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Here we are again. Unfortunately, a lot of questions have arisen lately about Arizona's Deficiency Statutes regarding foreclosure. I say "unfortunately" because I feel somewhat less than qualified to definitively answer these questions. Greater legal minds than mine (and mine is decidedly NOT leg...
I've had an unbelievable number of people call me, both from Arizona, as well as other states, looking for help with selling their home in a short sale, or asking me more about the process. For those who may have missed it, you can see my Arizona Short Sale Help stuff here. Also, I've had a lot o...
Here it is. Our final installment. This is one of the most important parts: How Will A Short Sale Affect You. If you missed any of the preceding parts, you can find them here: Arizona Short-Sale Primer Part I Arizona Short-Sale Primer Part II Arizona Short-Sale Primer Part III Arizona Short-Sale ...
Here we are again. In case you missed them, and need to get caught up, here are the first three parts in this series. Arizona Short Sale Help Part I, Arizona Short Sale Help Part II, Arizona Short Sale Help Part III Today we want to take a step by step look at the process of a short sale. Now, if...
Here we are again. Thanks for following along. I have received quite a few questions from poeple about specific topics, and I can confirm that all of your questions will be answered in the course of this (rather long) treatise. Today, we discuss how to prepare yourself for a short-sale. Before we...
Hello Again! Here's part II in our continuing series on Arizona Short Sales. (Here's Part I of the Arizona Short-Sale Primer.) I wanted to address something that everybody seems to be asking me about lately, and is next up on our list of topics: who is eligible for a short-sale, and why would a b...
Unfortunately, one of the hottest topics in today's Arizona real estate market is the subject of short-sales, foreclosures, and lender owned properties (REO). Now, I'm going to begin a whole series here on short-sales, but you'll get the answers to your questions on the other subjects as a matter...
   Special Event!Million $$ Mediterranean Mountain-Top Estate To BeLiquidated  At Stunning Foreclosure PriceAt-cost price of only $875k offered exclusively to our Open House visitors for this ONE DAY ONLY event. Home currently appraises @ $1.025 million. That’s $150,000 of instant equity to some ...
Hello Folks!  It's been a very interesting few days. I have become involved with the dogs of The Bloodhound Gang, helping out with some podcasting they're doing over there. First, I must say that the people over there are just a total class act; you couldn't ask for a better-hearted group of peop...
I have had a fabulous time with this latest one. The client is serving time in the federal penitentiary for a slew of offenses, and I'm trying to communicate with someone who is essentially incommunicado. They don't, apparently, have faxes in prison; neither do they have mail service that is reli...

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