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This absolutely belongs in the Forum, but to feed the AR Blog to Technorati, they require that I post this link in my blog:Technorati ProfileI tried to post in Associates Only category and it wouldn't work. I wish there were a way ...
I think the gurus at AR may have found a way to rate blog postings with reader participation. Is this a step in a new direction for the awarding of points? Perhaps it's a tweaking of the American Idol voting system? LOL!If nothing else, it may be a good way to eliminate obvious spam.Thank you, th...
It appears that audience participation is being encouraged by the AR gurus. Perhaps this has been addressed before, but I just noticed the change:Rate this blog:Up Down     Rating: 0 I still don't see the results of this rating system on posts. Has this been addressed somewhere else?Thanks!
For those times when you would like to bypass computer-managed calls and SPEAK TO A REAL PERSON without having to tap through a maze of options, keep this site handy. It is a personal favorite, but keep it under wraps because I'd hate to see the companies change their codes:Get the codes! 
We have only begun to write offers for lease options in the last 30 days. It is a tool that can match desperate sellers with reluctant buyers--and can also work well for the real estate investor. In prior years, few homesellers would have considered this alternative, but times are changing.A rece...
As I understand the process, search engine "spiders" crawl the web incessantly and do little other than index web pages. The data they gather is stored.  Later, using some obscure and esoteric algorithms, it is determined how pages and websites will be ranked with Google, Yahoo, MSN and other sea...
---Or How to Make that Ugly Listing Presentable.We all know this nightmare listing: Front yard is full of weeds, car parts, rusted bicycle frames, has a boat parked to the side of lot near the leaning fence.  The home is listed, but to get buyers to the front door you would have to blindfold them...
Seek points of light in this market and you can find them. Jane Wells with CNBC reports today that not only are home stocks up for the day, but Google claims during the last five weeks, there has been a 42% increase in users typing "HOMES FOR SALE" in the Google search bar.  This Google report sa...
I subscribed to HouseValues in 2001 and actually sold the founder, Mark Powell, a townhome in Carlsbad, CA. The cost for a Carlsbad, CA zip code back then was $650 per month. We got two listings from the proposition (and the sale), but spent countless hours doing and delivering CMA's for curious...
Free MIT Education?A wonderful tech-oriented friend recently shared some interesting information about a free education offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. These courses cover a wide spectrum of subjects and provide a great temptation for spare time and curiosity. It is a public...

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