encinitas: Are Home Urinals the Hot New Upgrade? - 02/07/16 07:48 AM
I was showing homes around Carlsbad and Encinitas this past week, and for the second time in recent memory, encountered a urinal in a remodeled bathroom.
I couldn't help but wonder if the solution came from a woman, who perhaps thought this a solution to keeping the toilet lid down. I somehow think not, given how close the toilet is to the tub.
Have you seen this "improvement" recently in any of your showings? Is it one you would consider?
My client, by the way, joined me in laughter!

encinitas: What Do Baby Boomers Really Want? - 11/05/12 12:23 PM
Baby Boomers have never been the silent sort, and more and more we are hearing their wishes in unison.
Disclaimer: The San Diego real estate market is not like Las Vegas, or Tucson or Asheville or Biloxi and our home prices, though far more reasonable than they were a few years ago, are still quite high because of ongoing demand.
Blame that on our incomparable balmy climate, stunningly beautiful ocean and mountain views, great golf courses that can be played year round, a vibrant San Diego downtown area and a series of unique seaside villages across the San Diego Bay and up the San … (2 comments)

encinitas: Lowest Price Condo in Encinitas: Pacific Pines - 08/30/08 10:51 AM

We have a great couple looking for a San Diego condo near the beach. They were hoping to locate second-home with a price under $250,000–and were more concerned about a coastal location than the size of the unit.
We looked at condos in Oceanside, in Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach. What we didn’t expect to find was a lovely one-bedroom condo in Encinitas–at the gated community of Pacific Pines. It offers granite surfaces, brick fireplace, dishwasher, refrigerator, stove/microwave and washer/dryer. It is small at 650 square feet, but the price was remarkable at $195,000. The gated community of Pacific Pines … (7 comments)

encinitas: High School Break Up with Plastic Bottles - 05/27/08 09:41 AM
Trash cans at La Costa Canyon High School in Carlsbad, CA are emptier now that students, faculty and staff are switching to reusable water bottles.
And that is all because students with LCC's Social Justice Project came up with a plan that is succeeding beyond all expectations, according to students and Christopher Greenslate, the LCC Social Justice teacher who also teaches journalism and English at the school.
Students sent out emails and made posters on recyclable paper to educate fellow students on the hazards of plastic water bottles, which are disposed of at the rate of 60 billion per year-and is … (10 comments)

encinitas: Encinitas Short Sale from Hell: CLOSED - 04/27/08 09:16 AM
It was group hug time Friday afternoon when we received confirmation that our 10-month short sale ordeal in Encinitas Ranch had successfully recorded and closed.
Kudos to the patient buyers of this Encinitas home, because they truly got a terrific deal ($890,000).
Welcome relief is also due the out of area young seller, who had been unwittingly pulled into a raunchy real estate transaction by a couple of sleazy mortgage brokers (one of whom was the seller) , a credit “packager” –and escrow, title and appraisal personnel who surely knew better than to facilitate such a sham.
Our first time home … (4 comments)

encinitas: Encinitas Street Fair This Weekend! - 04/26/08 02:33 AM
If I can tear myself away from Oceanside Terraces real estate this weekend, you will probably find me wandering around in comfortable shoes, eating fun food and shopping for funky jewelry at one of the 450 vendor booths on Highway 101( between D and J Streets) in wonderful downtown Encinitas. Hopefully, though, I will be an early visitor (they open at 9 am) because over 100,000 shoppers are expected at the 25th Annual Encinitas Street Fair and parking will be tight. If I didn’t need to have a car for the Oceanside trip, I would consider taking the NCTD Coaster to … (6 comments)

encinitas: San Diego Wi-Fi Hot Spots - 04/23/08 09:08 AM
As a North County San Diego real estate broker, I often carry a laptop when when showing San Diego homes to clients. And so do many of our real estate clients.
These days, we avoid Starbucks because they charge for their wifi service–and instead head to the closest Panera Bread, almost any public library, or other resting points where we can easily hop online.
I believe that someday this will be a useless list, because wifi will be ubiquitous.
But until that day, here’s a starter list of free San Diego hot spots. Some may require that you ask for a … (8 comments)

encinitas: San Diego Incomes--and a Few Surprises - 03/01/08 12:42 AM

As a San Diego Realtor, I am frequently asked about income demographics in San Diego County–and find it handy to have a chart (or at least a cheat sheet) for reference.
The one below provides more than a few surprises, courtesy of the San Diego Business Journal (one of my favorite local reads), which provided this data last summer.
We found it surprising, for example, that Carlsbad outranks Encinitas and that Poway beat out Coronado. Would you have guessed that Oceanside would best San Diego? And few should be surprised that tiny Del Mar beat out them all.
Of course, Rancho … (9 comments)

encinitas: What Do Baby Boomers Want? - 02/07/08 10:43 AM
Baby Boomers have never been the silent sort, and more and more we are hearing their wishes in unison.
Disclaimer: The San Diego real estate market is not like Las Vegas, or Tucson or Asheville or Biloxi and our home prices, though far more reasonable than a couple of years ago, are still quite high–because of ongoing demand. Blame that on our incomparable balmy climate, stunningly beautiful ocean and mountain views, great golf courses that can be played year round, a vibrant San Diego downtown area and a series of unique seaside villages across the San Diego Bay and up the … (0 comments)

encinitas: It Never Rains in California? Guess Again! - 01/06/08 04:58 AM
We braced ourselves in San Diego for the torrential downpour and the high winds that have battered San Francisco, Sacramento and Santa Barbara.
Instead, at least in the coastal areas, we were blessed with a fairly constant and gentle downpour. It will be enough to green our gardens and hillsides for awhile, but many of us were hoping for a greater accumulation of rain, but not enough to endanger the areas burned in last fall’s fires.
Unfortunately for San Diego Chargers fans, the gentle rain is expected to continue this afternoon. Rain coats and ponchos are advised for the 71,000 fans … (18 comments)

encinitas: It's a Witch of a Wildfire - 10/24/07 08:01 AM
I awoke at 4:30 a.m. yesterday morning with a sense of dread, and quickly remembered that there is a demon called the Witch Creek Fire raging in the communities around our home in La Costa. It is just one of several mega-firestorms raging in San Diego County-and is the one we fear(ed) the most.
Monday afternoon, the Reverse 911 system called to inform us we are under "volunteer evacuation" guidance. After some consideration, we elected to remain home because the fires were distant and the ocean even closer. A half-packed suitcase still sits by the bedroom door, and we are ready to leave with … (7 comments)

encinitas: Southern California on Fire - 10/22/07 02:04 AM
I stayed up late last night watching the news of fires that were raging across many parts of Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties. Temporary shelters were being set up everywhere and smoke was thick at coastal Scripp's Encinitas Hospital where my father was taken, (winds are blowing east to west), as well as in Rancho Santa Fe where we had gone to Milles Fleurs to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.
It will be a night remembered. 
Early pre-dawn, we were awakened by a call from our regional Reverse 911. It was a recroding which alerted us that nearby Cal … (28 comments)

encinitas: Encinitas Fall Plant Sale - 10/19/07 02:20 AM
It's time for North San Diego County gardners to clear out the ragged flower beds and make way for new growth.
Thanks to the generosity of more than 100 local growers, Quali Botanical Gardens will be selling  donated tropical plants, fruit trees,plant books, bird houses and other items as part of their fund raising efforts.
The sale takes place this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 230 Quail Gardens Drive, Encinitas, CA 92024.
For additional information, call (760)436-3036, ext. 206. 

encinitas: San Diego a Bargain for Foreign Investors - 10/01/07 06:08 PM
A client we’ll call Josef decided to retire to Encinitas a couple of years ago. He was ultra-specific as to what he wanted in his North San Diego County luxury home. He demanded  a home with a pool, spacious outdoor entertaining areas, enough bedrooms to accommodate a couple of guests, a large office and a serious kitchen for cooking. He also wanted no houses looking into his windows or back yard.
And why did Josef want Encinitas? He wanted to be close to San Diego beaches, close to La Costa Resort and wanted perfect weather that was second to none. Josef … (28 comments)

encinitas: Get the Skinny on Zip Code Demographics - 09/28/07 07:57 AM
This is a great day for being gifted with cool online tools!
Zip Skinny is just the latest. How about seeing how your zip code compares to neighboring ones in such areas as:
Click to continue reading about homes in Carlsbad, Encinitas and other zip code demographics.

encinitas: Encinitas Self Realization Fellowship Gardens - 09/09/07 09:38 AM
Sometimes, when I need to recharge my own batteries, I head over to the Self Realization Fellowship Gardens in Encinitas, where I can sit, meditate, breathe deeply and put life into perspective. There is something almost magical about shaded gardens, hidden ponds and an ocean view that stretches forever.
Here, cell phones are silenced and the only sounds you might hear are birds chirping and the ocean roaring as it hits the beach and cliffs below. Treeside benches are placed at frequent intervals along the shaded winding paths, and at random turns you are likely to discover a small koi pond … (14 comments)

encinitas: 2007 Encinitas Oktoberfest and Street Fair - 08/29/07 05:28 AM
Encinitas will be hosting its 13th Annual Oktoberfest and Street Fair this September 23, 2007. It is generally a sold-out event that allows everyone to be a fun-loving German (or fun-loving Californian) for just one day.
And why, you ask, would someone want to do that?
It's the lively German music, the fabulous German food (brats and kraut and potatoes and other hearty delectables from the kitchens and chefs at Carlsbad's Tip Top Meats), and the opportunity to browse the outdoor street fair and booths selling everything from handcrafted jewelry, doggie sunglasses, wardrobe accessories, nutritional supplements and home decor items.
It is also … (4 comments)

encinitas: No Butts on San Diego Beaches - 08/28/07 04:54 PM
Near-naked butts are fine, but the smoking kind are now off limits at almost all San Diego beaches. 
The most recent prohibition against smoking on beaches comes from San Diego's northernmost city, Oceanside. Though tickets are not currently being issued there, signs will be going up after Labor Day advising all of the ban on smoking at Oceanside beaches.  This recent legislation came after 9000 residents responded last year to city survey and cam out in support of the smoking ban.
It seems many don't like the idea--or reality--of their local beaches being used as an ashtray.
Oceanside joins the cities of San Diego, … (6 comments)

encinitas: Surfing Encinitas Subdivisions and Neighborhoods - 08/12/07 11:59 PM
Southern California's coastal Encinitas has homes, condos and building lots to suit the needs of the fussiest home shopper. Located in San Diego's prime North County, Encinitas offers everything from oceanfront homes and condos--to equestrian estates--to newer homes around Encinitas Ranch Golf Course. Much has been written about Encinitas, its real estate and its lifestyle, but sometimes dry lists are needed.
There are numerous Encinitas subdivisions and neighborhoods that are recognized by both locals and real estate professionals, and some of these communities have clearly defined borders, such as Cambria, Knightsbridge, and Wildflower Estates. Other Encinitas commuunities are more generally known … (8 comments)

encinitas: Del Mar: Where the Turf Meets the Surf - 08/11/07 07:10 AM
Many are surprised to hear that Del Mar, California has a population under 5,000. It is home to some of the most expensive real estate in the world, offers a quaint tree-lined village, a gorgeous California beach, the Del Mar Race Track and Fairgrounds, and an active train station that once brought the Hollywood crowd down for the Del Mar race season and year round beach gatherings.
Del Mar has a number of fine restaurants, lodging possibilities and is easy to reach by car or train. Many who visit return year after year to enjoy Del Mar’s beach, its village, the … (2 comments)

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