arizona short sales: Is A Short Sale The Answer to Our Problems? - 02/09/10 09:55 AM
Short sales have become the next best step for families who either don't want to modify their mortgages, or who have had an offer of modification that is not financially viable. In fact, many of our clients are reporting that when they contact their loan servicers for the first time to report a hardship, their servicers are directing them to contact an agent to do a short sale. They're not even mentioning a modification. It looks as though short sales are the new answer to the foreclosure problems we all are facing. With the help of some bailout money, servicers and … (0 comments)

arizona short sales: Arizona Short Sale "Experts" Abound in 2010 - 01/08/10 09:39 AM
Homeowners searching for help with a short sale might be unnerved to find that almost all of the real estate agents advertising in their city are promoting themselves as "Short Sale Specialists" or "Short Sale Experts," or some other exemplifying adjectives. With so many experts out there, how can a homeowner be sure they actually have an "expert" to help them? Let's start out by stating unequivocally, there simply is not any licensing or certification from any governing body anywhere that places restrictions on who can process a short sale, nor are there universal standards on how they can or should … (3 comments)

arizona short sales: Arizona Short Sale Overview - 11/19/09 06:43 AM

TRANSCRIPT: PART II: Pre-foreclosure Options (SS Overview) Today we'll continue with our series on pre-foreclosure help for Arizona families. Last time, we talked about loan modifications and the problem with negative equity. Let's review that for just a moment:
Remember, if you want to stay in your home, you can either bring your account current, or you can modify your loan to make it more affordable. Loan modifications are a personal choice that should be taken cautiously, and with an eye to the future. Also remember, the payments will go up again, and you may be in the home for … (0 comments)

arizona short sales: Arizona Loan Modifications vs Negative Equity - 11/09/09 06:37 AM

PART II: Pre-foreclosure Options (Modification)
Hello again, and thank you for joining us today at the Butler Blog. As always, I am your host, Allen Butler, Managing Director of The Realty Butler LLC and agent of West USA Premier Properties. Before we get started, let me remind our audience again regarding pre-foreclosure options: there are really only two; you can work it out so you can stay, or work it out so you can leave. Today, we’ll discuss your options for STAYING in the home, and there are two: either rectify the loan, or modify the loan.
Now, before we … (0 comments)

arizona short sales: Arizona Loan Modifications: What is it, and who can do one? - 10/18/09 08:39 PM
*In this first part in the series, we'll cover what a loan modification is, and who is eligible. Please keep in mind that if you have lost your job, or have extremely limited income, you probably will not qualify for a loan modification. You must have income in order to pay any loan, even a modified one. If you are in this category, help may be on the horizon. For now, please start with our Help with Arizona Short Sales and Foreclosure series. Next time, we'll look at the pros and cons of doing a loan modification. 
The Rise of … (0 comments)

arizona short sales: Arizona Short Sales: Shorty "The Short Sale 'Expert'" - 07/12/08 07:02 AM
In Arizona right now, we have two kinds of homes selling. Those that are in the foreclosure process, and those that have already gone through the process. My own anecdotal evidence suggests that these are really the only two types of listings that are selling. There undoubtedly are a few (very few) homeowners who have both the equity and the stomach to price their homes in line with foreclosures, and are selling. What does this indicate? What it has always indicated: if you price the home to sell, it will sell. In June (remember June? It was just a few days … (1 comments)

arizona short sales: Short Sales and Multiple Offers--What to do? - 06/14/08 07:11 AM
As the short sales go rumbling along in our various real estate markets, a question has arisen, and the answers are varied and contradictory. The question is: how do I, as the listing agent, handle a multiple offer situation on a short sale?
Make no mistake, however you decide to handle it, people are going to be upset. It's just like any multiple offer situation. There are winners, and losers. There are essentially two views of how to handle this scenario with short sales. We'll assume for the sake of clarity, that these multiple offers come in, not all at … (3 comments)

arizona short sales: Anti-Deficiency Judgements in Arizona - 03/07/08 06:40 PM
Here we are again. Unfortunately, a lot of questions have arisen lately about Arizona's Deficiency Statutes regarding foreclosure. I say "unfortunately" because I feel somewhat less than qualified to definitively answer these questions. Greater legal minds than mine (and mine is decidedly NOT legal) will be required to put the issue to rest. I will, in spite of the danger of blatantly misrepresenting the facts, case law, and statutes, attempt to answer one (NON-) simple question:
"If I do a short sale, or my property is taken from me by foreclosure, can the bank 'come after me' for the difference between … (2 comments)

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