carlsbad: Luxury and Hazards of Life on a Golf Course - 03/01/16 12:42 PM
The market for homes with golf frontage in Carlsbad, CA is a hot one--and likely so in your geographical area as well.
To cater to this niche, I created a special Golf Homes in Carlsbad page and am creating them for other granular San Diego communities as well to help serve this niche market better. 
Buyers seeking homes on golf courses are likely to be golfers who want the opportunity to golf and socialize frequently in their own back yards. Others may not golf, but love the views--especially if there's a water hole in sight. They enjoy the quiet activity of humans, and the … (2 comments)

carlsbad: Are Home Urinals the Hot New Upgrade? - 02/07/16 07:48 AM
I was showing homes around Carlsbad and Encinitas this past week, and for the second time in recent memory, encountered a urinal in a remodeled bathroom.
I couldn't help but wonder if the solution came from a woman, who perhaps thought this a solution to keeping the toilet lid down. I somehow think not, given how close the toilet is to the tub.
Have you seen this "improvement" recently in any of your showings? Is it one you would consider?
My client, by the way, joined me in laughter!

carlsbad: What Do Baby Boomers Really Want? - 11/05/12 12:23 PM
Baby Boomers have never been the silent sort, and more and more we are hearing their wishes in unison.
Disclaimer: The San Diego real estate market is not like Las Vegas, or Tucson or Asheville or Biloxi and our home prices, though far more reasonable than they were a few years ago, are still quite high because of ongoing demand.
Blame that on our incomparable balmy climate, stunningly beautiful ocean and mountain views, great golf courses that can be played year round, a vibrant San Diego downtown area and a series of unique seaside villages across the San Diego Bay and up the San … (2 comments)

carlsbad: The Latest San Diego Remodel: Staircases - 11/02/09 03:45 AM

Carlsbad, CA–Over the past decade, there has been a flurry of home remodeling in San Diego County–particularly in coastal areas, where building activity first blossomed. That means there are lots of vintage homes showing their age.
During the last ten years, tile and formica surfaces in kitchens and baths have been replaced with natural stone products, while stainless steel appliances dominate kitchens. Popcorn has been scraped from ceilings and energy efficient dual-paned windows are replacing their single-paned predecessors.
Now, the staircases in 1970’s and 1980’s homes are being replaced.Being torn down are enclosed staircases, along with those stem walls … (5 comments)

carlsbad: Real Estate Consumers: Trick or Treats? - 11/02/09 03:01 AM

Carlsbad, CA–This past year has been tough for both San Diego real estate sellers–and buyers–and both sides of the fence have had to wonder if they are being tricked or treated by market conditions.
On one hand, home sellers hear that we are in the toughest market for San Diego home sales in years. Prices have dropped off the cliff and these home sellers have heard of neighbors who finally took their home off the market after trying to sell for a year or more.
On the other hand, we have buyers who have made multiple offers on multiple properties … (3 comments)

carlsbad: 1756 Verdin Court in Poinsettia Heights, Carlsbad, CA 92011 - 09/01/08 09:27 AM
This Carlsbad home sold in less than three weeks back in 2003, and at that time we set a record for the highest price ever paid for this 1720 square-foot model: $446,000.
And what a Carlsbad listing it was–with a great story to boot.
This highly upgraded Poinsettia Heights townhome with views over Carlsbad to ocean was nothing short of what San Diego real estate buyers were seeking in those days. The wife, in decorating this Aviara home, dismissed all costs. She buffed it out with new diagonally-laid tile flooring downstairs, new granite kitchen, marble master bath, and a powder … (6 comments)

carlsbad: Carlsbad Apple Store Opens to Throngs and Cheers - 08/16/08 03:57 PM
This morning, I thought I would drop by the Grand Opening of Apple's new store at the Carlsbad Forum before heading out to show properties.
As I pulled into that large parking lot, I couldn't believe my eyes.  There was a line four-deep that stretched from one end of the Forum to (and around) the other.  There were young and old and every age in between.
Black-coated security guards maintained crowd control, and Jimbo's Market from around the corner offered crisp organic apples to those waiting in line.  Everyone seemed in good spirits, and I heard cheering in  the distance coming from … (6 comments)

carlsbad: San Diego Wi-Fi Hot Spots - 04/23/08 09:08 AM
As a North County San Diego real estate broker, I often carry a laptop when when showing San Diego homes to clients. And so do many of our real estate clients.
These days, we avoid Starbucks because they charge for their wifi service–and instead head to the closest Panera Bread, almost any public library, or other resting points where we can easily hop online.
I believe that someday this will be a useless list, because wifi will be ubiquitous.
But until that day, here’s a starter list of free San Diego hot spots. Some may require that you ask for a … (8 comments)

carlsbad: San Diego Incomes--and a Few Surprises - 03/01/08 12:42 AM

As a San Diego Realtor, I am frequently asked about income demographics in San Diego County–and find it handy to have a chart (or at least a cheat sheet) for reference.
The one below provides more than a few surprises, courtesy of the San Diego Business Journal (one of my favorite local reads), which provided this data last summer.
We found it surprising, for example, that Carlsbad outranks Encinitas and that Poway beat out Coronado. Would you have guessed that Oceanside would best San Diego? And few should be surprised that tiny Del Mar beat out them all.
Of course, Rancho … (9 comments)

carlsbad: Carsbad FSBO's and Expired Listings: Uh Oh - 02/19/08 12:19 AM
Eve Sieminski and I spent yesterday afternoon studying a number of various For Sale by Owner (FSBO) sites and researching these Carlsbad listings and Carlsbad real estate through our local SANDICOR MLS.
We had initially intended to study all of North San Diego County, but ended up drilling down to just one city: Carlsbad.
The results are very interesting.
Some casual observations:
The vast majority of these Carlsbad FSBO listings are overpriced. Are the owners relying on outdated information from Zillow–or wishful thinking when pricing their homes?Many of those who purchased their Carlsbad homes in 2005-2006 may face difficulty if they need to … (9 comments)

carlsbad: What Do Baby Boomers Want? - 02/07/08 10:43 AM
Baby Boomers have never been the silent sort, and more and more we are hearing their wishes in unison.
Disclaimer: The San Diego real estate market is not like Las Vegas, or Tucson or Asheville or Biloxi and our home prices, though far more reasonable than a couple of years ago, are still quite high–because of ongoing demand. Blame that on our incomparable balmy climate, stunningly beautiful ocean and mountain views, great golf courses that can be played year round, a vibrant San Diego downtown area and a series of unique seaside villages across the San Diego Bay and up the … (0 comments)

carlsbad: It Never Rains in California? Guess Again! - 01/06/08 04:58 AM
We braced ourselves in San Diego for the torrential downpour and the high winds that have battered San Francisco, Sacramento and Santa Barbara.
Instead, at least in the coastal areas, we were blessed with a fairly constant and gentle downpour. It will be enough to green our gardens and hillsides for awhile, but many of us were hoping for a greater accumulation of rain, but not enough to endanger the areas burned in last fall’s fires.
Unfortunately for San Diego Chargers fans, the gentle rain is expected to continue this afternoon. Rain coats and ponchos are advised for the 71,000 fans … (18 comments)

carlsbad: Celebrating New Year's Eve San Diego Style - 12/30/07 02:32 PM
Many know that our family spent a number of years in Big Bear Lake, and there began our annual New Year’s Eve party tradition.
In those days, our home was large enough to accommodate not only our on-and-off-the-mountain friends, but all their kids as well. There was always snow on the ground–and the celebration necessarily remained indoors.
These days, the Carlsbad, CA home is smaller, but many of the same friends–and their now-grown children–still attend the Murphy New Year’s Eve gathering.
And with our usual balmy Carlsbad weather, at least half the revelry occurs outdoors (assisted by a gas heater or … (2 comments)

carlsbad: It's a Witch of a Wildfire - 10/24/07 08:01 AM
I awoke at 4:30 a.m. yesterday morning with a sense of dread, and quickly remembered that there is a demon called the Witch Creek Fire raging in the communities around our home in La Costa. It is just one of several mega-firestorms raging in San Diego County-and is the one we fear(ed) the most.
Monday afternoon, the Reverse 911 system called to inform us we are under "volunteer evacuation" guidance. After some consideration, we elected to remain home because the fires were distant and the ocean even closer. A half-packed suitcase still sits by the bedroom door, and we are ready to leave with … (7 comments)

carlsbad: Get the Skinny on Zip Code Demographics - 09/28/07 07:57 AM
This is a great day for being gifted with cool online tools!
Zip Skinny is just the latest. How about seeing how your zip code compares to neighboring ones in such areas as:
Click to continue reading about homes in Carlsbad, Encinitas and other zip code demographics.

carlsbad: Carlsbad Home Sales: August Market Report - 09/16/07 07:58 AM
We keep hearing that Carlsbad real estate and homes will sell if they are priced well and are in excellent condition–and that Carlsbad prices are still increasing year-over-year. We also keep hearing that the real estate market is in the tank and that recovery is years away.
So what are we to believe?
One of the best ways to check market conditions is to calculate the absorption rate, or roughly how many week’s or month’s inventory is on hand.
As the following calculations show, Carlsbad has 30.39 weeks worth of single family home inventory, which if current levels of sales continue, … (0 comments)

carlsbad: No Butts on San Diego Beaches - 08/28/07 04:54 PM
Near-naked butts are fine, but the smoking kind are now off limits at almost all San Diego beaches. 
The most recent prohibition against smoking on beaches comes from San Diego's northernmost city, Oceanside. Though tickets are not currently being issued there, signs will be going up after Labor Day advising all of the ban on smoking at Oceanside beaches.  This recent legislation came after 9000 residents responded last year to city survey and cam out in support of the smoking ban.
It seems many don't like the idea--or reality--of their local beaches being used as an ashtray.
Oceanside joins the cities of San Diego, … (6 comments)

carlsbad: Coffee Stops in Carlsbad, CA - 08/15/07 02:24 AM
I love the rich smell of coffee beans and their brew–and the hissing sounds of expresso machines at work.
And what could be more fun than meeting a friend, finding a free table and spending a half hour or so catching up on the details of life? It's also a great way to relax with clients.
Carlsbad is fortunate to have so many wonderful places to stop for a latte, double expresso or chai tea. And though many restaurants and bakeries also serve excellent coffee, this little report is dedicated to those whose business is built on the bean:
Coffee Bean … (8 comments)

carlsbad: Del Mar: Where the Turf Meets the Surf - 08/11/07 07:10 AM
Many are surprised to hear that Del Mar, California has a population under 5,000. It is home to some of the most expensive real estate in the world, offers a quaint tree-lined village, a gorgeous California beach, the Del Mar Race Track and Fairgrounds, and an active train station that once brought the Hollywood crowd down for the Del Mar race season and year round beach gatherings.
Del Mar has a number of fine restaurants, lodging possibilities and is easy to reach by car or train. Many who visit return year after year to enjoy Del Mar’s beach, its village, the … (2 comments)

carlsbad: 3564 Corte Rosada, Carlsbad, CA 92009 - 05/06/07 02:00 AM
Rarely does a home of this quality become available as a leasing opportunity.
It's rare enough that a home becomes available for sale in La Costa's exclusive Carlsbad Ranch, and even more rare when one becomes available as a rental. This hilltop neighborhood was described by one client as being the "Beverly Hills" of Carlsbad.
The streets are wide, the homes are well-spaced from each other and the residences have a solid, understated elegance. The neighborhood is set apart, yet is still close to excellent schools, shopping, restaurants, the beach and freeway access.
What makes this residence so additionally appealing is … (2 comments)

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