments)

selling process: Top 10 Ideas for a Best in Show Listing - 05/09/07 12:27 PM
If you are thinking about selling your home or currently have it on the real estate market, the single most important thing you must do is have your home put it's best foot forward. Here are some tips on how to win the "Best in Show" award and get your home sold!
Turn the Lights on - if your agent calls to schedule a showing, immediately turn on every light in the home. Not only does it benefit the buyer so they don't have to turn them on, but it literally lights up the house and give it more warmth. Your goal … (2 comments)

selling process: Death to the Phantom Tax - 04/20/07 05:47 AM
Well, it looks like we could be having a funeral very soon. Let's all cross our fingers and pray for it to die. I'll be the first to shovel some dirt over the coffin...and let's make sure we dig a really, really deep hole so it cannot resurrect itself in the future.
What am I talking about? For those of you who have never delt with a foreclosure or short sale this might be news. See, when your client short sales their home and sells if for $150,000 instead of the $200,000 they owe, the bank issues a 1099 to the federal … (5 comments)

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